The female infidelity psychology is almost a mystery to a lot of men out there, because the characteristics of a cheating woman may differ depending on several factors.

Let’s forget about the common stereotype which tries to analyse between men and women who cheat the most? This is probably in the past as it portrays that men do more of the cheating than women but recent research has it that both men and women cheat for a similar amount of reasons in our present society today.

However, this post will focus more on pure reasons for women’s infidelity in relationships. So if your wife is cheating on you, the possible reasons for her infidelity in the relationship are carefully tailored on this post

Why would a woman look outside her marriage, is this applicable to all, most or some of the married women? Most married women who cheated in their relationships complained about; lack of love from their primary partner, desire for variation in sex and cheating because of being drunk.

Reasons Why Women Cheat

You might want to know the signs she cheated in the past, maybe you even wonder why a girl wants to cheat on her boyfriend with you or even ask the question why did I cheat on my husband? The reasons are listed below:

1. Women cheat because of revenge

There are possible signs your relationship is at the edge of collapse. When a woman feels betrayed by her partner, she might consider using infidelity as a payback. There’s no right reason to cheat in a relationship, to pay back with cheating will always make the relationship get worse than ever.

2. Neglect

When a woman feels she’s treated like no one, no effective communication, she lacks the emotional juice in the relationship and may look outside the relationship to fill such void.

3. Unsatisfied sex

Women are creatures with sexual preference that takes a deep sense of maturity to understand. Most women will always choose the quality of sex over quantity. If a woman is more active sexually than her partner, this becomes a problem to deal with or see her trying to figure out how to get satisfied sexually probably outside her relationship.

4. Unrealistic sexual expectation

A lot of media content, leave most women with unrealistic sexual expectations from their partner which fails often and will leave them wanting to try different persons to achieve their expectations.

Having unrealistic expectation in a relationship is a way to stress your partner and keep jumping from one person to the other and this will definitely hurt your partner and end the relationship.

5. She wants to leave

Most women cheat because they want to leave the relationship. A woman who strays might have no other reasons than being fed up with the current relationship.

6. Greed

If a woman is not contented with what she has and wants to have the world to herself, she might end up cheating in the relationship with her partner in her pursuit to acquire materialism.

Final words

It’s obvious that some other psychological conditions can make a woman cheat, conditions like; depression, low self-esteem and anxiety including sexually related childhood trauma that is yet to be resolved.

Regardless of what the case might be, revenge, lack of love and whatsoever the reason why women cheat in a relationship could be. The honest truth is that there’s nothing worth cheating in a relationship with your partner as this could break what you guys have built.

Before you cheat as a woman, think about it if you’re the one who’s being cheated on, can you get over the hurt easily? Do not let a few minutes pleasure make you lose your relationship.

No matter what you could be facing in your relationship, always remember the lovely moments, the thin and thick you guys have been through. This will help you to stop cheating on him.

If you’re having a lot of reasons to cheat, depressed or thinking you could fix your relationship by cheating on your partner, seek for help.

Seeking for relationship advice is brave, you may request the services of a therapist who will help you rebuild your relationship and save it from crashing.

No matter how common cheating could be in marriages today, it is pertinent to know that people rarely trust someone who has cheated. And it could be challenging to fix a marriage after cheating. Especially when your partner believes in the unproven phrase “once a cheater always a cheater“.

Finally, I would like to hear your opinion in the comment box below. What other things do you think is part of the reasons why women cheat, how do you get over a woman cheating on you and stay together or how do you forgive betrayal in marriage?