I used to feel I was not good enough for myself or other people and I don’t even know how to love myself no matter what. I was paying for everyone to be happy except me hence I hated myself because I was feeling I have not achieved anything in my life.

I was so insecure about everything including my body, future, and career. I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror, hence compliments from other people matter more to me. 

After some time I discovered I didn’t love myself no matter what. I asked and read books on how to begin to love myself again.

What is self-love?

self love like no other

Self-love has been a long known topic because of its needs in our daily life, careers, and in developing good self-esteem. It has become an issue in our today’s society, especially for women.

So many times we find ourselves at the crossroad of self-love, waiting for another person to put a value on us. Anytime I am not loving myself no matter what is happening around me, it means I am placing a condition on my love thus I am saying right now that I am unlovable.  

Social anxiety has been the opposite of not knowing how to love yourself no matter what.  It is a limiting factor to your happiness however loving yourself is not the problem but loving yourself unconditionally. 

There are so many ways to love yourself no matter what because if you don’t love yourself you will never find the courage to dream and pursue visions.  Lack of self-love will make you lose some valuable relationships for unhealthy love which makes your life dull and uninteresting.  

Here are 5 ways to love yourself when you don’t know-how.  

Loving yourself unconditionally might look like you are being self-centered but with these healthy tips, you are on your way to loving yourself unconditionally.  

Build self-love 

love yourself so much

The truth of the matter is that self-love is the love you have been searching for.  It is that love that says even if I am not perfect I still love you so much that is self-love. 

Self-love helps you avoid people that make you feel dull but shows you how  lovable and phenomenal you are 

In these modern days, women experience a lack of self-love because of so many unhealthy relationships like the men too but loving yourself when you don’t know how means loving yourself without restrictions or conditions.  Self-love is unconditional. 

Write loving yourself quotes every day. 

write self love quotes

Focus on being the hand that writes your life story. You can wake up every morning write down what you are grateful for, then be happy and grateful. 

Loving yourself no matter what is being thankful for family and amazing friends. Anytime anything weighs you down, writes out a “loving yourself quote” and place it on the wall where you frequently pass, and readout to your hearing.  The eyes and ear are great doors to the mind so consciously love yourself

Reduce stress 

stress kills productivity

Stress is a psychological pain that hinders your self-love moreover, stress damages all areas of health and hinders growth.  

Loving yourself no matter what is also about not taking care of yourself and stressing yourself to the level of body breakdown which exposes you to long-term disease and low immunity. 

One of the big decisions I took was letting go of the need to please people yet the same people we want to please have a way of stressing our emotional mind and make us unhappy, therefore self-love is accepting GOD love for us and letting go of our desire to please people.  

Removing the toxic relationship and mistakes

leave unhealthy relationship

Having a toxic relationship with people is not going to help your life from any angle. Learning how to love yourself no matter what is letting go of a parasitic relationship that is not helping your growth. 

You need to do away with them and let go of every mistake with them.  As you are letting go of an unhealthy relationship let go of your mistakes because they have great power of reducing self-love. 

Love others and be kind to them. 

be kind to other people

There is a spectacular and remarkable feeling from giving love when needed. Self-love is having the ability to love yourself unconditionally and love others too. 

Impact in people’s lives by reaching out to them and being kind to encourage them. Loving yourself no matter what places an irresistible and irreplaceable value on you as an individual. 

Finally, you can’t become better until you improve. With these specially garnished tips for you to love yourself no matter what.