What skills should a woman have?

After we made a post on what every girl or woman should know, a lot of women have asked to know what are the 7 essential life skills a woman should master to become great.

Honestly, it’s not a must to complete a read on the 100 skills every woman should know without putting any into work. You don’t need to see a list on hundreds of things every woman should know to be able to become the woman you have always wanted to be. All you need to do is to master a few life skills and soft skills that are pretty required to actualize your dream and become the woman everyone finds attractive in a variety of ways.

The basic skills a girl should know can include how to change a car tire, cook a nice meal, and be able to keep the house clean and many other uncountable things one might consider a skill but that does not tell the whole picture regarding what life skills mean.

There’s no generally accepted meaning of life skills. However, the meaning is often reserved for skills that will definitely help you make the most out of life. That’s what the concept of life skills entails. The types or what can be considered as life skills varies across different cultures but can be in relation to what will be discussed in this piece of article.

7 essential life skills every woman should know

Take note of the following life skills and make it the top 7 essential skills every woman should master and become the best kind of woman. Don’t just read but start implementing and give it some time to sparkle.

1. Communication skills

Both written and spoken words are forms of communication. Effective use of it determines how easily we can interact with people around us. No one is an island and through good communication skills, a woman will be able to express her needs and desire.

Communicating with your spouse, friends, children and parents, will help you understand them better and have a good bond with them.

2. Leverage technology

Every woman who wants the most out of life should master leveraging technology to earn herself some cool cash and respect. At least, a woman should be able to make use of basic technology such as; sending emails and performing some searches on the internet. Stay at home moms can try skills like; copywriting, digital marketing, and blogging.

Trust me, if you acquire such digital skills, it will improve your productivity as a person and help you become a woman who is financially free.

3. How to protect yourself

A reliable course on self-defence, protection from sexual harassment and other forms of violence against women is a thing every woman must master. Not just that, whether you are just 25 or more, you should at least be able to also protect your cyber privacy by knowing which link to or not click.

4. How to forgive and let go

Stop holding back, you have to let go and more on…

As we interact with different kind of people, abuse can be inevitable. People can make you feel hurt for no reason, not because you did the same thing to them but because that’s how they have chosen to treat you. Forgiveness would ease you a lot of stress instead of holding grudges which will definitely weigh you down.

5. How to dine alone

Aside from learning how to have alone time to reflect on things that concern you the most, how to eat alone should be a thing every woman should master.

When you learn how to enjoy your own company as a woman, it will save you from keeping toxic people all in the name of having people around you.

6. How to save a life

We just hope you don’t use it but no one knows what can happen next. That’s why every woman should be equipped with skills that will make her appear more like an expert lifesaver because of circumstances that may call for it. The chances of saving someone can be high if you at least know how to make someone whose heart stopped working to survive.

7. How to get life insurance

This is more than just having a bucket list but to make sure that the life of people who depend on you continues in a good way when you die. I am sorry I had to include this in the list of 7 essential skills every woman should know.

Life is not certain but death is, planning for it is a sure way to show people who depend on us that we truly care about them. Even if you find that a little bit complex, you can seek the services of an insurance agent or go on a search for insurance quote that fits in with you.


I wouldn’t want to argue the fact that there are a whole lot of skills every woman should master in as much as cultures have an impact on what is required of a woman to know too. But having a long list without getting the point can be meaningless and that is why I did outline only the 7 most essential life skills you should take seriously.

Additionally, every woman should consider the following skills too; how to say no and mean it, how to save for retirement, how to accept a compliment, make a perfect signature dish and also know how to do little talk and many more.

Since you have seen my opinions on what are the 7 essential life skills every woman should know, what are your opinions and which do you think I should add or detach from the list?