7 Best Ways To Build Emotional Connection With A Guy You Like

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By default, women are generally keen to connect with a man. They are so moved by the idea of connecting with a man emotionally that they invest time, money, and emotions. Whereas the men are more calculating and laid back to see how the whole attraction thing plays out.

Building an emotional connection with a man is usually a lot of hard work and emotional investment thus determining whether he will fall in love with you or not. 

Having emotions can be a sign of emotional attraction to a man however knowing how to do it right is the key to better bonding. 

How to build an emotional attraction to a man. 

Honestly, it’s no doubt that maintaining a good emotional connection is hard than creating the emotional bond, but here is a special garnished way to hook him up for life. 

1. Be open to communication 

communication with spouse

One of the things that trigger emotional connection is being open when communicating with him. You have to open up and talk in order to make an interesting conversation.

Learn to engage the discussion with his likes and interest and sure be smart not to push him for private information on the first meeting. The guy you want to attract has to feel comfortable, and confident in you. They want where they can expose their vulnerability and not be shut down. 

Be the woman he can talk to, thus creating an inviting space in your communication for him to take off his “I am a man” mask and be himself. 

2. Engage physical touch 

 touch your spouse

Physical touch is another way to attract a guy emotionally. Yea the power of physical touch cannot be overemphasized, it is by far the easiest way to trigger emotional attraction in a man.

Moreover, the importance of physical touch in building an emotional bond is that it keeps you on his mind especially when there’s a wish for a serious commitment. 

Furthermore, you being the one to initiate it not only interests him, but it also shows him that you want him too, even by just hugging, kissing, or holding hands with him. 

Sincerely, to create an emotional connection with a guy, never underestimate the power of physical touch. 

3. Be mysterious

be mysterious ans smart

The most amazing sign that he is now attracted to you emotionally is him asking questions. 

To get him talking to you and have a lasting conversation, remain a mystery.

If a man begins to invest his time, energy, and resources to get to know more about you then it’s a sure sign he is now emotionally attracted to you. 

Most men find mysterious women irresistible and alluring so make most of it by carefully and selectively discussing with him but avoid oversharing. 

Boredom gets in a relationship only when all details are shared and there is nothing new to bring to the table. Talk with him but wait until he is captivated before you do so. 

4. Avoid dirty fight

avoid dirty fights

Yes, you heard me right, it is very unfortunate that many women are fighting their man with the thing he told them during the attraction stage in the relationship. 

There is nothing that hurts a man like using shared past against him especially in an argument. 

You just killed his ego and the love he has for you hence it is better to be well cautioned on what we reveal during a heated moment of an argument with your man.  Wrongly spoken words are killers of emotional connection with a guy. 

5. Accept him unconditionally 

accept him unconditionally

A man by nature does not show emotion hence one of his greatest needs is to be desired and accepted. When he wants to emotionally bond with you he wants to be accepted without fear of judgment or rejection so he opens his heart to the one who creates emotional security that he needs to fall in love 

Naturally, no two people are the same, his interest, personality, and likes, might be different and uninteresting but when he notices that irrespective of that, you still pushed on to accept him. It can incredibly ignite a passion and emotional bond deep inside of him. 

6. Support him

support him

Being supportive of a man you want to establish an emotional connection with is very important. This comes regardless of the fact that both individuals might at the time of meeting not really like one another.

On the other hand, showing your support and care for the man you want to establish an emotional attraction with, can help express your feelings for him.

This is a phenomenal way of showing him that you are interested in him thereby depending on you with an irreplaceable value to him.  

7. Respect him 

Respect him

Sincerely men crave respect as need not want, just like you love to be respected give him the utmost respect he deserves.

Respecting your partner especially when the emotional bond is building, talks great about you. 

If you are eager to create an emotional connection with him then show him some respect because a healthy relationship grows on mutual respect. 

Final words:

However, to create or maintain an existing emotional attraction with him has been always easy with the right tips. If you want a fascinating result you need to focus on his needs now and build on them. Then watch as your emotional attraction becomes a bench for lifetime happiness.

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