How do you know if you’re an introvert or extrovert?

Are you always the first to start dancing at the party or would prefer to stay in your room and have your face stocked on the movie screen?

A common media stereotype holds it that introverts are weak and shy, that’s why introverts are hated but that’s not true and there are a lot of attractive things about someone who is an introvert.

Most people tend to confuse introversion and shyness, although there are a large number of introverts who are shy but being shy is not a sign of introversion. On the other hand, introverts and extroverts are often used to show two different personality traits but most people are found somewhere in between.

So, how do you spot someone who is an introvert, or what are some signs you’re nothing but an introvert?

Before we dive in, let’s get to know what is an introvert?

What is an introvert?

An introvert is a person whose interest is typically bent inward towards his own thoughts and feelings and does not need external stimulation as it is most likely to make him feel emotionally drained.

According to the psychological theorist Carl Jung who developed the concepts of introversion and extraversion, an introvert is a person whose focus is generally directed inward toward his own feelings and thoughts, in contrast to an extrovert, whose focus is directed toward other people and the outside world. The typical introvert is contemplative and reserved and more likely to have challenges adjusting to social situations. Introspection, careful balancing of considerations before reaching decisions, and withdrawal under stress are also typical characteristics of an introverted personality.

Furthermore, Jonathan M Cheek a personality psychologist, in his theory, pointed that there are 4 types of introverts which are split into the following domains; Social Introversion, Thinking Introversion, Anxious Introversion, and Inhibited Introversion, which he believes many of the introverts are not without the combination of all the four types.

According to research, 25 to 40 percent of people who are introverts, includes those people you may know who appear to be loud and outgoing.

Signs of introversion

The following signs can be used to determine if you have introverted personality traits or not.

1. You prefer to spend time with yourself

You might be an introvert if you enjoy activities that are performed without having to involve a crowd such as; nature walk, reading, gardening, writing, crafting, and gaming especially if this period of solitude makes you feel recharged and comfortable.

However, this should not be mistaken to mean that an average introvert always wants to be alone. Many introverts enjoy the company of others especially those they’re familiar with and can interact very well with them in social situations.

2. Social interactions drain you

While extrovert tends to enjoy the gathering of people and easily interact with both strangers, an introvert, in contrast, would find it difficult to flow with the crowd. Although this does not mean that an outgoing introvert cannot participate actively in activities involving a crowd. They might not be able to partake for long and would need some hours off, to rethink, and recharge.

3. You have fewer close friends

Don’t take an introvert’s small group of close friends as a sign they don’t like to socialize with people or can’t make friends. Many introverts enjoy talking to people and making friends but on a serious note, they select their friends carefully.

In making friends, most introverts bend towards high-quality, deep, long-lasting relationship and intimacy. There’s a chance you are an introvert if you derive happiness having small but very close friends.

4. You don’t like small talk

Do you struggle to make chitchat, and find it phony and insincere? Many introverts and extroverted introverts find it easier to talk about something deep – you like to jump into the deep end and in an honest way. In contrast, they find small talk tedious, unlike an extrovert.

5. You think before you speak

Introverted people never rush decisions, they want to take some time to listen and have the full details before making up their mind on what to say. People consider introverts as cautious because they think before they speak and carefully select their words. If you are prudent and thoughtful before making decisions, it’s a classical sign you are an introvert.

6. You’re easily distracted

Introverts are more easily distracted than extroverts especially in environments with excessive stimulations. If you prefer being in a quiet place after a time in a chaotic space, to refuel yourself, chances are pretty good you have an introverted personality. Although your zoning out might be a survival mechanism, there are misconceptions about you not having focus.

7. You hate to work in a group

Many introverts are most creative when they’re alone with their thoughts.

Jobs that require great networking or social interactions don’t seem a good fit for introverts, they’re more concerned with independently workable careers such as; writing, computer programming, or crafting because it connects with their inner self and it’s a way for them to recharge.

8. You’re good at public speaking

Many introverts can be great at speeches, but not good at one-on-one talks with people at the ceremony afterward.

9. You’re analytical

Most introverts pay attention to every detail others aren’t noticing, analyze, and think hard before they speak. Do people often call you an old soul? This introverted personality trait appears wise to others.

10. You write a lot

While many introverts are busy with a monologue as deep thinkers drawn in solitude, they prefer writing over speaking as a more suitable way of communicating their thoughts.

What’s the difference between introversion and shyness?

Although you can be shy and introverted, it is a misconception for people to think that shyness is the same thing as introversion.

Introversion is not the same thing as social anxiety or shyness. Although they may look alike but being an introvert means you enjoy spending time alone with your thought and easily drained spending time with others while shyness means the fear of social situations. A shy person does not necessarily need alone time, most shy people are introverts and not all introverts are shy.