21 Clever Signs He’s Sleeping With Someone Else

signs he is cheating on you

Is he sleeping with someone else? You don’t necessarily have to take a quiz on that to figure out if your man has another woman.

He’s been acting really weird, and you’re almost damn sure he’s hiding something, can you tell if your boyfriend has slept with someone else or planning to.

And you’re probably here searching for the signs, trying to convince yourself that you’re not crazy, that you’re not imagining things, that your man is really cheating, I get you, no one wants a rake as a man, and no! you’re not crazy.

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Signs he is sleeping around with other women.

These 21 signs may or not prove that he’s sleeping around but I’m certain it’ll give you a sense of clarity.

1. Your gut feeling

Suspecting that something’s going on is often the first sign for many women. Admittedly gut feeling isn’t sufficient evidence that your man is actually sleeping around, but you know that something doesn’t feel right. Often in these cases, you’ve subconsciously spotted some signs.

2. He becomes too nice

He behaves like he’s guilty of something every time… like he’s trying to make up for something he’s not telling you about.

3. Disinterest

His show of affection reduces drastically, from a few kisses and hugs when he gets back from work to a hug and a pat on the head.

4. Unfamiliar bedroom move

He may be watching p_rn or maybe he picked it up from going down with someone else,  it may be new moves he picked up from the side babies and he wants to try them with you.

5. He is unreachable for extended periods.

Two people in a relationship would actively make efforts to keep each other involved in their day’s activities, when one starts to fall short on this,  it’s entirely natural to wonder what the reason might be, he may have been spending time on someone else.

6. Bizarre shifts in schedule.

Sudden unrealistic activities start popping out of the blues, who is honestly taking a pottery class by 8 PM.

7.  He is constantly accusing you of cheating.

A man who stirs up accusations like this is perplexed as to how any decent looking person could say no to other people, especially since he is not saying no,  he tends to accuse you as a way to deflect blame and guilt,  If he insists you’re the unfaithful one, then there’s a slight chance that he’s the unfaithful person.

8. The bathroom becomes his favorite place.

Your partner should be giddy about getting home to you and taking you in his arms after a tiring day but you notice recently he showers immediately he gets home without stopping to give you a kiss or a hug, he might be trying to get rid of the scents of his side babies.

9.  He always smells different.

You should be able to know your partner’s unique scent, If he comes home smelling different most of the time, then he’s probably doing the deed with other people, today he smells like “Dior savage “ tomorrow he smells like “vanilla and flowers”, then the day after that he’s out there smelling like “YSL black opium” it’s a red flag honey.

10. He gets jittery whenever you’re with his phone.

If he’s always scared or worried whenever you get a hold of his phone then he’s probably sleeping around, he won’t want you stumbling into conversations with his side pieces, so he’ll always be in your face whenever you’re using his phone.

11. He is always on the move.

“Babe, I have an emergency at work”, “Babe, I’ll be out for a while”, “Babe, this or that came up” if you keep hearing excuses like this all the time or if he’s never at a place when you call him, then he’s probably meeting up with his side pieces.

12. Intimacy with you becomes a chore.

If you observe that your once-blooming sexual relationship has become a thing of the past, these behaviors indicate that he might be cheating, if your once frequent and fulfilling intimate moments together now seem rushed, distracted, or occur less often, then take it to heart that this man might be trying with your heart, after all since he is off with his side pieces elsewhere he has no real need or desire to be with you.

13. They don’t have much to say.

There is a constant and awkward silence when you are together or probably at the end of a phone call between you two.

14. He avoids PDA.

A man who sleeps around wouldn’t want to be caught in an awkward situation in public, so he avoids the little touches and random kisses couples share, to avoid being caught by his side pieces.

15. He is shady.

He never takes his calls in your presence, very secretive with his whereabouts.

16. Altered schedules.  

He always cancels or reschedules plans made together, (something always comes up for him)

17. Frequently picks fights with you.

Doing this provides a reason to get mad and storm out of the house and thus the opportunity to meet a lover. A cheater may also do this because of mixed emotions he is feeling about betraying

18. His friends don’t seem as friendly as they used to be.

His friends get distant from you or probably avoid questions relating to him when you ask or try to bring up the issue.

19. They’re really on top of your schedule.

It can feel weird when your significant other keeps asking when you will and won’t be home. “The cheater needs to know the time slots when they can have the freedom to spend time with their romantic interests,” Mayer says. “They work hard not to get caught

20. Indifference

He shows apathy or lack of interest towards you, communicate with them to see if there is another reason for the change in engagement. But if you also suspect infidelity, these changes may be an indication of it.


21. They Want to Avoid Certain Places.


If your favorite place together is suddenly off-limits, you might be right to think something is wrong
It might seem weird that they would take their side pieces to your favorite place, but since you only go there together, the likelihood of you showing up without them is slim to none.

In conclusion

Observing just one may not be a sure-fire sign that he sleeps around., but if you check multiple off this list, it may be time to have a vulnerable chat. After all, if they have nothing to hide, they should be more than elated  to calm your fears

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