This Or That Questions – The Only Best List Ever

this or that questions

This or that games are incredibly great conversation starters for getting to know someone better.

Regardless of how long you’ve known each other, the truth remains that “this or that” questions will unveil a lot more about the other person, what they want or think.

What is this or that game?

this or that games

This or that game is a question game just like the would you rather games where you’re to choose one out of two options, mangoes of guavas?

However, these good this or that questions can be for; your crush, the kids, boyfriend, on the Instagram post, some can be extremely hard this or that questions, dirty, for couples and even this or that questions for food to know what’s one’s favourite meal.

When and where to play this or that questions?

this or that questions

There is no specific place or time to play the this or that games, it can be played on the date night with your partner or crush, on your Instagram story or through text messages. The best time to play this or that game is when both of you are in the mood to take questions and provide answers to it as fast as possible.

Not only partners can play this or that, friends can light up the moment and have great fun throwing this or that questions at each other.

The best list of this or that questions

  1. Fruits or vegetables?
  2. Amusement Park or Day at the Beach?
  3. Red wines or juice?
  4. Candy or popcorn?
  5. Bananas or apples?
  6. Bath or shower?
  7. Beer or wine?
  8. Being too warm or too cold?
  9. Blue or green eyes?
  10. Blue or pink?
  11. Blues or pop?
  12. Boat or plane?
  13. Book or kindle?
  14. Book or movie?
  15. Books or magazines?
  16. Breakfast or dinner?
  17. Brown or black hair?
  18. Cake or pie?
  19. Car or motorcycle?
  20. Card Game or board game?
  21. Cardio or weights?
  22. Cars or trucks?
  23. Cat or dog?
  24. Chocolate or vanilla?
  25. Circles or squares?
  26. City or countryside?
  27. Vacation or stay at home?
  28. Coca-Cola or Pepsi?
  29. Coffee or tea?
  30. Comedy or drama?
  31. Comedy or horror?
  32. A comic book or comic strips?
  33. Computer games or video games?
  34. Cookies or cake?
  35. Day or night?
  36. Digital watch or analogue?
  37. Internet or food?
  38. Facebook or Twitter?
  39. Family or friends?
  40. Fire or ice?
  41. Flowers or trees?
  42. Football or basketball?
  43. Freedom or hope?
  44. French or Spanish?
  45. Frozen yoghurt or ice cream?
  46. Meat or vegetables?
  47. Pork or beef?
  48. Go skiing or snowboarding?
  49. Gold or silver?
  50. Google or Bing?
  51. Hamburgers or hot dogs?
  52. 4G or 5G?
  53. fish or meat?
  54. iOS or Android?
  55. Jogging or Hiking?
  56. Ketchup or mustard?
  57. Leather or lace?
  58. Library or museums?
  59. Lions or Bears?
  60. Living room or bedroom?
  61. Love or money?
  62. Mac or Windows
  63. Mangoes or oranges?
  64. McDonald’s or Burger King?
  65. Fish or vegetables?
  66. Milk or juice?
  67. Money or fame?
  68. Money or love?
  69. Motorcycle or Bicycle?
  70. Mountains or beach?
  71. Netflix or YouTube?
  72. New clothes or a new phone?
  73. Ocean or mountains?
  74. Online Shopping or Shopping in a Store?
  75. Painting or drawing?
  76. Pancakes or waffles?
  77. Pandas or whales?
  78. Paper or plastic?
  79. Passenger or pilot?
  80. Pasta or pizza?
  81. Pen or pencil?
  82. A phone call or text?
  83. Phone or laptop?
  84. Piercings or tattoos?
  85. Pop music or Rock music?
  86. Pop or Indie?
  87. Rain or snow?
  88. Reading or writing?
  89. Rich Friend or loyal Friend?
  90. Sandals or sneakers?
  91. Save or spend?
  92. Singing or dancing?
  93. Sitting or standing?
  94. Shopping or Skating?
  95. Soup or Sandwich?
  96. Steak or chicken?
  97. Summer or winter?
  98. Superman or Batman?
  99. Sweet or salty?
  100. Swimming or Sunbathing?

I hope you find our list of 100 this or that questions interesting, feel free to tweak it or select the hardest this or that questions, suitable for; couples, kids or even for your friends.

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How do you play this or that? Feel free to share your opinions in the comment box below and share these questions game with friends and family online.

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