A relationship is a connection or association between two or more people, this connection may be by blood, by romantic feelings, or even a platonic relationship, which is usually referred to as friendship. Sincerely, the negative habits in a relationship can be likened to the everyday bad habits that ruin relationships.

People who are very cautious of themselves, who wouldn’t want to make relationship moves without being sure what is labeled good and evil, often ask questions like; “what are bad habits in a relationship?” A problem-free platonic relationship is not so easy to achieve, this difficulty is tripled in the face of a romantic relationship.

If you are asking “what is a disrespectful behavior in a relationship”, “ what are red flags in a relationship?”, then you are in the right place. In this article, we have brought into the light up to 17 signs and behaviors that, when exhibited in a relationship, may cause heartbreak or hurt the other party. Let’s get started.

17 behaviors that ruin a relationship

Take note of the following bad habits that could hurt your relationship because if proper care is not taken, they will break your relationship into pieces.

1.    Always feeling insecure and doubtful

There is nothing as hurting as being cynical and uncertain of the other party in a relationship. Having doubts in a relationship can be linked to a lack of trust. Do not be too suspicious of your partner, don’t believe every or any negative news about your partner, and above all, when he clarifies your doubts, believe him/her. A lack of trust will make you assume the worse about your partner and, if not curbed, will make you not believe him/her when he/she tries to explain to you.

2. Always taking advantage of your partner’s fears

Taking advantage of your partner’s fears or throwing their fears to their face is the fastest way to get your relationship to break it up permanently. A lady came crying the other day with a confession that she told her boyfriend, who was an orphan that his parents left him because he was a curse to humanity, all because she was mad at him. And of course, her partner never came back, that is the result of taking advantage of your partner’s fears. 

3. Fighting in public

As a child, one of the don’ts that were grilled into a lot of us is “never fight,” not to talk of fighting in public. Now, as a responsible adult, fighting should never be an option, especially fighting with your partner. Fighting might not necessarily mean exchanging blows, kicks, and smackdowns in public; quarreling, having heated arguments, and calling each other bad and hurtful names can also be classified as fighting. And when done in public, it can hurt a relationship.

4. Always demanding for more

Being in a relationship and maintaining a healthy one is tasking on its own, further demanding on the part of any of the partners can tilt the balance of that relationship. It is known that the foundation of always demanding more or not being contented is built on greed.

Requesting for more is not restricted to asking for material things, it may also include wanting your partner to change something in his/her lives, something that is beyond his/her power. It hurts.

5. Always forgetting important dates

Good memories are usually made on special days, although spending every day with your partner should be special to both of you, some specific dates should be highlighted in your calendar. Those dates might include your relationship anniversary date, your birthdays, and any dates significant to your relationship. A continuous inability to remember those dates will hurt your partner and will put your relationship in jeopardy.

6. Comparison

Comparing your partner with another person, especially with their adversary, is very hurtful and will make your partner unhappy. Most of the time, comparing a partner with another person is done during a heated argument, in a bid to hurt him/her out of anger.

However, you all will agree with me that the outcome of comparing your partner with another person is very disastrous and can lead to a failed relationship. Therefore, no matter the level of hurt you are feeling at any time, please, refrain from comparing your partner with another person.

7. Rejecting gifts from your partner

No matter how lame, inexpensive, or unappealing a gift from your partner is, you are advised never to reject it. Listen, anger, or even something as flimsy as peer pressure should not make you utter statements like “thank you, but I don’t want this” or “no, thank you” or any other gift-rejection statement to your partner.

If you don’t like his/her gift, all you have to do is accept it, don’t forget to smile as you do, then keep it safe in your room or give it to anyone that shows interest in it; whatever you do, don’t reject his/her gift. It will hurt your partner.

8.    Always finding faults in what your partner’s family and friends do

In order words, always nagging about your partner’s loved ones. Every responsible adult who is in a healthy relationship would never want his partner to be talked down at by his/her family or friends; on the other hand, no one likes it when their partner talks terribly about their loved ones.

Therefore, to keep your relationship happy and to avoid hurt, you should try as much as you can not to nag about your partner’s family or friends.

9. Always making negative assumptions about your partner

Honestly, the blame of lack of trust should be put on the unsolicited advice of people who started their relationships on a wrong footing, and also on the information that the movie industry broadcasts in love movies. Because of this negativity, many people don’t take their partner’s word when unforeseen circumstances occur.

It hurts not to be taken seriously, especially when your claims are shoved aside. If your partner says he/she was held up in traffic jam, believe it, and don’t go about making negative assumptions and looking for people to point fingers at.

10. Gossiping about your partner

This attitude is prominent in females than in males, gossiping about your partner, or your relationship as a whole to your family or friends is majorly detrimental than advantageous. Unless you are honestly asking for advice, which should be from a relationship expert, discussing your partner or your relationship isn’t right for you and your partner. And when your partner hears tales that no one should have known about, he/she will be hurt, so will your relationship.

11. Spending quality time with everyone except your partner

A relationship without communication is a relationship heading for failure, and the only way to communicate with one’s partner is by spending quality time with him/her, applicable for a long and short distance relationship. It is understandable that before your partner came into your life, your family existed. However, the presence of your partner should be enough reason to share your time with each party. It will hurt your partner if he or she is neglected.

12. Always wanting a public display of affection

Understandably, you would want to proclaim to the world how much you love and care for your partner, but is it really necessary? Well, unless you would want to open your own version of “keeping up with the Kardashians,” you should minimize the amount of public display of affection you demand from hour partner. This is how it hurts your relationship: if you keep demanding Public Display of Affection (PDA) from your partner, he or she will start questioning the authenticity of your relationship, if you truly love him/her or if you’re in it for a show. 

13. Prying into your partner’s privacy

If you and your partner have set some rules about what is private and what is not, and then try hard not to intrude in his/her privacy. He/she will see it as a breach of trust, and it will hurt your partner.

14. Always trying to control your partner

Being dominating is more in men than in women. Nonetheless, it is advised that every gender should have a firm control on their level of bossy and domineering attitude. It tends to suffocate a partner and will, in turn, hurt him/her.

15. Not settling issues for a long time

Arguments and disagreements are bound to occur in a relationship; what truly matters is how fast and willing both parties are to settle their issues. Here is advice from me, no matter how hurt or angry you are about what your partner did or said, try as much as you can to make up before the day runs out.

16. Being honest

A relationship founded on lies is also bound to fail; therefore, try as much as possible to tell your partner the truth always. If your partner finds out that you lied to him, especially about your past, he will be hurt. It might even end your relationship.

17. Finding it difficult to forgive

The hurt and heartbreak caused by your partner to you, might make you reluctant to forgive and accept him/her back into your life. But mistakes are part of life’s lessons; therefore, forgive your partner and give him a chance to right his wrong.

In summary, doing the right thing to make your relationship healthy and last long takes a considerable amount of effort on both parties. Make sure to carry out the tips that have been mentioned above to avoid hurting your partner.