35 Best Restaurants Open On Christmas Day

restaurants open on Christmas day

Christmas Day is a great annual holiday in the United States and other parts of the world.

Because of the interesting activities often associated with the Christmas Day celebration and the incredible chances of almost everyone making their special/traditional Christmas meals, some restaurants would decide to shut down and go for Christmas break.

In the light of the above, people who want to eat out with their spouse, family and friends, during the Christmas holiday tend to ask questions like; “what restaurants are open on Christmas Day?”, or “what restaurants open on Christmas eve near me?” similar to the same way late Christmas shoppers are pretty much concerned with what stores are open on Christmas Day.

After a stressful year’s work, you will be more than happy to celebrate this year’s Christmas with loved ones and at the best restaurant spots around, listening to the most popular Christmas songs, or read out some Christmas messages to make everyone feel special this season.

Although distance might have separated you and your loved ones throughout the year, it is finally time for a Christmas reunion dinner night at the best Christmas restaurant in the city. This is best and easier if you already know what restaurants are open for Christmas dinner.

Honestly, the Christmas holidays can be very demanding and it is understandable when you don’t have the strength to prepare a big Christmas breakfast for your family and friends. 

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With the restaurants open near you, eating a lot of delicious and well-prepared Christmas food can be the best way to unwind from the season’s stress and relive the joy of Christmas with your family, friends, and well-wishers. 

If last year’s Christmas Day celebration was so exhausting and energy-drilling, this year’s celebration shouldn’t be. Make it an awesome and amazing day, try to have some takeout from these restaurants that are open this Christmas, and if any Christmas bonus comes your way, you deserve it.

Instead of sitting at home bored or solo, there are some super amazing Christmas restaurants near you that you could try out aside from your normal food vendors. 

However as we are enjoying the Christmas buzz, it will be good if you call and check around within your locality before going out.  Furthermore, in the spirit of Christmas, it will be wise if we observe all the covid 19 protocols for safe health especially when in public.

Here are 35 of the best restaurants open on Christmas Day

From the list of fast-food restaurants open on Christmas Day to the best Chinese restaurants open on Christmas Day and everything in between, we’re very sure you will find the following list interesting enough due to their attractive Christmas meal menu and delicious meals that are affordable and capable to spice up your day to have a wonderful Christmas Day celebration.

1. Village inn

Why stress yourself making a Christmas dessert when you can get a delicious and mouth warming pie from the village inn near you.  

Select the location of the village inn pizza parlour near you and make your order.  It will be delivered right to your doorstep even if you don’t want to step out. 

2. Huddle house 

A classic restaurant that is known for serving both local and intercontinental dishes.  They are ready to serve you anytime with their delivery service. your Christmas meal will get to you without delays. Honestly, this particular Christmas eatery has been known for its sizable, affordable, and yummy food. 

3. Legal seafood 

Are you craving some seafood? legal seafood is known for its sweet Christmas fish that makes you spend all your money.

4. Fogo de Chao

Christmas is for celebrating with family and friends. However, the full light of Christmas is sparked with a seasonal feast from Fogo de Chao. There are also takeout and delivery service to get your package to you. 

5. Applebee’s

Is Applebee’s open on Christmas? Yes, they are one of the long-lasting Christmas restaurants lasting for their great food within the neighborhood.

 With a natural and attentive staff to ensure that delicious food is made for you whenever you step into Applebee’s. 

6. Starbucks

Starbucks is a coffee shop that opens all round the year although it will be best if you check with locality Starbucks before heading out. 

7. Mcdonalds

This is one of the places that is mostly open on Christmas Eve but before heading out check-up with them to confirm it.

8. Boston market

Boston Market is open at different hours at its locations but will be surely open on Christmas Day hence they want to be part of your Christmas Day Celebration. 

9. Buffalo Wild Wings

The Buffalo Wild Wings is the larger sports bar operating in 10 countries. Furthermore, there is a sports bar for relaxations. You can stop by and enjoy your Christmas with some Buffalo Wild Wings. 

10. Domino pizza

Hey pizza lover the domino pizza will be open on Christmas, ready to serve you. Hence if you need a last-minute delivery, feel free to order 

11. Ruth’s steak house

Ruth’s steak house is a dinner that opens on Christmas day. They offer nothing but the best, so what are you waiting for to stop by and make your Christmas celebration memorable.

