When you ask the question “how can I be a good teenage girl“, it will open up your mind to learn the things every girl should know in life.

Whether you’re a teenage girl in your twentysomething or a full-grown woman, you might have at some points come across a lot of advice on what every woman should know. Especially in our today society where we listen to podcasts and have access to thousands of articles on free advice for women ranging from how to maintain an attractive shape, what to eat, how to have a glowing face and even what to do after physical intimacy as a woman.

In as much as I am concerned, there are a lot of secrets every girl should know which are not contained on many of the materials you must have seen on the internet.

As a woman in her early 50s, I have come across a lot of life lessons, and have seen people share ideas on key things every girl or woman should at least know to live a happy life.

10 things every woman should know how to do

things every woman should know

What is the most important thing for a woman?
Regardless of your age, it is important to consider the following tips as what every woman must know to be better and live happily.

1. Always pee after s*x

what every woman should do after sex

Most times, parents might fail at telling you this because they assume you already know.

The gynaecologists will advise that every girl should pee after having s*x to get rid of some bacterias that might have been deposited in the urethra during intercourse. This is one among the easiest ways to stay safe from urinary tract infections (UTIs)

Every girl should know that it doesn’t really matter if you peed before s*x, or it is difficult to pee after orgasm, you simply have to do the needful if you care about UTIs prevention. It is commonly believed that urine is sterile so peeing after s*x can clear your urethra and prevent UTIs.

2. How to self-check breast cancer

every girl should know how to self check her breast

Breast check is a critical thing every girl should know about her body. According to research, 1 out of every 9 women, will get breast cancer at some point in their lives.

It is pertinent for every girl to know that checking of the breast regularly or at least once a month can help detect early growth of cancer of the breast. It is easier to check your breast during a shower, run your hands on your breast to determine a change in size, shape and feel. When you feel a lump in the breast or anything suspicious, do not hesitate to talk to your doctor for a piece of medical advice.

You can self-exam your breast following the National Breast Cancer guide.

3. How to walk away from a toxic relationship

every woman should know how to move away from a toxic relationship

Know when a relationship gets bad. There are subtle signs to look out for, this is an essential thing to know about being a girl. It is okay to cut people out of your life, trying to change your partner or to totally change yourself to fit in, can be a total waste of time and knowing that it is better to be alone than to date the wrong type of man is just very pertinent.

Do not let pregnancy, make you try to stay or get married to a man who’s manipulative or abusive. If he doesn’t make you happy as he is, he doesn’t deserve you regardless of how much wealth he has acquired.

Every woman should know that she’s beautifully made, the shape, her periods, pubic hair and everything about her body are natural and should be appreciated in whole. Do not allow people or anyone to body shame or manipulate you.

4. Basic skills

Basic skills every woman should know

What skills should a woman have? Every girl who drives a car should at least know how to change oil, tires, spark plugs, filters and some other basic car maintenance without having to worry about seeking the services of a mechanics.

So also, every woman should at least know how to apply some little home fixes, maintenance manual and Google will help in achieving this fascinating house hacks. Do you have to always call your partner at the workplace on the phone that the blender just stopped working or you need to change the filter in your coffee brewer? The choice is yours…

The home and car maintenance skills, safety skills, communication skills, time management and financial skills are very much necessary life skills every woman should know.

5. Be careful who you send n*des to

photos and videos for boyfriend

One among the things a woman should know about relationship is to be conscious of what she sends out regardless of how long she has been in the relationship. The level of trust you’ve built sometimes can make you believe that your partner won’t upload the videos you sent to him online, it’s important to know that the device can be stolen or hacked and then posted on the internet.

If you’re not comfortable with the whole internet seeing your picture or video, do not send it out to anyone, not even your boyfriend for the reasons aforementioned.

6. Be yourself

A confident woman

Being real is a thing every woman should know and this is what makes a female attractive. Let’s forget about the social media lifestyle and trying to be what we’re not just to attract guys.

Honestly, acting funny or spending a lot on some hot dress to appear sexy if it’s never part of you, will attract a man but can’t keep him.

Every girl/woman should know that no matter how funny or crazy you’re, there’s someone out there who will love and appreciate you the way you’re. Honestly, being fake is uncalled for, it won’t pay off in the long run just know this right now.

7. It’s not a must to have kids

having kids is optional

There’s nothing wrong with having kids but not wanting to have kids is totally not a bad idea.

Not everyone who believes in having kids, the dislike for kids, fear of pregnancy and labour room stories are dreadful to some women and it does not mean one must experience motherhood to live a fulfilled life.

8. Stay healthy

a lady practicing yoga

There’s nothing compared to having good health, let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food. Maintaining a good diet and regular exercise keeps you away from the doctor.

In as much as you’re trying to keep fit as a woman, do not be afriad to talk to your doctor when you suspect something is wrong with your body no matter how embrassing it might seem to be.

9. How to have body confidence

hhow to have body confidence

Everyone is beautiful in their own way, every woman should know that it is important to consider her self not just on the physical looks but in whole as beautifully made.

The only way to avoid body shaming and build body confidence is to see past what you see on the magazine or on celebrities Instagram account about women’s physical appearance, they must have undergone a lot of photoshop effect to look attractive.

However, this does not mean you shouldn’t spend time on self-care, but accepting and loving yourself the way you’re without much focus on what people say about it will save you a lot in life.

10. How to say NO

every girl/woman should learn how to say no

It is so much an important skill to learn how to say “no” even if it has to do with working extra on your daily schedules which could be exhausting.

Honestly, maintaining your ground for what is right is something every girl/woman should know. Don’t agree with things that you’re not at peace with.

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Every woman should believe in gender equality and should be treated as equals. The earlier a female realize that she will understand her self worth and the value she holds.

It is practically impossible for me to come into conclusions without pointing out that every girl should know that it is not what people say about her that defines who she is, she is the only on that defines yourself. You choose what happens to you, to your body and mind.

Although people can title you a feminist but “feminist” isn’t a dirty word, you’re a woman who knows what she wants so don’t just sit back because you might be called one.