Checklist Of What I Want In A Man

What do you look for in a man to marry, a man you want to date or what do you think defines a man from a boy?

If I should call every woman’s attention to sincerely make a list of qualities to look for in a man, I will keep getting a whole lot of them daily. Some could be an identical list of “what are good qualities in a man?“, while many could appear to be different. For these reasons, we could deduce that most women who have a breaking relationship or keep complaining about their man, probably does not know what they want or aren’t getting what they want from a man.

Writing a list of what you want in a man can be doubting, because it changes with age (TIME), if you’re like me, you might have started your list when you were just 17 years old or younger than 17, and you must have noticed the changes on your list of an ideal man but a more daunting one is knowing who your man is. If you by chance or at least have a greater knowledge about your significant other, you can then tell what you want from him, and if he can be trusted for that.

Every lady out there at least at some point in life if not all, desire to have a perfect man qualities list so as to know if she’s with the right man for her or not.

What I’m looking for in a man, could be quite different because different people will always have different choices and opinions. But trust me, here’s my list of what to look for in a guy when dating…

Let’s get started…

What I want in a man – checklist

I have decided to make a list of what I want in a man and my definition of an ideal man, all depends on the following checklist:

1. His personality

A guy who doesn’t take his relationship too serious, to me being over-serious about a thing sucks. If he’s a type that’s capable of showing his emotions, confident, and would always want to make me laugh, he’s the man with the personality traits I want and should be included in my perfect man list.

2. A man who will spend quality time with me

Whenever I’m set for a relationship with a man, there’s never a case where I can afford to wave aside finding out how much quality time he could afford to spend with me in the relationship.

I’m not too crazy about men with tight schedules always moving from one business trip, meeting and calls to the other. Regardless of what could be said on how to make a long-distance relationship work, the honest truth is that I value time spent together as one of the best gifts you can give to a loved one and if it’s not there, its actually a NO for me.

3. Interested in other things

If you’re a man who does not solely depend on his relationship for happiness, then you probably should be on the list of what I want in a man.

A man should be interested in other things like; football, race, video gaming, basketball etc… to derive happiness into the relationship and not always expecting to extract from the relationship as it seems his only source for happiness. I see it as an awkward situation, unfortunately, this wrecks so many relationships today.

4. His type of job

I don’t mean to choose the profession for my significant other here, it is more of the things I worry less about, hence it is legal and he’s happy about it.

Dating a guy who does drug or some sort of monkey businesses, is outrightly something I can’t give considerations for.

5. Unconditional love

What’s your definition of love? I want a man that will love me unconditionally, who will be both a best friend and a partner in life. This is always something I never changed from the very first day I made my perfect guy checklist, love leads.

6. I want a man who’s a good listener

Can we please keep masculinity out of this relationship? If you say yes, you’re already on my list of a perfect man to marry. When a man genuinely listens to his woman, he gives her a more open opportunity to express herself from then he could learn more about what she wants and build a deeper connection with her.

7. A man who appreciate fine things

This is one of the important things I want in a man, I want him to notice my new hairstyle, nails, dresses and shoes and tell me how amazing they’re.

Aside from that, I love it when he shows appreciation for my good doings and corrects me politely when it’s not okay.

8. He should be good at romance

Do you already know what romance means to a woman? It probably means a lot to her, I’m one of them who wants it from a man, it reduces blood pleasure and can keep me away from the doctor.

9. Is he honest?

I believe honesty is the backbone of every relationship and in a relationship that lacks honesty, things do not usually fall in place. Honesty creates trust and a perfect man should at least have things he said, matched up with his behaviours. This is also a measure of how reliable a man is.

The bottom line…

I believe the above list to be the characteristics of a man who loves you or a man you should love. What should a woman expect from a man in a relationship? Feel free to share your opinions on what you consider the ideal guy qualities in the comment section below. If I may ask, have you made a list like mine before, and have you seen someone that matched your list 100%?

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