17 Signs He’s The One Sent By God For You

17 Signs He’s The One Sent By God For You

How God leads you to your spouse can be mysterious. Although there are common signs to know when God sends you the man you are called to be with, in a relationship. The fulfillment of God’s purpose in your life and marrying who you’re destined to be with according to the will of God is mostly dependent on the signs I will unveil to you in this post.

The rate of divorce ravaging the world has made a lot of youths, especially women, to be hesitant when it comes to matters of getting married. And for very biblical women that know that indeed God’s choice for them is what they need to avoid heartbreak in marriage, they ask questions like how do I know he is sent from God? 

Factually, the reason for over 70% of recent divorces occurs because a woman married the wrong man. Most people ask how they know a man is a right man for them. Indeed the answer to this question has eluded both scientists and intellectuals, leaving the holy book as the only guide when it comes to the issue of marrying the right man. 

Consequently, that which most women think is a significant sign that they should walk down the aisle with their partner is the single trait that misleads youths into marriage with the wrong partners. This trait is simply; your emotions. It is surprising, right? Let me explain. 

Emotion can be simply explained as your psychological response to an object, a situation, or a person. This intense psychological response often makes one see what she wants to see while neglecting essential characteristics. For instance, if you have a favorite celebrity, and you love everything about this celebrity down to the air, he/she breathes. You will agree with me that if a scandalous video of that celebrity is leaked, it will take you time and some firm persuasion to believe that your best celebrity starred in that video (that’s if you even believe it.)

That is the exact thing that emotions do to you when you are choosing a life partner. In addition to making you blind to what is staring you in the face, it clouds your judgment so much so that even if some suspicious traits are noticed in your husband-to-be and pointed out by your family or friends, you will always be defensive of him.

Well, this is where God comes in. Your loving Father knows who is perfect for your spiritual and physical life. No emotions cloud his judgment; no trait is hidden from him; therefore, he is the best One to point out who your Mr. Right is.

If you are asking, can God reveal my spouse to me? Or what signs should I see in him to know that God wants me to marry him? Look no further dear sister, for those signs which you seek are written in the bible. However, because God says that he has hidden the truth from the wise and revealed it to the lowly of heart, you can only know about these signs if you study the bible as often as possible. 

These signs, which I will be discussing very soon, are not so surprisingly different from the traits women desire for their “perfect man.” These divine traits, when followed, will not only ensure a happy marriage but will also strengthen your marital bond to be precisely what you vowed; “Till death do us part.”

17 Signs He’s The One Sent By God For You.

17 Signs He’s The One Sent By God For You

If you want to know when God sends you a man, and if actually he is the man you are called to be with, then take note of the following signs properly.

1. Does he love you, genuinely?  

The basis of our relationship with God is founded on his love for us and our love for our neighbors.

God is love personified, and the extent of his love is revealed to us in, John 3:16. Although it will not be possible for any human to love you as much as God does, your husband-to-be should show some significant signs of affection and love to you. Furthermore, if he is able to accept you the way you are, love you for being you, and not minding your flaws, this is the first sign of unconditional love.

2. Does he earnestly and honestly pursue you?

Although this is a very rampant sign that is noticed in men during courting, it can also be classified as a sign that God wants you to marry him. Under this category, you should check to see if he looks forward to being with you, planning and going on dates with you. If he ALWAYS texts his friends or business partners while hanging out with you, it is certainly not one of the good signs God is leading you to the one.

3. Does he always speak God’s words?

God’s words soothe the soul; therefore, a God-fearing man will always talk about God with evident joy and happiness. That on its own is a sign he’s sent from God.

4. Do you make each other better?

You should ask yourself if the man you want to marry adds or subtracts from your spiritual and physical life. A man sent by God will support your dreams, your aspirations, and should be able to give an honest answer to questions about your career. He should be able to criticize your goals, albeit a positive criticism, and also should be able to give thoughtful advice when needed.

