What is your new year’s resolution as a student?

Goodbye 2020, hello 2021!

Every new year’s eve reminds us of the need for a well-detailed list of academic new year resolutions for students who will soon go back to school after the holiday. Unlike other new year resolutions articles for students on the internet today, we have put together ideas not limited to eating healthily, exercising daily, and how to make the best grades.

The best time to initiate a resolve as a student is now!

Whether you are a teenage girl or boy, in middle school, primary or high school, there are certain things you may want to talk about, leave behind or improve this new year. It could be to work on your lesson plan, become more attentive to the activities in the classroom, or build a resolution template that will help you achieve your goal setting as a student. With our ideas on the top 10 best new year resolutions for students, there’s a thing for everyone who wants to experience a boost in academic excellence and overall wellness this year.  Fortunately, our ideas are carved in such a way that every student can effortlessly stick to them regardless of their tight schedules in school.

What are the top 10 new year resolutions for students?

new year's resolutions for students

Below are our recommendations for the 10 powerful new year’s resolutions ideas every student should consider, regardless of their grades in the school system.

1. Check your performances

check your academic performances

In as much as people can easily advise you to let go of the past, it is pertinent to evaluate your academic performances for the past year to discover loopholes you will need to fill this time around.

Figure out what your challenges are about a particular subject you did really poor on and consider possible ways to improve. It could be through additional study time and building confidence to genuinely ask questions during lectures to get several points clear.

2. Visit somewhere new

go for a trip

Consider getting out more, life is full of adventures. It’s nice to partake in school trips if there’s anyone organized in your school. Learning does not necessarily have to do with information passed only in the four walls of the classroom. A trip to rocky areas can increase your knowledge about rocks and that would be a plus for you especially if you’re a geography student. There’s always a new thing to learn when you dive into the outdoor experience and the number of interesting places to visit is limitless.

3. Don’t leave it for later

deal with procrastination

Regardless of the number of school fun activities at your disposal, do not be carried away to always think you have ample time for everything. There may be no such time as now again if you leave what you have to do at the moment for later and you are most likely to achieve less if you keep procrastinating as a student.

4. Connect with others

mak friends in high school

This doesn’t matter whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, you can boost your academic strength by connecting more with people with who you have common academic goals, to discuss your challenges as a student and better ways to surmount them. Most “A” students are people who understand and harness the power of group reading.

5. Cut down on social media

leave social media

We understand the current generation and how most likely they’re to stay glued to their devices scrolling and checking the latest and trending tweets, most-liked celebrity Instagram photos, and the funniest cat video or meme of the year. It’s not entirely bad but can become a big distraction and at worst detrimental to your mental health. To achieve more academically and deal with distractions, consider switching off your phones while studying or working on a project. Take this new year’s study seriously and track your performances, we’re sure you will have a great story to tell in the end.

6. Try out a side project

side project

You are most likely to argue with anyone that your course is the best course to study in college but then, have you ever thought of how to solve a world problem with it in real-life situations? What about creating a side project on how to help people manage their finances and reduce unhealthy spending, this will be a perfect new resolution for people in the finance-related course of study. You can also consider creating an app that solves incredible problems if you’re studying computer science. There are a variety of ideas for what to create in relation to your course of study and inspiration can easily be drawn from your immediate environment when you consider this option and make it a priority.

7. Exercise your body

exercise your body

Eating healthily and exercising often will keep you a whole lot of steps away from the doctor’s office and keep you mentally and physically fit for your academic journey. Discover a school sports club to join, if you can’t find one which we doubt, then consider having a few early morning juggling if time permits. Stay away from junk and high-calorie foods, focus only on foods that improve memory and concentration, and are good for your body system.

8. Find balance

find balance in life

Managing stress as a student can come off as an uphill battle but it is more rewarding to find a balance in all that you do. Figure out when it’s the best time to socialize, study, and have some sleep to feel recharged.

9. Stay focused

be a focused student

Have a strong new resolution not to forget the main purpose you’re in school. Pay attention to your teacher and disconnect from any form of distractions even if it means staying apart from your high school best friend during lectures. Whenever you think you’re losing focus or find it difficult to understand or memorize all that you’ve read, do not hesitate to free yourself from possible causative agents like; fear, stress, and overthinking. You may also consider talking with your academic adviser or school guidance and counselor for therapy if that’s necessary.

10. Plan for the days after school

students plan

You won’t be in school forever, despite how scary leaving school could be, No one would like to stay in school as a student forever. Let it be in your new year’s resolutions that you already know what you want for yourself and where you want to be in the next 5-10 years. While still in school, you can start proper budgeting to secure your future and if you’re well to do in your course of study, you may consider creating an outstanding Linkedin profile to attract some jobs pre-graduation.