Which 10 things should we never do in life?

The society to which we find ourselves in is filled with people who have different idiosyncrasies, and activities. This, however, places us on the verge to crosscheck and chew our thoughts and actions before we pour them out. It is from then that we begin to draw close to self-consciousness and awareness of our society and people living in it that we could be seen asking the question “which 10 things should we never do?“.

Even if a man is given the whole freedom he needs, there are reasons for him not to do certain things in life, even when he has the freedom to do so. Results of our actions can be harmful and regrettable if we consider not to filter what we do, say or think.

As always, even from childhood, there’re a number of things we are warned never to do, even without reasons, yet we obey not to do such solely having in mind that our parents/guardians have a reason for their opinions.

If you really want to be successful in life, there are certain things you should avoid in entirety. You might consider some of these ten things not to do in life funny, but trust me you could end up regretting not to have known these crucial points before now.

10 Things You Should Never Do In Life

1. Never date a stranger in a foreign country.


We can find love anywhere even on the moon 🙂

It is true that coming together of different people from different countries, can foster economic growth and bring development, but it will interest you to know that you simply do not have to hang around with everyone you see in a foreign country for you know less or nothing about their constitution and you can be blackmailed, robbed or even killed.

Many people who are in jail today ended up as a result of coming in contact with strange people in foreign countries. I personally ranked this to the first among the list of 10 things you should never do.

2. Never serve pork to a Muslim and never serve beef to a Hindu.


You should be the only one who knows what pork and beef taste like.
Remember that one man’s meat is another one’s poisons. Hence this holds to be true, stay safe and never serve that which another man considers poison to him.

It can ruin your relationship with the person and lead to several problems unexpectedly, this is what is supposed to be an act of kind requiring appreciated but it is against their belief, so serve pork and beef to only people who enjoy eating it.

What do you mean, you don’t eat pork? Muslims have several reasons for not eating pork, especially the feeding mechanics which pigs have are never welcomed by any Muslim, it is forbidden and when you give pork to a Muslims he/she can take offence for you’re about to serve a forbidden meal to them.

Want to give cow meat (beef) to the Hindus? In Hinduism a cow is attributed much respect according to their belief, it is a mother giving animal which is part of the family, and as such, it should not be taken as meat. Most Hindus prefer vegetarianism meals with meat, even if they should eat meat, it must not be sourced from cows.

3. Never send your naked images/videos of yourself to someone via messenger


No matter what could be said in praise of long-distance relationship and the introduction of many technologies to initial virtual proximity, the truth still remains that you will always miss your loved ones whenever they are not around.

Yes, you want to keep the relationship, you don’t want to lose him/her and here come an option from a friend or your thought “send him/her your nude” to keep him/her feeling around you. Boom you have sent it…

People can take relationship this far (sending nudes) if you are in a relationship and not yet married (even if you’re married, think twice about this), sending your nude can lead to a lot of problems especially when you are having misunderstanding, it could be used as a threat for you to do something against your own will because you don’t want to join millions of people in watching your nude online across different social media platform. Even if not by the receiver, probably by intruders or spy on the receiver’s device.

The trauma and psychological effect it can pose on a person are usually unbearable, no one will feel comfortable about this less you’re a porn star who gets paid in sharing nudes.

4. Never borrow money to your friends.


Do not make the mistake of borrowing money to your friend, this does not mean that you shouldn’t help your friends; a friend in need is a friend indeed. Actually, borrowing money to your friend can make you lose both your money and friend.

Also in business, if growing higher is part of your plans, you should never sell credit to your friends or relations. A popular quote warns that you should never sell credit to your friends…

When you borrow money to someone close to you, let it be something you can forfeit, just in case something goes out of an initial agreement. But if this is not what you can forfeit, to keep your relationship, you seriously don’t have to give out the money.

5. Never leave your laptop turned on and go to the bathroom when your wife is home.


Should married people even keep secrets? Everyone supposed to be transparent to their partner it gives access for the rapid and healthy growth of enjoyable love. Yet things can go wrong when a piece of information is misinterpreted.

While working on your laptop, there may be certain files or project you need not a third party to see or a chat between you and your coworker, if it is anything frequent your wife might develop a sudden change in attitude she might not tell you so that you can start your explanation. It can easily create a scenario where she jumps into conclusion that you’re cheating or you’re about to use a family property to gain a loan to expand your business.

