How To Break Up With Your Girlfriend – 7 Guaranteed Tips

how to break up with your girlfriend

Breaking up with your girlfriend can be the hard to do thing especially when you’ve been together for some time and shared great memories.

Honestly, it is not every relationship that leads to marriage but since breakup is something that can make someone cry, we might want to be more cautious in our actions not to hurt the other person. So how then can you break up with your girlfriend with no reason, even if you have, how do you say it or is it better to display certain characters that will make her leave you alone?

Despite how bad you or your partner might feel, a breakup isn’t the worst of the things that can happen in a relationship. Instead of staying in a toxic relationship and complain all the time about how unlucky you’re, there are subtle breakup signs that will help you decide when to break up with your girlfriend.

Most times, you need to be physically and emotionally prepared to be able to break up with your girlfriend. That’s the only way you can be able to think straight and know if breaking up with her is actually the right thing to do or should you seek a piece of advice from a professional to save your relationship?

If you want to break up with your girlfriend, make sure it doesn’t leak, that she hears it from another source before you say it to her. Be careful not to say things that can cause regrets, lead to insult or spoil the whole break up conversation.

Let’s dive in

How to break up with your girlfriend

1. Think about the whole thing

Do not be in haste to break up with her, you might need to allow yourself some time to think deeply about what’s currently happening in your relationship.

If you are reacting to what she just did and feel like breaking up with her, you’re most likely going to regret it because you’re reacting to anger.

Once you’ve given it a deep thought and decides to break up with your girlfriend, then there’s probably no problems in telling her how you feel about the whole thing regardless of how she will feel.

Definitely she’s going to feel hurt that you want her to leave your life, maybe at an unexpected time, with little or no reason. It is just okay to do what’s right for you.

2. Be honest with her

Break up most times bring bitterness, a happy break up could be one in which the both partners are tired of the relationship and wants to end it. But this is often a rare case.

Nine out of every ten relationships experience breakups that lead to a lot of bitterness, but you really have to be honest in wanting to let her know why you’re about to break up with her.

Let your girlfriend know what attracted you to her in the first place, and tell her why you want to move on.
While being honest with her, to be calm or harsh depends on you. Whether you want to break up with your girlfriend peacefully or in a harsh manner You necessarily don’t have to be brutal no matter what.

3. Delegate no one

Giving out a breakup letter to a friend to deliver to her on your behalf might seem to be the easiest way to break up with her but that’s awful.

Even if she’s the type you think will refuse to break up with you, it is pertinent to say it to her in person.

In situations where you both can’t meet physically to talk about the breakup, try breaking up with her on a video call through Skype, or FaceTime, other than breaking up with your girlfriend over text, Instagram or Facebook chat.

4. Talk to someone

Someone, not everyone.
There are people close to you who can give advice to you on what to do when you want to break up with your girlfriend. Such persons are people who at least have a basic understanding of how your relationship has been trying to survive recently.

When you talk to someone about your plans to break up with your girlfriend, it probably means you could be looking for a piece of advice on how to get rid of the problems or how to break up with her without her been violent in the process. I would recommend you see a therapist if your just unsure of what to do, whether or not to break up with her.

Regardless of what could be said as the best ways to break up with your girlfriend as man, the truth remains that the simple steps above could still be so daunting for a lot of guys out there to follow.

If you want to get rid of your girlfriend but don’t know how to say it but wants to exhibit certain characters that will definitely make your girlfriend leave you, try the following;

Most of the things you’re going to do will make you appear disguisting but you really know whay you’re doing deliberately;

Be friends with her friends and spend more time with them: Do this especially with the opposite sex but don’t be intimate with them. You might be titled a cheat if you decide to use this method but always make sure you don’t exceed boundaries.

Do not pay attention to her: even she’s saying someone so important you can time out and get back to it later even in a way that might probably show it’s written all over your face you’re kidding with it. This probably could make her run away from you especially when you do it often.

Get drunk often: If you want your girlfriend to dump you quickly, drink too much and walk home briskly. Get to the bed even refusing to take your shower. Fall asleep with the sweat and odour while loudly snoring, she wouldn’t hesitate to dump you if you practice more of this.

Complain about everything: complain about sex, if possible cry after sex. Complain there’s not money and be stingy, complain about how you’ve failed in business. Most girls don’t like complaints, it makes them understand you’re losing hope in life and nothing pleases you any more. No girl would like to stay with such type of man, you will see her packing the next day.

Final words

The truth must be told, loving someone out of pity or keeping quiet and pretending that everything is alright in the relationship when it is obvious that things have gone so bad, wouldn’t help.

Even if it a hard to break nut, you really have to do it to save yourself from the emotional, physical and financial stress of trying to manage a toxic relationship.

Here’s the brutal truth about breaking up with your girlfriend, instead of trying to exhibit certain characters lately mentioned on this post and become habitual to them, like the; drinking too much, it will do you good to take the bull by the horn. Walk up to her, in a comfortable place, you can invite her for a talk and let her know how wonderful she’s but the relationship isn’t working for you any more.

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