12 Obvious Signs A Girl Likes You But Is Trying Not To Show It

signs she likes you

You can’t tell if a girl likes you? You have no idea if her acts are just simply friendly or if she’s flirting? 

But you have this incline that she likes you, but just trying not to show it. You do not want to mistake her acts maybe because you like her, but need to be sure she wants you before you go in. 

Someone said women are not hard to read, but that’s not true. If you agree with him you wouldn’t be here searching for signs and confirmation that are related to her behavior.

But then it’s easier for you to decipher if you understand women’s psychology. 

If you’re able to identify these signs I had rounded up below similar to her behaviors. Then she’s probably into you. 

12 signs a girl likes you but is trying not to show it.

1. All smiley:

She often smiles at you when you wave or say the simplest hello. Your presence alone brings a smile to her face. She’s giggling and laughing at the driest joke you made, which everyone raised a brow at. It means she’s happy and finds everything you do interesting.

2. I love you by mistake: 

A moment worth leaping up for had just happened and she excitedly jumps up into your arms or you had done something for her which she was so happy for, and the words slip out from her mouth “I love you”. The Sooner she catches herself, she will back off and blame it on her excitement and of course, lie that she meant it for what you had done for her, not that she means it literally. 

I know of people who had been in situations like this, this is their mind subconsciously uttering out a hidden feeling of theirs. 

If you experience this with her, ignore her lies and know now that she’s is head over heels in love with you 

3. She wants to talk to you and also spend time with you: 

She often talks to you, texting or in person. If she’s often grasping on opportunities to talk to you, engage you in a conversation, and would prolong your chat. 

When you call her, she doesn’t ignore your calls. And wouldn’t let the conversation die. 

She walks up to you any minute she sees you and initiates an interesting conversation, just so you would talk to her. 

4. Expressive with you: 

She tells you everything about her because she feels comfortable with you. She asks you for advice on her situation. 

She may encounter a problem and rather than reaching out to someone else for help, she comes to you. She’s also eager to help you with your problems 

5. Ignores other men:

Do you catch someone stealing a glance her way, but she ignores the person. It seems like you’re the only man she’s giving so much attention to.

When you ask about her relationship life, she says she’s single, but yet you see her blowing off other men. And she tells you the right guy hasn’t found her yet. 

She’s talking about you and wants you to take the first step.

6. Loves teasing you:

Does she enjoy teasing you? This is because she likes to make you laugh. She constantly pokes fun at your poor game performances. 

7. Invites you to family and friends gathering: 

If you’ve been invited to her family or friends’ gathering, it is safe to say she’s attracted to you. Before a woman decides to let you meet her closest people, she must like you enough and is not shy to show you off to them.

You would know she has told her friends about you when you see them stealing glances your way, giggling and chuckling often. And when she’s picking up your call in front of them without being shy. 

8. Compliment you: 

She often has something to say about your fashion? She often tells you she admires your personality. Every new thing you wear she has a nice compliment for. She talks about how your hair is perfectly laid back today, and it’s even more perfect the next day. 

She compliments your incredible personality, she thinks you have an outstanding and unique taste in everything and she never fails to comment

9. She’s nervous around you:

It’s clear enough to know when someone is shy around you or uninterested. 

If she’s avoiding eye contact with you, looking at the floor, fondling with her hands. When you make eye contact she starts to play with her hair and often touches her lips while talking to you.

That’s a shy posture. And you’re the only one that has that effect on her.

10. Eye Contact: 

You catch her looking at you, and she looks away, running her hand on her hair. When you look at her and she unknowingly catches your eyes, she begins to fondle her fingers, looking at the floor. 

Or does she talk to you, but her eyes linger on your lips? Seemly distracted.

She could be one of those confident girls, who would maintain an eye to eye contact with you while talking. Not being shy, but often staring deep into your eyes. 

This is a signal that she likes you. Yet she’s not saying anything to show she likes you. 

11. She mirrors your moves:

If she mirrors your movement, it is because she had watched you too many times and now she is subconsciously mirroring your movement.

It could be a word which you often say, and she begins to respond similarly to you. If you notice her responding to questions in your mannerism, she is someone who is so into you that oblivious of her that she had begun acting like you. It’s an influence you fetch from someone who has meaning in your life.  

12. Tell her you like her: 

Let her know you like her, that is if you truly like her and not because you want to satisfy your curiosity. 

She would respond positively, having been waiting for so long. And it’s finally happening. 

If you like her, and now you’re done reading these signs, you must be happy in finding out that the feeling is mutual. 

You can now go ahead and ask her out.

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