How To Kiss A Girl Properly & Make Her Want More

Almost every guy out there would like to learn how to kiss a girl to make her want more.

Whether you are about to kiss a girl for the first time or want some tips to improve your kissing techniques, there are few things to consider which has to do with the; consent of the girl you want to kiss, places to kiss her, where to touch her for intense kissing and even how to start kissing a woman. These and more, are factors capable of presenting you as a good kisser or someone who is a bad kisser.

Have you ever walked out of a first kiss because you don’t know how to kiss a girl? You don’t have to bag a school degree to have mastery on how to kiss well.

Kissing a girl the right way will make her understand what you feel for her and how deep it is because the chemistry is capable of bringing up affection, passion, or love which a bad kisser can ruin in a few minutes. So don’t be the guy who is bad at kissing.

Even if you have mastered the basics, you can still improve your kissing techniques following this easy guide. It’s no doubt that if you know how to kiss a woman well, you’re more likely to appear attractive to women.

Best ways to kiss a girl and make her want more

A lot of people try to explain how to kiss a girl properly, there are many long reads on “how to kiss a girl well” that could take you much time than your kissing would have lasted but this is a no-nonsense guide to being a good kisser in a few simple ways.

1. Consent before kissing

how to kiss a girl

Surprise kisses are great for couples, but your first kiss with a girl requires a different approach.

Before you kiss a girl, it is pertinent to get her consent first. Not even you would like to have someone kiss you without permission, less you’re already expecting a kiss from them. It is awkward to still a kiss.

Asking for permission to kiss a girl might appear daunting but it can lead to an amazingly great experience, that’s where being confident becomes necessary.

It is better to first ask a girl if she wants to be kissed, if she says yes and it feels right, you can even ask her how she wants to be kissed.

What if she is the first to kiss you? Then you simply don’t have to stop her to ask because I said: “ask for her consent first“. You already have it, kiss her well, and make sure you have a fresh breath to enjoy the kisses with her to attract some good kiss next time.

Fresh breath is a basic requirement for any kiss and achievable through proper oral hygiene.

Most guys always have the fear of asking up straight “can I kiss you?” or say some “cute I want to kiss you” phrase, probably because they are shy or uncertain about the right time to start a kiss with a girl.

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Moments can stir-up the feeling to kiss and be kissed, you can add a little bit flirting while getting consent to kiss her. Try to compliment her looks but not way deep that you may appear materialistic.

Before you ask a girl for a kiss or start kissing her, make sure she feels comfortable staying around you and willing to have a kiss with you. If she seems to appear a little bit worried, you should start up a conversation with her to calm her nerves before you ask her consent for a kiss.

Patience and your ability to study her body languages are very important in the first step to have a fun kiss with her.

However, patience is a virtue. It can be embarrassing to get rejected by a girl when you lean in for a kiss. To spare yourself from such an awful moment, make sure she is ready for it. Don’t rush her, be patient with the whole thing if you want to create a memorable first kiss experience.

2. Use your tongue

how to kiss a girl well

How a woman like to be kissed, might differ from the old usual tricks you know especially when you’re kissing her for the first time.

If you want to deeply kiss a girl (the popular French kiss), introduce your tongue gently. This can be a pleasurable experience and can get her excited if done naturally, it can also be an unwelcomed experience if done the wrong way.

Honestly, bad use of tongue during kissing is the most common worse kissing experience women often complain about. In as much as you want a passionate kiss with her, you have to follow her lead. If she is into the kiss, she will feel comfortable and relaxed with you, when you gently slide your tongue into her mouth.

French kissing is better when you both are more comfortable with one another.

3. Use your hands

how to kiss a girl

When you tilt your head for a kiss with a girl, and you have the kisses back gracefully, your hands need to play some role to make the moment more pleasurable.

Hold her close to you to show her she is the object of your affection, stay in the right position, caress her shoulder, face, and body, maybe by holding her back in your arms if you both are standing, it can take the moment to the next level.

Don’t be the kind of guy who kisses too aggressively, bodily intimacy is pertinent while kissing especially when you both feel like getting down and not just an ordinary lip kissing but be smooth with it.

The neck, under her jawbone, behind the earlobe, the collarbone, nose tip, shoulder and forehead are also important spots to kiss a girl or gently caress with your soft palms as you place your lips against hers.

Questions related to how to kiss a girl

Qst 1: What does it mean if a guy touches your breast while kissing?

If a guy holds or caresses part of your body while kissing or touches your breast, he’s trying to send a message to your body system and this is one of the possible things capable of turning a woman on with a kiss. He could want you to be sexually aroused or to make the moment more pleasurable.

Qst 2: Can a guy kiss a girl without feelings?

It is highly possible for a guy to kiss a girl and have all the associated physical intimacy with her, without feelings for her.

Qst 3: How do guys feel after kissing a girl?

Kissing a girl can make guys feel good, passionate and experience pleasurable intimacy or even have the heart race if they’re at risk of diseases contractible through kissing. A whole lot of this can run at the mind of a guy who just finished kissing a girl, especially if she’s someone strange to him. If he just kissed his crush, the feeling can make him smile throughout the whole day 🙂

Qst 4: How do you deeply kiss a girl?

To deeply kiss a girl if you are a boy, gently place your lips on hers, apply a little bit pressure and allow her to take the lead. Her body language will let you know if she’s more into the kissing or not. If she’s, then slowly slide your tongue into her mouth and roll it on hers in a sensual way to intensify the kissing.

Video tutorial on how to kiss a girl

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