5. Does his character counter yours?

If you believe in the resurrection of Christ and he doesn’t, then that on its own is not a good sign. Our loving Father will not send a man whose character opposes yours, because he will want to keep you safe and clean for him. This is a subtle way as a Christian, to know if God put someone in your life.

6. Does he act like a Christian?

Speaking about God’s love is quite different from acting out that love and goodness. Therefore, If your husband-to-be speaks God’s word and, at the same time, acts out what he preaches, then you should take it as a sign that God sent him to you because he is a God-fearing man who lives by example.

7. Does he love peace?

God is a lover of peace; therefore, it is only reasonable that he gifts you with a peace-loving husband. Your spouse-to-be should never raise his hands at you, no matter the provocation. Your spouse-to-be should always vote for peace in any and every situation. He should be quick to admit his wrongdoings and apologies readily. If he is always a mediator in any conflict he finds himself in, then know that indeed you have been blessed with a gem by God.

8. Is he humble?

It is widely known that pride is the major downfall of a relationship, especially marriage. Our Lord Jesus was a humble king and preached humility as a key to making heaven; therefore, humility is a trait that, when seen, should be taken as a sign that he is sent by God to you.

If he always talks about himself, never allowing you to talk about yourself, or worse still, does he always cut you off when you are talking about yourself? These signs are indeed the opposite of humility, and only if your husband-to-be does not display these signs should you know that God sends him.

9. Is he disciplined? 

The spiritual and physical growth of a man, also of a woman, is primarily controlled by his/her level of discipline. This discipline can be exhibited in the way your husband-to-be keeps to time, the way he keeps to his words in general, and the level of self-control he displays.

There is a glaring difference between speaking of achieving one’s goals and working hard to achieve those goals. Therefore, if he physically works on achieving his goals, not just talking about them and waiting for heaven-knows-what to do the dirty work, you should take it as a sign that he is God sent to you.

10. Is he faithful?

Truthfully, it might be exceedingly difficult to determine if the man you want to marry is faithful before tying the strings.

However, some signs will give hints to a wayward man. These signs include: courting more than one woman, dishonesty when it comes to his dealings with women, keeping his past relationships a secret from you. If he does all these, then he’s not the one for you.

11. Is he gentle?

Humility and gentility work hand in hand. If your husband is mild in both his words and actions, this is to say that he doesn’t act in a brash manner to you, and his words are balms that soothe both your heart and your soul. Does he understand your emotions, your decisions, and the environment surrounding every single decision? If that’s a YES, just know you’ve found the one.

12. Does he respect and honor you?

A man of honor can also be categorized as a disciplined man. Also, a man that respects the woman he is going to marry should depict the following behavior; he should never laugh at her or put her to shame privately or publicly, except maybe it’s a playful banter, he should always give her a listening ear and be kind to her. 

13. Is he always quick to forgive you?

Although NO ONE prays or wishes for arguments, quarrels, and disagreements. They’re almost inevitable in relationships today.

However, a joyful and long-lasting marriage can only be ensured if the couple is quick to forgive each other. Therefore, because forgiveness is the key to a peaceful marriage, If he is quick to forgive you, then it could be a sign God wants you to marry him.

14. Is he honest?

God frowns at lies and liars. Therefore, the man sent to you by God should have no such attribute of a liar. To know if God is leading you into a relationship that will be a long-lasting and happy one, endeavor to check his honesty level.

15. Is he a happy man?

Is he a happy and cheerful man, or is he always grumpy and easily irritated? The later traits cannot be associated with God; therefore, if you notice the former traits in a man, he might be God sent to you.

16. Is he selfless?

Does he make your welfare and comfort a priority? Does he care for you, if he does, then you should take it as a sign from God that he is the one.

17. Is he a good man?

This sums up most of the points above, does he stand for justice, and does he practice it himself. Does he dish out unreasonable treatments or judgments to people below him both socially and physically? If he doesn’t, then you should see it as a sign God is leading you to the one.

Finally, while checking for these traits in your husband-to-be, you should also pray earnestly to God to provide divine assistance to you. On the other hand, you have to groom yourself to be a woman God wants him to be with. After all, marriage is a two-way deal. 

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