How Do I Know My Partner Is The Right One?

is your partner the right one for you

Asking the question of how to know if your partner is the right one isn’t so wrong. Just like you, thousands of other people in relationships aren’t 100% sure if their partner is the right one for them.

Insecurity or fear isn’t unknown by most people in a relationship, however, still, it is not advantageous if you allow it to become a hindrance to the growth of your relationship or let it affect your interaction with your partner.

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Do you want to know if your partner is the right one for you? Here are some hints.

1. What do you want?

Going into a relationship doesn’t have to be transactional, but still, you have to understand certain things you expect and be able to give certain things in return.

What do you want in your partner? That’s a question you should ask yourself and get an answer to. Both you and your partner must understand what each individual offers/ bring into the relationship, only then can you know if they are the right one for you.

Do you like the type of friendship, relationship your partner is offering? Are you okay with it? And does it go with what you believe in?

2. Share Likes and Dislike

Opposites are said to attract themselves, even more, however it’s usually cool if you share certain things with your partner. They can only be the right one when you can enjoy moments together doing the things you love.

They could be different things or even the same things, but when you understand that they love them and you have no issues with them engaging in them, they could be the right one.

3. Compromise

Fact is, a relationship is not 1, 2, and 3 nor does it have to be as tough as some theorem. In a relationship, you won’t get all that you want all the time nor will your partner get all their wishes.

The willingness to compromise helps to increase a relationship’s chances of withering though the bad times. When you and your partner compromise more often then, maybe you are good for each other.

Of course, there are also times when you will just not agree or find a meeting point.

4. Give a chance

At a lot of times, we are very focused on ensuring that our partner is just perfect for us that we do not see them as perfect on their own for being themselves.

It is necessary that you give your partner a chance to express themselves and be themselves. Only then would you be able to know them and get to know what they like or what they enjoy. Give their flaws a chance, and then maybe you’ll find beauty so rare, in them.

If they are the right one can only be found out in this way.

5. Are happy to be seen with them?

So, you and your partner are on your way out and you gladly hold their hand? You want to declare to the rest of the world on top of your voice that you are together, or you can help both the private and public display of affection, then you’ve got your answer!

Whether it is that you are glad to have them in your life or you are proud to have them, and they feel the same way about you.

Then your partner may just be the one! No going back! One of the signs that they are not the right one for you is when you want to hide being with them. Is that how you want to spend forever?

6. It feels right!

A lot of people have been recorded to just have the feeling that their partner is the right one.

Maybe through expression, words or even unspoken messages, you just get the “feeling”, and then it is your instinct’s deduction from all of the observations made so far. Our body and mind do tend to recognize care, affection and love when they experience one.

7. You are ready to dive in

Perfection isn’t assured but still, you are ready to dive in. Do you know your partner will do as much of all that you are willing to do for them? You both can’t wait to spend quality time together? Then they maybe they are the one for you.

8. They make you feel at home

Have you ever being in a relationship where the other person feels like an extension of you? It’s like they were made just to synchronize with your life, still, they are their own person with unique personalities, and it doesn’t affect yours.

You are both ready to lose yourselves in each other, and their thoughts, beliefs, habits and norms are aligned with yours so perfectly. Then, they may just be the soul mate for your forever.

9. You love them

Most times, it’s hard for the heart to forget a loved one. If you have found a relationship with someone you love who loves you right back, then you shouldn’t hesitate to give it your all. Enjoy it while being showered with plenty of love and attention.

The intensity of love could show you easily if really your partner is the right one for you.

In reality, there is no trusted way to know for sure that your partner is the right one. Even your partner may have their doubts about your relationship.

Nonetheless, it is pertinent that both of you understand each other and are ready to embrace mistakes, flaws and faults.

Do all that you can to keep them happy and you might just get the same back? Life’s full of risks and taking chances. Take a chance with your partner. Irrespective of whether you have found out they are the right one or not, treat them well and respect them.

No butterfly feeling in your belly doesn’t mean that they do not care for you or that you do not love them, The butterfly also doesn’t justify that nor is it a definite answer to their feeling for you.

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