How To Heal And Love Yourself

how to heal and be happy

If it is true that we all are sick in one way or the other because there is a lot going on in our lives right now, then it’s right that we get healed as soon as possible.

Self-love books and articles are fashioned to help us see reasons to fall in love with ourselves, but more than this, I am about to unveil great secrets to help you heal from the past and move on with life.

Life isn’t a bed full of roses, the sunny and rainy days that comes with turbulence are part of what fate may throw at us in life, but then, how can one heal and begin to love his/herself again?

Honestly, the best way to know you truly love yourself is when you begin to ask the question “how can I heal myself and be happy?” it is perhaps the first step that proves you want to help yourself and better your life

A failed relationship, career, loss of loved one, low self-esteem, fear, anxiety, and impatience are common causes of unhappiness, they’re capable of making you fall sick all the time, feel down, and depressed. Whatsoever it is you are passing through right now or have experienced in life that took a negative turn on you, I am pretty sure the following tips will help you heal in due time.

9 of the best ways to heal from your past and fall in love with yourself again

1. Forgive your past

forgive yourself

Do not be hard on yourself, forgive your past, and forgive yourself.

You can’t heal by judging yourself with what has happened in the past. This is not the right time to apportion blames, learn to forgive yourself no matter what, and begin to love yourself from the experiences you have gathered.

2. It takes time to heal

take your time and heal

Expecting to heal fast can be an indirect way of adding salt to the injury. Understand that everything that’s good takes time to come into shape, do not allow fear to make you panic the whole process won’t work out for you.

Although this is a critical moment, trust me being positive about it all pays the best interest and patience is perhaps a virtue.

3. Listen to your inner self

listen to yourself

Before you embark on anything in life, there are voices that come around, some are high while some are low in tone. Pay good attention and allow yourself some time to ponder on the voice to follow before finally making a decision. The lower voice that doesn’t make your heart beat fast and want to rush things could be the best choice for you at the moment.

4. Stay away from what drags you into the past

avoid past life

Is there anything that reminds you of the negative past? Get rid of such memories.

No matter how bad your past is, it is very possible to heal from your past and fall in love with yourself only if you’re willing to stay off activities and toxic persons that will bring you back into the circle you’re striving to leave.

5. Have time for yourself

enjoy yourself

You have given enough time to others, it is time to pay attention to yourself.

To heal and achieve self-love, it requires ample time to relax, do things that make you happy, engage in conversation with new and old friends. 

Do not underestimate the power of fun, make out time for it, you can’t just be busy all of your life without having time for yourself.

6. Stay true to yourself

be true to yourself

Understand that there are problems without solutions, do only the things within your strength, and feel less worried about things that are beyond your control.

Absolutely, staying true to one’s self is the solid key to unlocking the box of self-worth, strength, and happiness for you will always know your limit, when to start and when to stop.

7. Fall in love with yourself

speak up boldly

While battling to heal from your past, it can be daunting to love yourself more because self-rejection and neglect have eaten deep into you. Trust me when you begin to draft a self journal for all the little and big things you are able to do, you will see how far you have come and begin to appreciate life.

Be kind to yourself, speak good of yourself with positive words of affirmations, and be bold enough to celebrate yourself.

8. Try something new

change your social circle

Life is too short to stick only with the usuals. Grow your interests by trying something you are afraid to do today, go skydiving, learn a new language, travel the world, and remember that you have the right to a life full of adventure. This can be a perfect way to discover your new self, the real you.

9. Ask for help

ask for help

It is brave to ask for help when necessary. Sitting right inside your room without talking to anyone and trying to fix it all by yourself might yield no positive result.

If necessary, consider talking to a professional coach, counselor, family member, or friend. A problem shared is half solved, their contributions can help you heal fast and love yourself even more.

Final words:

In all, know your worth, trust yourself, discipline yourself, understand that your past doesn’t define who you are, and most importantly let those who judge you with your past know that you have relocated and they have only but your old address which the new you has long forgotten.

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