10 Things You Can Do To Be More Humble

how to become humble

What is a humble person like?

Humility is a seed which does not grow in every man’s garden.

Lack of humility has brought chaos to a lot of things, and most people would always want to know the characteristics of a humble person so as to know whom to do business or go into a relationship with.

Many people are not humble and wouldn’t acknowledge they lack humility.

No one would like to engage in something serious with someone who entirely lacks humility.

In life, we may wonder why we should be humble instead of being arrogant and snobbish probably because we are yet to see reasons to be humble or even drawn in our own very thoughts trying to figure out if being humble is a good thing.

However, being humble does not mean to think less of yourself neither is it to feel insecure. Humility is never a weakness. You can be humble without putting yourself down or lose your self-esteem.

In a society where competition and individuality trends, it can be hard to find humility and in many aspects of life when people think they’re perfect in a particular area, they can be seen bragging and will find it difficult to show some sense of humility.

Humility is a virtue and critical in most religious groups that for a man or woman to attain great height spiritually, he or she must be humble to believe in the teachings and practice what it says. This can also be seen in many cultures of the world. In our society today where it seems a lot of people lack humility, it is crucial to draw the attention of everyone to the importance of learning how to be humble.

When your colleagues at work complain that you’re arrogant, someone you’re in a relationship with or your friends, then there’s really something you need to fix about yourself to maintain a good relationship with everyone. If you lack humility and have come to realize humbleness means a lot and can take you to the upper chambers of life, you should resort to the following things without further ado.

10 important things to do to be more humble

Being humble is not the state of loss of confidence, neither is it suppose to be triggered by fear. If you are not humble, seriously practice the following tips to embrace humility as a veritable trait.

1. Acknowledge your faults

To be humble, focus more on detecting your own faults instead of being judgmental to other people regarding their mistakes. If you’re a humble person, you will be able to figure out easily that you are not perfect and this will give you the chance to work on yourself and improve youself and be able to actualize your big dreams.

2. Be a good listener

Listening does not mean you must agree to what the other person is saying but it is a good way to let them know their opinion matters and then be able to summarize the conversation. If you want to be humble, don’t always be in haste to speak while the other person is still talking, if you do, it means you are placing your interest first and that your say is more valuable.

3. Don’t brag

When you have achieved greatness in life, bragging might probably seem inevitable because you feel more fulfilled for your accomplishments and proud of yourself. There’s nothing wrong with keeping healthy confidence and feeling proud of your accomplishment but constantly talking about them shows your desire to bring attention to yourself alone.

4. Be grateful for what you have

A lady who gave birth to kids might think that other women who are barren are the cause of their problems and a rich man might think that a man who’s poor is lazy while a poor man might also think that a rich man made his money out of luck. If we understand the mysteries behind everything, we wouldn’t hold anything against each other than to always be grateful for what we have instead of being boastful.

5. Be open to learning

There’s always more to learn in life. No one is an island of knowledge, learning is living and this is possible when you humble yourself to understand that no one is perfect. You simply can’t be the best at everything, you should be teachable. Be humble to ask people to mentor you on areas you need help with.

6. People first

Don’t be overly self-centred and forget to have other people’s interest at heart. Pause and ponder if it is right for you to always push to be the one to go first before others can follow. In some cases, challenge yourself to let others go before you, to consider other people’s opinions and allow them to make contributions, who knows their idea might be a perfect solution.

7. Appreciate others

Being humble is a good trait that allows you to change some narratives about people and be more open-minded.

Honestly, when you are open-minded, you will realize things people around you are doing right and be able to compliment them. Learn to compliment your partner, friends or colleagues at work. Your genuine compliments about their personality, outfit, hairstyle and achievement, means quite a lot.

8. Learn to say sorry

When you are wrong, admit it. Nothing melts the heart like a sincere apology. When you apologize for your mistakes, it doesn’t make you less of a person. When you accept your mistakes and say sorry, it means you realized your wrongdoings and now know what needs to be improved.

9. Practice meditation

Meditation and gentleness of spirit is a sure way to humility. Stay close to nature while you meditate, it will help you to develop a sense of gratitude to react to things with respect and develop a burning desire to turn negatives into positives.

10. Don’t say you’re humble, show it

Honestly, genuinely humble people have self-awareness and acknowledge their tendency towards pride which is by far the pleasure of being above the rest.

People can easily see with all indication how humble and kind you are. You don’t need to go around saying that you’re humble. The action they say, speaks louder than voice.

In summary, it is of no doubt that choosing humility in a self centered age can be daunting but the most difficult thing to do is to dwell in a society that lacks it in entirety.

At this point, I believe that you have seen how to be humble and confident as most people mistake humility to be the act of putting one’s self down.

This post should serve as a watch list for signs of a humble woman or man, practising humility does not speak less of you as a person rather it shows your respect and gratitude which are veritable ingredients for the attraction of success and greatness in life. Stay humble and you will see how greatly it will help you have an improved life

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