How To Start A Conversation With A Guy

Start A Conversation With A Guy

Starting a conversation with a guy sometimes can be a really nerve-wracking process, especially if he’s a cute one. Mustering up enough courage is the first step to start a conversation with a guy. Here are some tips for starting up a meaningful and productive conversation with a guy. Guys are people who think of themselves as friends due to their suspected polygamous nature. But note that most times starting up a conversation with a guy is more easy than with a lady. Try to be more realistic while having a conversation with a guy.

First, you must know that the ability to start a conversation is an excellent skill for building relationships. The only challenge one could have is finding the right words the first time you meet someone.

Tips On How To Start A Conversation With A Guy

Here are some of the tips on how to start a conversation with a guy properly;

Step One: Getting Him Talking                                   

  • Introduce  Yourself

First, you could start by introducing yourself, it is the most straight-forward and effective way to get a guy talking. It does not matter his level or class. Put your shoulders high, plant a smile on your face and approach him confidently. E.g. Hi! My name is Jennifer and you are? Some really smart guys could take it from there. Once you find his name, try to use it frequently in the conversation as people love to hear their name in conversations. It automatically creates a sense of intimacy between you two.

In addition, you could start by saying something like: “Hi, ive been seeing you around the café lately, I just thought to come over and introduce myself. My name is Jennifer, what’s yours?

  • Use The Circumstance Around

You can possibly start with an ice breaker, it could be the circumstance around you, either commenting about the weather or asking to borrow his pen to use while in a bank hall. To keep the conversation flowing, ask open-ended questions you discover a common interest that you both can easily converse about, making eye contact and smile during the conversation helps to create a great impression about yourself. In addition, you can try sighing and muttering to yourself about a delay or bumpiness of a bus ride if he is interested, he might take that as a cue to respond sympathetically to you, once his attention is gotten, you can proceed with other conversation that follows thus.

  • Ask For Help

Naturally, men love to help women probably they are wired to be like that. It gives him a confidence boost and makes him feel more comfortable around you, also it allows conversation to flow freely between you two. For example, seeking for his help to carry a heavy stack of files or boxes youre struggling to carry at work place, or asking for a helping hand to cross a very busy road. Make sure to smile and thank him sweetly after he helps you. Everyone likes a little act of gratitude when they do a good deed. Thanking him fuels his desire to help if the opportunity comes again. This step should not be over-done, as it might pose a sign of disrespect and being taken for granted.

  • Look Your Best!

This doesn’t basically mean your physical appearance, guys could be attracted to your intelligence, diction, your sweet nature and receptive nature too, and your ability to initiate a conversation so swiftly and comfortably could be a turn on for him too. It doesn’t hurt to look attractive with all these features. Avoid overdoing perfume, make-up and jewelry as it makes him feel you’re trying so hard to impress him.

Step Two: Keep The Conversation Going

  • Keep The Dude Talking!

This is simply achieved by finding a shared interest as it enables the conversation to flow much easily. Even if it’s something you’re not particularly knowledgeable about. E.g. football or music, demonstrate your interest by asking him plenty of questions and being inquisitive to listen as well.

For instance, if you discover that you both like music, ask him his favorite singer or favorite genre of music. Once you get him going with conversations as this, there will be no stopping and he will probably think you’re a pretty cool and interesting girl. This increases his interest in you.

  • Ask Open-Ended Questions

Questions such as “how are you?’’ most times ends with a reflex ‘fine’ or ‘good’, this could make you clueless as to what next to say and it would affect your confidence. Instead start by asking him a question related to the situation or environment you both are presently in. for example, ask him what he thinks about the importance of getting a voters card as a patriotic citizen of the country or what he thinks about the constant rainy season that has ruined the plans of many people.

  • Listen More Often Than Talking

Conversation etiquette suggests that you should listen more than you talk. This gives him the notion that you don’t want to be in charge, rather you really want to hear his own point of view on topics you’re discussing, cunningly let him take charge of the conversation. Note, all these may not be achieved on just one meeting. In some cases, the guy might eventually ask for your digits to continue talking later (The gentle man way).

Even when you are not talking, try to stay engaged in the conversation. Acknowledge things he says with a smile, excitement or other facial expressions or gestures that shows you’re enjoying the conversation. Being a good listener during conversations shows a good impression to the guy that you’re easy to talk to. Conversations gives you an idea of the guys personality as it also indicates if you want even continue the conversation or friendship. Smile most of the times during conversation, as guys are most attracted to a smiling lady than the mean-faced ladies. Smiling makes you seem more approachable and friendly, it also gives the sense of comfortability with you, allows him to be more open top you as well. Laughing at his jokes automatically boosts his ego and make him feel good about his sense of humor.

  • Develop An Interesting Question

You should always have something to say in your conversation with him as this indicates that you’re still interested in him and everything about him. Let your daily conversations be upgraded beyond everyday chit-chat, this is achieved by posing interesting or thought-provoking  questions that would make him think and ensure that you make an evident impression. For example, ask him interesting questions like; what would be his reaction to being stalked by an ugly girl or what cartoon character would he love to be like in the Disney world. You could even get more personal or serious by asking him questions like; what is his biggest regret in life so far. Be warned that these questions should be asked when you must have established a primary relationship with him, because questions like this are not just discussed with any random passer-by by the roadside. Don’t overwhelm him with questions , questions that you wouldn’t feel comfortable answering yourself, do not make him feel you’re scrutinizing his answers as if he were interviewing for a job. Play nice and friendly.

  • Be Clever In Your Conversation

Everyone’s got a shrouded pride in them that naturally exists, you want this guy to now you’re interested in him but you just can’t wave it on his face like a proud little girl who did all her home work correctly. Smile more often at him, make eye contact, and laugh when expected to, so you don’t look like a clown. Try to retain a little mystery and make him labor a little to get back your full attention. Don’t forget that guys like the chase!

  • Initiate A Conversation On The Prevalent Culture

Everyone always have what to say about books, movies, music, or celebrities. Once you’ve gotten an insight of what his interests are, you can now initiate a discussion on a particular thrilling movie, an interesting book, or knows a popular music or movie celebrity, or even a popular footballer. Also, try asking for his opinion when it comes to an aspect of these cultures he considers himself an expert on, as guys naturally love to show off their vast knowledge especially to a very interested audience. For example if you found out he’s very good at football, ask him how Lionel messi became so famous in not just his club; Barcelona but in the football industry too. On the other hand, you can show off your vast knowledge on a particular genre of music and its celebrity singers.

  • End On A High Note

This is the supposed final step in successfully conversing with a guy; knowing when to bow out. Skillfully, leave him wanting more. Probably tell him that you need to get back to your office, or get home before the traffic meets you. As expected, he’ll feel disappointed you’re leaving because you have gotten his interest. Before you leave, you should look him straight in the eyes, flash a smile and say ‘I really enjoyed talking to you John’. If you feel things really went well and you like this guy, you can suggest having a drink with him some other time.

Final Note

Been given these necessary tips on how to start a conversation with a guy, starting up that conversation with any guy isn’t that difficult, it basically takes courage, a  good sense of humor and the right questions, a good listening ear and more to keep the conversation flowing. Shoulder and Chin up! Approach him and start up a conversation.


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