12. Teddy and bully bar

The annual Christmas celebration would need some beer from teddy and bully bar, in short, they also offer some seasonal salad or cozy dishes. This can be the bestst Christmas restaurant for you. 

13. Ambar-Arlington 

Join Ambar-Arlington this Christmas to enjoy the unlimited offer on your food. 

14. Dunkins donuts

For your Christmas coffee, Dunkins donuts are going to be open at all their outlets so enjoy an unlimited hour with your coffee. 

15. Dennys 

Denny’s place is getting so prepared for the busier day of the year in short all Denny’s locations are all going to be open this Christmas. 

16. IHOP

A festive breakfast is the best way to start this Christmas. IHOP is the great place to pick up your Christmas breakfast 

17. Waffle House

Waffle House is all about giving, and a nice place to enjoy a Christmas breakfast. It will be open all year round to serve you. 

18. Woodpecker 

The woodpecker is one of the best restaurants that are open on Christmas. The restaurant is all open on Christmas Eve furthermore they are all ready to serve delicious food in a relaxing environment 

19. Del Frisco’s grille 

The best restaurant open for your Christmas meals is no other than the Del Frisco’s. They are currently taking reservations thus you can make your reservation before the Christmas rush 

20. Benihana

One of the Christmas dinner restaurants in the US is the Benihana, it has a serene environment to dine on Christmas with loved ones.

21. Olive Garden

Olive Garden has been a Christmas Eve restaurant and it has an unlimited breadstick for you to enjoy. So be sure to stop by. 

So with all this beautiful place what are you waiting for to step out and enjoy.

22. Bonefish grill 

Are you a seafood lover? If yes. Bonefish Grill is all here to serve you amazing seafood this Christmas. All their locations will be opened this Christmas Day. 

23. Buca di proportion

This is a very delicious local pastry’s shop where you can get well-made pasta and will be opened on Christmas Day waiting to serve you. Come enjoy sweet pasta with your family. 

24. Outback Steakhouse

Instead of staying alone why not head out to the outback steakhouse for some sweet tasting and juicy steaks. They are one of the restaurants that will be open on Christmas Eve. 

25. Romano Macaroni grills

For your best macaroni, this restaurant is the best Christmas restaurant near me that will be opening this Christmas. Also, they will be hosting their annual dinner thus with your meal is a free ticket to the dinner. 

26. Shoney’s

Just like every year, the Shoneys is going to be open this year.  All their locations will be opened this Christmas and nobody serves better than Shoney’s. 

27. Ted Montana grill

This is one of the best Christmas restaurants open on Christmas Eve. They are honored to satisfy your craving for streak this year with their newly introduced butcher shop program.  You will get a butcher-sized streak for a less price. 

28. Big red restaurant and sports bar. 

Big red restaurants are also known to open on Christmas Day. This isn’t just a restaurant, it includes a sports bar just for your relaxation. Their food is tasty and delicious. 

29. Big Fred pizza garden 

This pizza house is open on Christmas Day. They serve the best and mouth-watering pizza in a relaxed environment. They also take your orders and deliver them to your doorstep. 

30. Burger King

Burger King is a burger place with a difference. They have different burger and fries but before stepping out call your locality Burger King for their schedule towards opening 

31. Ben chills bowl

Is a black-owned restaurant that is open in Washington DC. This particular restaurant has hosted a lot of celebrities and dignitaries from all walks of life.

32. EatOkra

This is an online restaurant with the best African-American cuisine. This restaurant will be open on Christmas Day. You can also make order when you download the EatOkra app.

33. Cane

Cane is a black-owned restaurant with so many intercontinental dishes on their menu serving dishes like; cumin-spiced pork belly, pimento-smoked jerk wings, and some Indian bread with a touch of curries and chutney. At cane, they aim to please.

34. Florida Avenue grill

Florida Avenue Grill is one of the oldest black-owned restaurants that have come to stay. It is located along Florida Avenue, you can stop by to enjoy breakfast or lunch from this amazing and tantalizing restaurant. They are also open for delivery at a limited time.  

35. Calabash tea and tonic

This is a restaurant that makes medicinal tea and tonic for community wellness. They offer over 100 blends of tea and coffee for healthy living. You can stop by for your tea and natural spiced food at Calabash tea and tonic as they will open this Christmas Eve. 

If you think we missed any other restaurant open on Christmas day, feel free to let us know using the comment box below.

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