Life is short, be yourself, believe in who you’re, and unapologetically fall in love with yourself.

In today’s self-love techniques for women, we would like to take a deep look into possible ways you can love yourself as a woman, hassle-free.

In several online forums for women, I have come across a whole lot of women out there asking what does self-love looks like, and how do you begin to love yourself as a woman. Perhaps, those questions are often triggered when most women are in search of a reliable answer regarding “how do you carry yourself well as a woman”, self-love is the key.

Could it be a common stereotype that for a woman to be happy she really needs a man in her life, or it’s the reality of life? Learn to build yourself as a woman and of course, you can love yourself without a man. With the world filled with women of different religions and statuses, you may be concerned with how to love yourself as a single woman, trans woman, or a woman going through severe heartbreak and everything in between. Search no further, this guide is specially baked for you to begin to love yourself as the woman with a difference.

Best ways to love yourself as a woman

1. Be yourself

Be yourself

Naturally, we’re pushed to become competitive but such comparisons can be detrimental to both our physical and mental health.

There’s only you and no one else like you, discovering what makes you outstanding from the crowd will spread a lot of happiness on you and you will begin to see reasons to love yourself as a woman that you’re.

2. Happiness comes from within

start living

How materialistic are you? Every woman have the tendency to want the most flashy things on earth, of course, everyone wants to live a good life and a touch of luxury isn’t bad but expecting to derive happiness from such entities can leave you in a continuous search for self-love and happiness and never finding one at last. Be at peace with yourself, listen to your inner self, and most importantly identify your pace.

3. Live to no one’s expectations

be happy and love yourself

Society will always have their own opinions about you, but does that really matter, and does it in any way reflect who you’re?

It is practically impossible to please everyone. Learn to live your life doing what makes you happy and not according to the opinions and expectations of society.

4. Avoid self blames

avoid blames

Self blames is often a result of mistakes in life. However, there’s no life without mistakes hence this life is a journey and we are open to trying something new, we’re critically bound to make mistakes.

Nobody is perfect, what makes the difference is how greatly we learn from our mistakes and use the experiences gained to improve our lifestyle.

Lessons come after the mistakes, and in learning, we’re living. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, and when you finally make one, do not stay in the self-blame zone for long, learn from it, and never stay in the past. Move on!

5. Be confident in your body

practice self confidence

There’s no correlation between your value and your body looks. Do not allow body shamers to run into you. Shut the doors before they take a step closer to you.

I am not saying that practicing what will enhance your body look to boost how you feel about yourself is totally bad, but going extreme to fit in can absolutely be detrimental.

6. Get rid of toxic people

toxic friends

Staying in a toxic relationship and hoping to get things fixed quickly isn’t a sign you’re a strong woman. Your ability to figure out that you deserve love in the relationship and it isn’t coming because you have a toxic partner who drains you and letting go of such a relationship is golden. It makes you strong and shows you’re a woman who’s in love with herself, peace of mind, and happiness.

7. Accept your fears

do not give up on you

What are the things you feel most insecure about? Do not hide them, it’s natural to be worried, feel afraid, or have anxiety about certain things in life, understanding them and evaluating those things that make you insecure, would probably strengthen you to get rid of them with time.

8. Have time for yourself

take vacation and explore

Women most times tend to put others first, it could be at home, or at the place of work. This shouldn’t be habitual despite the fact that it’s nice to put others first, it can be harmful to your emotional and mental well-being as a woman when you overdo it. 

Have some time for yourself, self-care is essential in loving yourself as a woman.

9. Celebrate yourself

celebrate yourself

The world might be too busy to celebrate you if you don’t do it by yourself. Be kind to yourself, speak good of yourself, and remember the little and big wins, and how far you have come. You will surely find a reason to be happy, and love yourself as the woman you’re.

10. Speak up

speak up boldly

Your voice is as important as everyone else voice.

Don’t be mute when you’re supposed to voice your opinion. Feel free to engage in meaningful conversations and share your thoughts, you never can tell how important your contributions will turn out to be in the long run.

Final words:

Live life to the fullest, grab every opportunity that comes your way, do the things you’re scared to do, gather more experiences, live not in the past or even in the future but in the present and understand that in all, you are you and there’s no one else who can treat you better than yourself.