3 Words To Make Him Worship You

3 Words To Make Him Worship You

There are three simple words that any woman can use to ensure that a man never pulls away from her again…

These three words appear to be very straightforward at first, but if you look a man in the eyes and speak them…

You’ll notice a subtle but significant shift in his eyes… where all his defenses come down… where all his fear evaporates like water in a pan… where he lets you in to see the raw, vulnerable, powerful him… where you flip a “switch” in his masculine psychology that causes him to see you like no other woman he’s ever seen…

And how to use this shocking masculine psychology trick to make any man you want worship you as his personal goddess… as his personal queen.

Drop everything, women, because we’re about to disclose the three secret words that melt a man’s heart.

You’re probably thinking right now that the words must be “I want you.” But keep in mind that we’re talking about a man’s heart here, not his groin.

If you want physical connection, “I want you,” is fantastic, but if you want to fill a man’s love tank, you’ll need  different three words.

A man’s primitive feelings are triggered by these three words.

When you utter these words to a man, he will go out of his way to help you.

Don’t you appreciate it when a man takes care of your errands? Don’t you just adore it when a man buys you a gift just because he feels like it? Don’t you love it when a man offers you his undivided attention every day and listens to everything you say?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your man encouraged you to pursue your work goals while also allowing you the flexibility to be yourself and spend time with your friends?

Isn’t this man starting to sound fairly incredible?

He listens, he cares, and he gives you the freedom to be the woman you want to be. And all this because you spoke three cryptic words to him?

“Well, thank you so much! Tell me the three words right now!”


Are you all set?

Three magical phrases that melt a man’s heart are…


It makes men stop for a moment whenever a woman says it to a man, whether it’s a friend or a lover. It makes me think, and it gives men a great feeling. It satisfies guys in a variety of ways. Thank you very much. It’s a piece of cake.

All you’re doing is expressing your gratitude for the small things they do.

You’re telling him that you enjoy what he does. And, let’s face it, men are a lot like zoo gorillas. Or like a dog who enjoys a pat on the head and a back scratch after a job well done.

When you respect men and thank them in some modest manner, they are more likely to want to do things for you again and again.

It makes guys want to show you how much they care about your happiness. They are enthralled. It gives males a sense of being wanted and alive. Three simple words, yet to a man, they mean everything.

Watch how your boyfriend reacts when you use those terms in your interactions. Keep an eye on how he begins to assist you. And keep an eye on how much he begins to adore you in ways you could only imagine. Those three words will, without a doubt, change the way you interact with men for the rest of your life. Later, please send us your thanks!

Appreciation accomplishes far more than making your partner feel good about themselves in the short term.

We’re here to help you keep the love alive. After all, verbal expressions of gratitude are a form of affection.

It’s a starting point for a discussion.

 In a relationship, communication isn’t just about talking about what’s wrong; it’s also about talking about what’s right.

This can help to enhance the relationship and make both of you feel better about yourself and the relationship.

It has the potential to improve your outlook. Gratitude, as a general remark, can be beneficial to your mental health. It might help you perceive your relationship in a more positive light in relationships.

It’s common in relationships for us to fall out of love.

You got to move your focus to all the qualities you admire about your partner when you talk about why you appreciate them.

They may have been around the entire time, but you may have forgotten about them as a relationship develops and you begin to notice the flaws you overlooked earlier in the relationship.

Your companion isn’t a mind reader, so say it. You may think about how grateful you are for them, how wonderful they are, and how much they help you, but they have no way of knowing unless you tell them.

How To Appreciate Your Man: A Step-by-Step Guide

Say it out loud.

Your lover isn’t a psychic. You may think about how grateful you are for them, how wonderful they are, and how much they help you, but they have no way of knowing unless you tell them. That means you could be thinking about how wonderful this individual is while they are feeling unappreciated since you aren’t expressing your gratitude to them. That’s not what you want!

One of the most critical aspects of every relationship is communication. Though it may sound cliche, talking may often resolve issues such as feeling undervalued.

You can avoid some possible problems if you take the time to learn how to communicate properly with your partner.

Mention the Minor Points

The little things can sometimes make the biggest difference in our lives.

Spend some time reflecting on all of the tiny things your partner does for you. Do they start the coffee machine first thing in the morning? If they drive your car, do you put gas in it? When you two go out, do they purposefully choose a restaurant that they know you enjoy?

