Life is difficult to define, it could be what we take it to be. We came to the world probably unaware, life has taught us a lot of things, some of which we learned early or late in life. There’s always great life lessons attributed to our existence here on earth and that which we wished we never learned too late.

We were inspired by Quora life lessons to share the opinion of an author on what she considered “Lessons I learned after it was too late”.  The what did you learn late in life Quora version was shared on our blog with permission from the author.

  1. Never lend money to your friends, you will lose the money and the friendship
  2. Never pay to watch p_rn
  3. Your friends could be friends with your enemies
  4. Readers are leaders
  5. Don’t spend everything today with the hope to earn more tomorrow
  6. Never beg for love
  7. No one identifies with a poor person
  8. Stop thinking and start acting
  9. Be kind to people including animals
  10. Stay humble, nothing is worth bragging for
  11. Your best dress is someone’s rag
  12. Live to no one’s expectation, live according to your true self
  13. Learn to say YES/NO and mean it
  14. Own your mistakes, don’t blame others for it.
  15. Work on yourself first
  16. Today is hard, tomorrow will be harder, the day after tomorrow will be sunshine
  17. When you stop learning you start dying
  18. Never leave for tomorrow what you have to do today
  19. Nothing you have is truly yours
  20. Things you attract are in correlation with what dominates your thoughts
  21. It is normal to make mistakes because you’re advancing
  22. Experience isn’t the best teacher, learn from other peoples’ experiences
  23. Never tell a loved one, you’re too busy
  24. Do not keep issues with your partner over 24hrs.
  25. Give man money and find out his true colours
  26. Investigate before you invest
  27. Don’t develop much love for free things
  28. There’s a problem in the land where the king loves music too much
  29. Do good and never expect one in return
  30. Stop depending much on people, expectation kills
  31. No one is always there for you except family
  32. At the point of death, people don’t regret the things they’ve done but the things they couldn’t do.
  33. Life is stormy, no one is free from it, those who thrive in it are people you call successful persons.
  34. Talk less and think more
  35. Never be afraid to think big
  36. Get settled or never waste your time on love life
  37. Never be friends again with someone who betrayed you.
  38. Do not announce your success
  39. Make your source of happiness a secret
  40. Try not to offend people, some will spend their whole life trying to payback
  41. Appreciate people for their efforts and kindness to you no matter how little it is.
  42. What ever money cannot do, more money can do it.
  43. Happiness is natural and comes from within, it is not money dependent.
  44. Everyone is sick
  45. Never leave small fishes in search for a bigger one
  46. There’s a great difference between ownership and possession.
  47. Helping others won’t make you unsuccessful
  48. Every mistake is a lesson, take advantage of it
  49. If you have disabilities, you’re special and can be extremely great
  50. Exercise daily and eat healthily, let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food.
  51. Blaming people (relatives) for not helping you is a bad habit
  52. Help people secure a job where and when possible, never seek for sex in return.
  53. Never give what you will regret losing ownership over it.
  54. Never abandon your parents at old age, that’s when they need you the most.

Source: What did you learn late in life Quora

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