6. Never mock a person who has faith in God even you are an atheist.


This is another way to say have regards for what people believe in.

When you respect peoples’ opinions about what they believe in, you too will be respected for what you consider supreme and worthy of your praise.

Think about the world and what it will look like if everyone had one thought about everything if everyone believes in only one religion, can you make out anything good from it?

Most people who have disregards for what other people believe in are people who have not come close to know what their religion is all about. Yet this will surely affect their interactions with people in their day to day activities, that one might question to know your religion so as to ascertain the level of interactions that will be allowed.

7. Never smoke for fun.


This is one of the things you should never do in life. If you do once, you can easily be addicted to smoking and spoil your life.

You must have heard about the dangerous effect of smoking and numerous warnings from the ministry of health in your country that smokers are liable to die you, yet you want to try it for fun?

According to Wikipedia on the psychology of smoking, Behavioural research generally indicates that teenagers begin their smoking habits due to peer pressure, and cultural influence portrayed by friends. However, one study found that direct pressure to smoke cigarettes played a less significant part in adolescent smoking, with adolescents also reporting low levels of both normative and direct pressure to smoke cigarettes. Mere exposure to tobacco retailers may motivate smoking behaviour in adults.

A similar study suggested that individuals may play a more active role in starting to smoke than has previously been thought and that social processes other than peer pressure also need to be taken into account. Another study’s results indicated that peer pressure was significantly associated with smoking behaviour across all age and gender cohorts, but that intrapersonal factors were significantly more important to the smoking behaviour of 12- to 13-year-old girls than same-age boys. Within the 14- to 15-year-old age group, one peer pressure variable emerged as a significantly more important predictor of girls’ than boys’ smoking.

From the above, one can easily conclude the impact of peer pressure in smoking and that is why trying to join friends in having fun is nice, but trying something unusual like smoking can get you trapped.

Many people who are addicted to smoking today, started from testing what it feels like to smoke and today they can’t go back on smoking.

8. Never be surrounded by failed people when you fail in life.


No one hopes to be a failure but in most cases, it happens like an accident to us, and if we can’t prevent it, it comes but when it does we can remedy it depending on the type of people we surround ourselves with.

There are a number of people who believe in the saying, “It has been so” people of this nature do not accept change easily, their thoughts are engraved on failures, and if you surround yourself with them when you fail, you will further be dragged down in failure.

This is just like seeking a piece of relationship advice from a divorcee, the divorcee will give you thousands if not millions of reasons to quit yours, always keep people with good vibes around you.

9. Never work hard.


You should not take working hard as an encouragement rather suffering, there are a good number of persons out there who are very unable to draw a parallel line between working hard and suffering.

Working hard sounds positive but if you do it will be a burden on your shoulder. Work smart, not hard.

According to Charles Darwin in his Theory of Species, it is not the strongest or largest of the species that survives, but one most responsive to change.

Been responsive to change, is been smart, knowing what to do at different times and how well to do them, makes you a smart person. The world-known successful persons are also known for their smartness to utilize opportunities or even create one when none is available.

10. Never emphasize your work over your family.


No matter what type of job you do or how much you get paid doing it, remember it is family first, your wife and children are more important than everything in this world. You should always make out time to have nice moments with your family members, this is a way of giving back and building a great sense of belonging.

A good start is making out time to hang around with them at the beach, shopping mall or jug around interesting places or even go on tourism.

Over to you!

As you can see, there are things contained in the list that greatly outweigh the way we take them to be, some we consider light might probably be heavy and offensive to others or to our own very self in the end.

Overall, it’s important to encourage everyone to be self-aware about things to do and things we should never do, our personalities and tendencies, as some people are more prone to imbalances than others. Through your words, actions, and example emphasize the need to continually evaluate one’s goals to determine what brings satisfaction, inner peace, and balance in life.

Hope this list makes you aware of 10 things we should never do? Make sure you keep them and never let any of this which you have seen already, land you into trouble now and forever.

If there are other things you think needed to be on the list, you can share your opinions through the comment box below.

This post was originally published on Myschoolgist.net and reposted here with permission.