12 Weird Things Girls Do When They Get Jealous

Weird Things Girls Do When They Get Jealous

Jealousy, when exhibited by a partner in a relationship, can be counted as a sign of true love. It can be indeed argued that if your partner doesn’t feel the littlest amount of jealousy, he/she does not love you. Men are prone to exhibit an exceeding and sometimes fearful amount of jealousy when they see their woman with another man. Women aren’t usually the jealous party; when they ever become jealous, this can prompt their confused partners to start asking questions like what do girls do when jealous, how to tell if a girl is jealous of you talking to another girl?

Jealousy can be defined as a suspicious feeling towards one’s spouse, which is stemmed from feelings of infidelity. This is to say that a girl can only feel jealous of you if she thinks you are unfaithful. The truth is, you might honestly be the most faithful man in the world, but this jealousy, if not settled, can lead to more complicated issues in your relationship. 

Due to their pride, a lot of girls never admit that they are jealous; they just get all grumpy and start withdrawing from the relationship. In this article, an extensive list of all the weird acts that girls exhibit when they are jealous will be mentioned and explained.

12 weird things girls do when they get jealous

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While girls try to find out if guys find jealousy attractive, most guys are on the search to know the actions of a jealous woman. If she said you’re just a friend too but she acts weird when she sees you talking to another girl, you could also be wondering why does she get jealous if we are just friends? Take a look at the following actions and what they could mean when a girl is jealous.

1. Flirt with other men

If your girl had always been discrete and careful with her dealings with other men, then, all of a sudden, she starts going out with other men. She starts acting overly interested in what another man is saying, especially in your presence. Then the only explanation is that you have spiked the level of her jealousy, and she is trying to get back at you.

2. Sudden mood swings

If you are having a good conversation with a girl and all of a sudden, she turns gloomy. This is probably because the new girl that she thinks you are seeing, just walked in, or because the other girl called you, or because you smiled at the new girl’s text message. Also, the reason for the mood swings might be because she remembered her anger and jealousy towards you. This may happen if your presence and your funny conversation had made her temporarily forget her angry. Her mood abruptly changes when she remembers that she is still angry and feeling jealous.

3. Throwing hurtful and sarcastic statements at you

This trait can only be an indication of hurt and jealousy from a girl. If you are having a normal conversation with her, you tease her, and she replies with a comeback that is more hurtful than playful, she is hurting and wants you to feel pain with her.

Furthermore, if she makes those hurtful statements, you rebuke her for what she said, if she apologies only to reply with a harmful remark, then she is very jealous. You would want to check out our post on how to make your girlfriend smile when she is mad at you.

4. Lying

Lying can be attributed to a trait of jealousy in girls. This can be noticed when you realize she is not happy with your relationship. However, when you ask her what her problem is, she gives you a fake smile and says everything is alright. This is probably because she can’t help that she is all jealous and wants to be territorial towards you. Lying may also be because she thinks that you will not take her seriously when she tells you that her problem is that she is jealous. 

5. Always asking about a particular girl

If your girl starts asking about the welfare of another girl, you not only have to evidence that she is jealous, but you will also know the name of the girl whose presence in your life is shaking the foundation of your relationship. If she brings up the topic of asking how the other girl is faring, it will sound reasonable to you, you know, your girl is asking after one of your female friends. I’m sure the alarm starts ringing in your head when she persistently asks about her, especially if your answer is “she is fine” Your girl is very jealous, fix it.

6. She starts stalking you

When a girl starts stalking you, it means that she is jealous of you and is trying to collect accurate data about your infidelity. Most girls take up the stalking jobs themselves, they quietly follow you around, without your knowledge, of course, and they could even go the extra mile by opening a dummy account and adding herself to all your social media handles. This will allow her to know all there is to know about you.

Some girls will employ their friends to do the stalking for her; sometimes, a friend of yours that has a feeling for her will be used to monitor all your activities.

7. Making negative comments about the other girl

Understandably, a girl will hate the other girl that makes her feel jealous and insecure. And a way to show this jealousy is by saying negative things about the other girl. If a girl is always quick to conclude that your female friend is the wrong party, if she never accepts that the other girl can do something good, if she talks bad about the success of the other girl, then she is jealous of her. 

8. She laughs out when there is nothing funny

Jealous girls always exhibit this bizarre attitude of laughing out when they are insecure, especially when their boyfriends are around – for those that are in a relationship. Hopefully, this trait can be attributed to extreme jealousy and not a mental illness.

A girl laughs hysterically when she is jealous, especially when there is nothing funny to laugh about because she is trying to keep her mind off her anger and jealousy. In her mind, laughing out and laughing loud enough will prevent you from seeing how deep her jealousy runs. When she does this weird character, she is seriously trying to mask her jealousy.

9. She becomes clingy

When a girl becomes jealous, the first thing she does is to draw close to that which she thinks she is about to lose. A girl that once never had problems with your hanging out with your friends never raised her eyebrows in suspicion when you come in later than usual from your workplace, starts barraging you with questions when you go out with your friends without informing her first.

When a girl is never comfortable with your going out without her, when she calls consistently with an excuse of “checking on you”, when she goes to an extreme of calling your office or going to your office to “check on you” just because you did not pick her calls, she is indeed jealous. You have to fix that before things get too bad.

10. Always going through your phone

If a girl puts on her hypothetical detective clothes and go through your phone without your knowledge and permission, then have it in mind that something fishy is going on. And that suspicious thing going on is called female jealousy.

In all honesty, nothing is supposed to be private for two people in a relationship, however, when two people have set rules of phone privacy in their relationship, then that boundary should not be crossed. And although you might think that your girl doesn’t have your password because you change it as often as possible, then rest assured that she knows your password as often as you put new ones. And she will go through your phone in your absence when she is jealous.

11. Acting independent and busy

When a girl that loves spending quality time with you starts acting all independent and busy with unnecessary things, it is a sign of jealousy. A guy once complained that when he wanted to chat with his girl, she told him that she is busy and wants to wash the car.

According to him, his girl hates washing cars. After taking our advice on how to treat her, he discovered that the reason she was acting up was because she was jealous. 

12. Giving last-minute excuses to prevent you from going out

For many women, there is nothing as effective as pleading sick at the last minute to cancel out plans when they know that their boyfriends will meet the other girl where he is going to. This trait can also be classified under being clingy and keeping you close to her.

A mild dose of jealousy in a relationship can be used to add flavor and spice things up a little bit.

However, jealousy is one of the sins of the bible and should be cured as soon as it is discovered.

An over jealous girl will go to the extreme to either keep her man to her or to hurt him for hurting her.

Therefore, if your girl exhibits one or more of the behavior above, know that she is jealous and do everything in your power to straighten things out between both of you.

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