7 Things Every Man Should Know How To Do

things a man should know how to do

Over the years to date, there are several debates on what every man should know how to do if actually he wants the most out of life.

I have seen an uncountable number of articles online and books on the most important things a man should know, coupled with my own real-life experiences regarding what it feels like to be a man who does the manly things right.

Honestly, to have a clue of the best things you should know how to do by 20, even if you are above 20, is simply the right way to become a better man and make the most out of life.

I promise to be straightforward on this as always. You are no longer a kid, read this post like a man who wants the best for himself. Do not forget to drop your opinions in the comment section at the end of this post…

Honestly, you don’t have to spend decades or read voluminous books before you will be able to figure out what you should know how to do as a man. I have narrowed the list of things every man should know how to do to the 7 most essential things so that at a glance, you can be able to get the inside scoop.

However, as a purpose-driven man who is always on the quest for the right things to know or do in order to fulfil the life of your dream, you could also be seen trying to figure out what are the things every man should know about women and what every man should do every day to become better.

Important things every man should know how to do to be better.

Whether you are a guy who is married, getting married soon or still single, it is pertinent to have these men’s tips at the back of your mind for it will always rescue and reposition you on the right path. Honestly, nothing makes a man more attractive than knowing what he is supposed to do and ensure they are properly done even when no one is watching.

1. Every man should know how to tie a tie.

How to not a tie is a must-know thing for every gentleman who wants to go into the realm of corporate wears. You should also know how to tie a bow tie like a pro and fold your pocket square to appear responsible and attractive.

2. Wear proper cologne

A man should know the correct way to put on cologne. I don’t want to assume you don’t know that you have to apply a cologne when you get out of the shower to clean dry. Do not spray cologne into the air and run through it.

3. Build a fire

Whether you’re in the wilderness or like to go camping, to build a proper campfire is a skill a man needs to know. When you get to the fireplace, you don’t need to fumble because you already know how to make fire with sticks.

If you want to impress your friends, you can make fire with rocks (build a fire without matches) – maybe for the fun of it if you can 🙂

4. Say I love you and mean it

You should know how to say I love you in different ways and be a man of your words. Honesty makes the man, and nothing makes a man attractive than this.

5. Ask a woman out on a date

I don’t want to know you as that shy guy who can’t ask a girl out. Know how to approach a woman even if you think she’s out of your league, ask her out on a date. A real date can lead you to the relationship of your dream, here’s how to talk to a girl for the first time and make her like you.

6. Every man should know how to jump-start a car

Image credit: driving-tests.org

A man should know when jumping a car, which cable goes on first and if you can ruin your car by giving someone a jump start. How to change your car tire and apply other minor fixes by yourself, are excellent skills every man must-have.

7. A man should know how to cook

What did you hear about men who cook? My wife said they’re the most attractive kind of men.

A man should at least know how to cook his favourite meal or be able to make that of his partner. It is amazing and romantic when you jump into the kitchen and make her favourite meal before she wakes up in the morning. Most women like to be served their favourite meal in the morning while on the bed, be that spouse who brings romance to the kitchen.

Final words

Furthermore, every man should know the best ways to be good with money. There are a lot of personal finance blogs that will give you a clue on how to handle money, become financially free and have a better posterity.

How to comfort a crying woman, manage stress, or help a hangover lady would be nice if you really know how to do that. More importantly, take care of yourself and personal hygiene, have good breath and keep a smiling face.

Learn anger management, practice yoga and meditation when you have alone time and also make learning new things a daily habit. Hit the gym when it deems good for you to do so. Daily exercise keeps you fit, and far away from the doctor.

What other things do you suggest a man should know how to do regardless of stage or his age to make the most out of life?

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