Pay attention to the small things your partner does during the day. Make sure you do this with the intention of focusing on the positives rather than pointing out all the things you dislike about them. Then, when you begin to notice them, express your gratitude to your partner or develop a note of these items to use in the future.

A Note To Surprise Him

It’s fantastic to say the words aloud, but it’s also nice to express your gratitude to your partner by writing notes. You can write one large letter or a series of short notes expressing your gratitude for anything specific about them.

Then, not only will they see it and know that you appreciate who they are and what they’re doing, but others will, too.

It’s a good touch to write it down because he can save the notes and refer to them later. You can even hide them in exciting areas for your lover to discover. It may be on their car’s steering wheel, their favorite protein bar’s package, or their bathroom mirror.

Others Should Know About It

You must express your gratitude to your significant other personally, but it can also be beneficial to share it with others. If your partner uses social media, publish a post praising them and be sure to tag them.

Boosting your partner’s self-esteem in front of others can be really beneficial. If your spouse suffers from jealously or has been secretive in previous relationships, this is a terrific way to reassure them that you want to celebrate them and that your love isn’t something you want to hide.

Prepare His Favorite Dish

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” as the old proverb goes. Although there have been studies to establish the statement’s trustworthiness, this isn’t always the case. If you cook their favorite food, many people will appreciate your efforts in either case. It’s a beautiful and simple way to express your affection. If you wish, you can even make it a date night!

Allow yourself the opportunity to bond with each other in order to develop your relationship.

Don’t try to fool yourself.

While the suggestions above can make your partner feel loved, they will only work if you follow them. Don’t try to flatter them with empty platitudes. They’ll see right through it, and the end outcome will not be what you want.

This may be challenging at first if you aren’t used to seeking for qualities in your partner that you admire.

With a little effort, you can locate things that you value and let them know. What did you perceive in this person when you fell in love with each other? What characteristics do you admire in them? Are they gregarious? Fair? Intelligent? Are you looking for someone with good values and ethics?

You also want to make sure you’re not merely admiring one thing, such as their appearance, constantly or excessively. While many people enjoy being complemented on their appearance, make sure to tell your significant other about the aspects of their personality and character that you admire. Are they willing to give? Kind? Have they got a good sense of humour? Please inform them.

What if he doesn’t do the things that you like?

You could be thinking to yourself as you read this, “I’m at a loss for words. I can’t seem to come up with anything to be grateful for.” Not everyone deserves your gratitude, and if you don’t feel appreciated for your spouse – which isn’t only about their actions, but also about their character, mannerisms, and how they make the world a better place – it’s important to take an honest, nonjudgmental look at why. It’s possible that you, too, are underappreciated. Worse, it’s possible that you’re being mistreated. Instead of pulling you down, your partner should lift you up.

There are a variety of reasons why you might be having trouble finding things to appreciate, and it isn’t always related to your present or immediate treatment.

Maybe they neglected to pick up the kids after school or there was some sort of dishonesty going on that wasn’t resolved within the partnership. They may be irresponsible, or they may not be investing as much time and effort in the relationship or family as you are. Regardless of what else is going on, you may be wondering if this relationship is still good for you.

This is why it’s crucial to be honest with yourself. It’s the only way to figure out why you’re feeling this way. If there are issues in your relationship that you’d like to work through, talk to a therapist or counselor. Therapy can help couples improve aspects of their relationship such as affection and admiration, as well as assist you work through other issues.

Don’t wait for him to take the initiative.

You can even express that this is a change you want in the relationship; you want to show more affection. That way, it’s not one-sided, and it’ll be clear that this is something you’ll both benefit from.

Relationships can be strengthened by expressing gratitude.

If you don’t feel appreciated by your partner, you might think, “Sure, this sounds fine, but I’m not going to show them appreciation until they do it for me as well.” This is where our emotions take us. Many people are uncomfortable with the concept of putting in more effort in their relationship than their partner. Still, if you can have the courage to begin showing your spouse that you value them, it can be just the push they need to reciprocate. The best part is that you won’t have to badger them into doing it.

The more we feel loved, the more we naturally want to show our spouse affection. That shouldn’t be your motivation or reason to start enjoying your man, but it’s a lovely bonus.


You want to make sure to sincerely appreciate your man. Not just on their physical attributes but on the more beautiful aspects of them.

Do this frequently and watch as they worship you.


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