Are you looking for fun would you rather questions for girls, or want to try some dirty would you rather games or even the best would you rather question for girls to sleepover? Then search no more, this post is specially baked for you.

Would you rather game questions is a simple way to choose between two options which could be easy or tricky but the most interesting part is that it serves as a good conversation starter to get talking with a girl and learn a lot more about her.

Since these questions will compel a girl to think quickly and give an answer to a question and also have you choose between available options, it is of no doubt that “would you rather questions for girls” will help kill boredom and spice the moment whether you’re sitting under the moonlight, at a date night party with a girl or just walking down the street.

50 best would you rather questions for girls

  1. After a bad day, would you rather hug your ex or hug no one?
  2. After a stressful day, would you rather have tea or coffee?
  3. Would you rather be seen in the toilet on a first date with your crush or fart with horrible smell while talking with your crush?
  4. Would you rather go on a dinner date or movie date?
  5. Would you rather have your dad shower you or have no shower for months?
  6. Would you rather become rich and infamous or famous but poor?
  7. Would you rather adopt a pig or cow?
  8. Would you rather have the ability to communicate with animals or have the ability to be invisible?
  9. Would you rather be able to tell what happens to you in the future or be able to read other people’s mind?
  10. Would you rather be a giver or a beggar?
  11. Would you rather have to be told your cloth is ripped at the back by a crush or by your parents?
  12. Would you rather be a guest artist in a concept or be a guest speaker in a gathering?
  13. Would you rather be fast at learning new things or be fast at forgetting old things?
  14. Would you rather be beautiful and poor or ugly and rich?
  15. Would you rather be happily married without kids or be in an abusive marriage with kids?
  16. Would you rather wear rag to a birthday party or wear your best cloth to a burial?
  17. Would you rather be rich and famous or rich and unknown?
  18. Would you rather be kissed by a stranger or by your ex?
  19. Would you rather be trapped in an elevator with older people or with kids?
  20. Would you rather cook for your partner or have your partner cook for you?
  21. Would you rather date a nerd or a cowboy?
  22. Would you rather date an introvert or an introvert?
  23. Would you rather donate to an orphanage or donate to a religious organization?
  24. Would you rather drink unfamiliar wine brand or drink water?
  25. Would you rather eat burgers or eat pizzas?
  26. Would you rather eat cake or eat cookies?
  27. Would you rather eat chicken or eat bread?
  28. Would you rather eat a half-cooked meal or a hand full of sand?
  29. Would you rather eat something peppery or eat something salty?
  30. Would you rather find the cure for an incurable disease or be an inventor?
  31. Would you rather find the cure for cancer or the cure for corona Virus?
  32. Would you rather get an all-paid ticket to travel to your favourite destination or have a free meal ticket to eat anything you want from a nearby restaurant for one month?
  33. Would you rather give up Twitter or Facebook?
  34. Would you rather give up your Smartphone for a month or give up food for a week?
  35. Would rather give up YouTube or give up Netflix?
  36. Would you rather go out without makeup or go out undressed?
  37. Would you rather go skydiving or skating?
  38. Would you rather have a gold tooth or no teeth?
  39. Would you rather have fame or money?
  40. Would you rather have twin girls or twin boys?
  41. Would you rather have your honeymoon in a noisy city or in a calm remote area?
  42. Would you rather get married in Las Vegas or have a traditional wedding?
  43. Would you rather spend Valentine ’s Day all alone or go on a blind date on Valentine’s day?
  44. Go on vacation with your partner or with your best friends?
  45. Be with someone who hates your parents or with someone your parents hate?
  46. Would you rather walk into your partner cheating on you or have your partner walk into you cheating?
  47. Would you rather lose all your photos taken on the wedding day or lose all the gifts given to you on your wedding day?
  48. Would you rather marry someone you love who is poor or someone you don’t love who is wealthy?
  49. Would you rather laugh at your mistakes or have some other persons laugh at you?
  50. Would you rather dream of a dead person or dream of someone running after you to kill you?

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