Awkward Would You Rather Questions

awkward would you rather questions

Awkward would you rather games, are simply the best for people looking for disturbing would you rather questions to ask someone.

However, it is true that would you rather questions can unveil a lot of things about someone and often awkward especially when you’re about to meet someone new, let’s say your crush. That’s why it is often recommended to be selective in your choice of would you rather questions so you don’t dive into the ones that can kill the conversations instead of serving as an amazing conversation starter.

awkward would you rather questions

If you want to use any of these most awkward would you rather questions, make sure it doesn’t make the other person uncomfortable. Try it out with someone who wants tricky answer would you rather questions just as you, someone who’s in the same mood to play some awkward would you rather games and spice up the moment.

40 most awkward would you rather questions

  1. Would you rather fart loudly during sex or say someone else’s name during sex?
  2. Would you rather go in for a kiss when they’re going for a hug on a first date or have your crush walk in on your on the toilet on a first date?
  3. Would you rather accidentally like your ex’s Instagrams pictures or accidentally spit on your interviewer’s face while speaking at a job interview?
  4. Would you rather accidentally send a sext to your high school teacher or accidentally send a sext to your guardian?
  5. Would you rather great someone you use to know and they no longer remember you or wave at someone who is waving at the person behind you?
  6. Would you rather walk around the compound without a dress or walk around the street with awkward fashion?
  7. Would you rather have to wash your partner’s underwear or brush your teeth with soap?
  8. Would you rather sit on a stage while 200 persons sing you a birthday song or make a joke in front of 200 persons and have no one laugh?
  9. Would you rather have knives for fingers or have fingers for knives?
  10. Would you rather have the power to fly or the power to be invisible?
  11. Would you rather be the first to dance in every public gathering or never attend any event?
  12. Would you rather have a lot of love or a lot of money?
  13. Would you rather have unlimited money, and authority or have unlimited sex?
  14. Would you rather be an ugly genius or a hot moron?
  15. Would you rather cut off one of your fingers or have to pay $6,000 for someone you hate to go on a vacation?
  16. Would you rather have your SO check your browser history or have your employer check them?
  17. Would you rather have HIV and life for 50 years or have cancer and live for 20 years?
  18. Would you rather have sex if every time you do, it takes a day out of your life or has the whole days without sex?
  19. Would you rather have a pungent odour but can’t smell it or have your partner a pungent odour and you can smell it?
  20. Would you rather live in the house of your dream with no internet or spend the rest of your life in your current house?
  21. Would you rather be rich but suffer depression or be poor and but happy?
  22. Would you rather have your body on a sex advert or on animal adverts?
  23. Would you rather be a vampire or a wizard?
  24. Would you rather be the strongest of all movie characters but weak in real life or be the strongest in real life and the weakest of all characters in the movie?
  25. Would you rather be wealthy and look like a rag or look wealthy but poor?
  26. Would you rather be rich before 25 and die before 50 or be poor and live above 50 years?
  27. Would you rather party with your best friends in Vegas or party at home with your family?
  28. Would you rather get drunk and kiss your ex or get on the bed with your best friend?
  29. Would you rather drink too much and embarrass yourself in front of your parents or in front of your crush?
  30. Would you rather run into your ex in the club or into a senior colleague at the workplace?
  31. Would you rather dance on the dance floor where your crush is an audience or have your ass seated on the chair and node your head?
  32. Would you rather play a drinking game with your crush or with some random strangers?
  33. Would you rather have no one to drink with on your birthday or have no one too drink with on your wedding day?
  34. Would you rather drive while drinking or drive after drinking?
  35. Would you rather be beaten before a selfie or be beaten after a selfie?
  36. Would you rather take wine forever or take beer forever?
  37. Would you rather have no penis or have five penises?
  38. Would you rather smoke and have the food you want or never smoke and have no food to eat?
  39. Would you rather be able to speak to animals or be able to read other people’s minds?
  40. Would you rather freeze to death or burn to death?

Want something harder? Try these Gross Would You Rather Question Games

I hope you find our compilations of the most awkward would you rather questions interesting? Feel free to try it with someone who’s comfortable with the tricky would you rathers.

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