Are you outgoing, considered the life of the party, finds it easy to connect with people and can hold conversations for long without feeling drained? You’re a pretty good example of an extrovert.

What is an extrovert?

People with extroverted personality traits tend to seek novel experiences and social connections to interact with many people as possible. They’re seen as not shy kind of people, where shyness is often a misconception for an introverted personality type, one can also be a shy extrovert or lie somewhere between introversion and extroversion. The thin line between introverts and extroverts is blurry and as such, many people fall within the relatively equal split of extroverted and introverted traits.

Psychologist Carl Jung in 1960 who first described the two major personality traits that form part of the five-factor model of personality; the introverts and extroverts, argued strongly that extroverts draw energy from the crowd and interactions with the external environment while introverts in contrast find it overwhelming and will need some alone time to refuel before and after social interactions due to their naturally high brain-stimulation levels.

What are the 4 types of extroverts?

According to Carl Jung’s personality theory, there are 4 different types of extroverts; Extroverted Sensors (ES), Extroverted Intuitors (EN), Extroverted Feelers (E_F), Extroverted Thinkers (E_T) where he argued that everyone falls somewhere on the spectrum of introversion and extroversion which supports the idea that no two extroverts or introverts are the same.

So, how can you figure out if you are an introvert? Let’s find out more…

Signs you’re an extrovert – 8 extrovert personality traits

Look out for the following common personality traits associated with extroversion, to identify if you are really an extrovert.

1. You enjoy social gatherings

Extroverted people tend to feel enthusiasm for being the center of attention. They’re after social stimulation and thrive in social situations. Meeting new people isn’t a difficult thing for persons with extroverted personality traits.

2. You don’t like being alone

Does spending time alone make you feel uninspired and bored?

Although extroverts may not want to be in the crowd all the time, they’re not just comfortable when they’re alone for long. They have very high tendencies to feel energized via social interactions and hate being on their own.

So, if you easily get bored when you’re alone, it might be a classical sign you’re an extrovert, you crave connection with others and that’s a way you recharge.

3. You like to say it out

If there’s a problem you are facing, you prefer to talk it out and even discuss a variety of options about it with others. Extroverts are less prone to a lot of psychological disorders because they don’t bottle up how they feel, if they do, it gets worse.

Extroverted people would always like to talk about how they feel or challenges they’re facing as it would make them feel more relieved. Introverts on the other hand would prefer to think deeply about the problems and possible ways it can be solved while alone with their thoughts.

4. You make friends with many people

Extroverts are always eager to expand their social circle and make new friends easily. If you have a large group of people as friends with similar goals interests and you also like to talk much about it, then you’re simply an extrovert especially when such a number of persons makes you feel energized.

5. You like to try new things

You aren’t afraid of risk, trying new things and meeting new people can make you very happy and energized in a way other things can’t. Extroverts are more likely to engage in risky behaviors including health risks.

6. You like to be the leader

You are good at taking the lead and assigning jobs to others. Leadership appeals to most introverts because they enjoy organizing groups of people and like to feel in charge.

7. You’re friendly and approachable

Do people describe you as someone who is friendly and approachable? Most extroverts enjoy interactions and feel energized by making connections with people including total strangers. They’re open and communicative with new people they meet, this part of your personality traits proves your love for social gatherings and people would want to be around you, share their problems with you and possibly receive advice because you are inviting.

8. You enjoy talking for long

If you enjoy good conversations not just with loved ones, co-workers, family and friends but you genuinely love to meet new people and talk with them to gain more knowledge and experience; chances are that you are an extrovert.

Most extroverts can easily strike up conversations with total strangers because they’re rarely afraid to meet new people. Extroverts are considered as people who talk before they think, unlike introverts that will introspect and select their words carefully before saying them out.