What is the best compliment you can give someone?

No matter how strong you are, no matter how much you think you can handle it all, a little compliment can make all the difference. Receiving a compliment goes a long way in making anyone feel special whether they are having a bad day or have achieved something of great value, beautiful, well crafted and thoughtful compliments can boost their self-esteem and build their self-love.

More than 5 compliments you would give yourself or someone else, we have made a list of unique nice things to say that will help you praise someone in writing or speech.
Whether you’re searching for how to praise someone professionally, or the best compliments for a girl’s picture and everything in between, there’s a thing for you to say about someone’s personality, a talented person and incredibly remind someone they are amazing.

Best compliments to everyone

Thinking of the best compliments to give someone today? Below is a list of 100 awesome compliments you can give to anyone. We bet you would truly be spoilt for choices.

1. You’re beautiful. Yes, you are, you’re very very beautiful. Extremely beautiful.

2. “Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.

3. “Try your hardest to be confident in who you are. You are enough.

4. The world no better places without you in it. Thank you for being so kind.

5. Jokes are funnier when you tell them.

6. You always know how to find that silver lining and bring out the best in everyone.

7. You’re a bright shining star in the darkness.w

8. Being around you is like a happy little vacation.

9. You’re like a breath of fresh air.

10. You are my reason to smile.

11. How do you keep being so funny and making everyone laugh?

12. You have impeccable manners.

13. I love your style.

14. You’re the  strongest person I know

15. Did you just step out of the oven; because dude, you’re so damn hot!

16. Your kindness is a balm to all who encounter it.

17. You are brave.

18. Your insides are even more beautiful than your outside.

19. You have the courage of your convictions.

20. You’re a great listener. You will make a great parent.

21. That thing you don’t like about yourself is what makes you interesting.

22. You’re an awesome friend.

23. You’re more helpful than you realize.

24.Hanging out with you is always something to look forward to.

25. You have the most beautiful heart ever

26. Being around you makes everything better.

27. Truth be told, you should be thanked more often. Thank you.

28. Our community is better because you’re in it.

29. Someone is getting through a hard time right now because you’ve got their back. You’re such a blessing.

30. You always know the right things to say.

31. The people you love are lucky to have you in their lives.

32. Any team would be lucky to have you on it.

33. Beautiful are drawn to you; you’re a good luck charm.

34. The way you treasure your loved ones is incredible.

35. You’re a gift to those around you.

36. Who raised you? They deserve a medal of honor for a job well done.

37. Somehow you make time stop and fly all at the same time.

38. In high school, I bet you were voted “most likely to continue being awesome.”

39. If you were a scented candle they’d have to call it Perfectly Imperfect.

40. There’s ordinary, and then there’s you, simply perfect in your imperfections.

41. You’re honesty personified.

42. You’re something special.

43. I wish I knew more people like you, you can make people around you happy.

44. You are such a joy to be around because you always make me laugh and look at things from a different perspective.

45. You always make my day better when I am feeling down.

46. You make everyone feel so welcome, I don’t think you have ever met a stranger.

47. You make it so easy and warm to be around you.

48.  I admire your ability to Multitask

49. Everything you do is with excellence.

50. You are such a talented leader whom many want to follow and emulate.

51. I and so many others, look up to you.

52. Other people, including myself, aspire to be like you one day.

53. All of your practice shows in your work.

54. Your expertise in your craft resonates with me, and I want to learn from you.

55. Your years of hard work are truly paying off.

56. I value our friendship because you’re the most amazing being I know.

57.  I truly respect and value your thoughts and ideas.

58. You always come up with the best solutions in a short amount of time.

59. Your way of thinking is so much different from other people’s, and it is so refreshing, I wonder if you’re human.

60. I can’t get over how wise you are — your wisdom in everything amazes me.

61. How do you do it? I mean, You seem to figure things out right away without struggling to find the right answer.

62.  I am proud of how far you have come in your journey.

63. Look at how much your time and dedication paid off.

64. You should be so proud that you have achieved something that very few people are ever able to do.

65. You worked hard on that and it certainly was worth the time and energy in the end.

66. You impress me every single day with your ability to go the extra mile.

67. How did you learn to be so good? I’ve never seen someone make something look so easy.

68. How do you manage to look so good all the time?

69. You’re accomplishing so much. Every day you evolve into a better person than who you were the day before.

70. I love everything about you. You have an awesome personality.

71. Are you a hoodlum; because you have stolen my heart away with your charisma.

72. Where have you been all my life? I can’t remember being close to someone this perfect!

73. You’re such a sweet soul

74. Never have I ever met someone so meek and humble

75. I adore you. You are truly the epitome of perfection.

76. You’re so responsible, I admire that.

77. Who would have thought that a person as honest as you still exist?

78. You look alluring

79. Your sense of fashion is one to be studied in the higher institutions in the nearest future because they are all shades of classy and you know what? Classy never goes out of fashion.

80. You cook so well, It’s safe to say that your meals are a culinary knockout

81. You walk gracefully, with the gait of a cat. Watching you walk is always the highlight of my day.

82. You have a great skin

83. You have the most beautiful smile ever.

84. Your dentition is to die for. They’re just perfect

85. It is cute and then there is You!

86. Don’t call me unfortunate because I have you here. You’re my good luck charm

87. Thank you for always being there for us. You’re a rare gem

88. The world would be an awful place without you in it. You’re such a breath of fresh air.

89. You’re the reason everyone around here has a reason to smile.

90. I am lost for words, for the right sentence to describe how priceless you truly are.

91. You’re indispensable

92. I bless the day our paths crossed. You’ve been such a great companion

93. Your heart is so big, I wonder if you ever feel lonely.

94. You’re kind

95. You’re very tolerant. That’s a good trait that most people lack.

96. Even the blind can see how much of a good person you are.

97. How can I go a day without appreciating the only human who has ever believed in me. I’m grateful to have you in my life.

98. You’re the strongest person I know.

99. You’re very smart and hardworking. Please keep it up

100. Who wouldn’t want to be around a person as warm as you’re?

There you go, a full list of compliments that can only make one’s heart melt. Make someone feel special today by picking a few compliments from the list and using them accordingly. You never know how much your compliments may impact someone else’s daily life positively.