New to the weight loss journey and searching for simple but effective ways to lose weight and keep in shape? here are the 31 best weight loss tips just for you, it contains applications, diet plans, and simple hacks that improve weight loss.

1. Chewing your food slowly

One of the most efficient and fact-proven ways of losing weight without dieting or exercise is by making sure that whatever you consume is properly chewed and eating slowly by doing that, you’re tricking your mind to believe that you’ve eaten enough please perform this process slowly. This method makes you eat less thereby reducing the amount of food in your system without making you feel hungry. When doing this you will feel like you’ve been eating for a long time and you should be done by now, thereby making you not want more and giving you satisfaction especially when you end it with a glass of water.

2. Amount of food consumed

It actually doesn’t matter if the food is healthy or not excessive eating is harmful and could lead to bad weight gain, the only difference is, unhealthy foods work faster.  The portion of food one consumes is really important and keen to determine his or her weight or size, gauging the amount of food you eat regularly will enable you to know the number of calories consumed.

3. Getting a fitness coach

Most times exercising and doing other weight loss activities on your own could be quite boring, a fitness coach helps to push you to work harder, encourages you, and also shows you the right way those activities should be done.

4. Protein

Protein foods are generally filling foods this may be because protein acts on most hormones that send signals to tell us when we hungry or full, it also gives a satisfying feeling which discourages you from wanting more. I would advise that a lot of protein should be consumed because it doesn’t only aid in weight loss, it does it without making one feel hungry.

5. Water

Water is essential for health not to mention that our body system is filled with water. Water could aid one to eat less and it could give a satisfying and full feeling for about an hour before your next meal. Drinking water before and after help to reduce the amount of food you will likely consume. Drinking solely water, no carbonated drinks could make a great impact on your weight journey.

6. What foods do you binge on

Most times people tend to binge or consume more food when playing or and watching movies. If you are really interested in shedding some weight, I’ll suggest you desist from this act, most times unhealthy foods are used to accomplish these acts and when we eat a lot of calories, we tend to gain a lot of weight, try and make these foods as boring as possible so you could lose interest and it will be easier to lose weight. Even if you decide to eat snacks eat healthy snacks which wouldn’t help you gain but will help you lose weight.

7.  Importance of healthy foods and snacks

There so many healthy foods and snacks most foods that are grown or cultivated are high in nutrients and play different roles in the body, some of these foods include; eggs, lean beef, almonds, chia seeds, coconuts asparagus, bell peppers, and so many others. Are really healthy foods though it depends on how they are cooked, overcooking most of these foods isn’t really healthy because the heat could kill most of its nutrients thereby defeating your effort.

8. The condiments of your fridge

The condiments of your fridge really matter during your weight loss journey. If your fridge and freezer are only stocked with unhealthy and fattening foods you bound to gain massive weight. It’s advisably to stuck up with healthy foods and form a habit of eating them.

9. Weight loss supplements

There are very few healthy and effective weight loss supplements in the market though Glucomannan has gotten outstanding reviews and proves to be very good and healthy for weight loss. It’s low in calories, gives a filling and satisfying feeling, it is a great supplement that doesn’t only help you lose weight but also keeps you healthy.

10. Effects of sugar

Sugar does a tremendous job at Fattening you and me, it’s best to desist from carbonated drinks, sugar-filled drinks if you really want to lose weight and keep your health in check for the sugar not only increases your weight but also your chances of coming down with diabetes. Some of these added sugar could be in biscuits, wafers, and so on, though it could be under different names. It’s best to desist from them though if you can’t be sure to eat them irregularly and in small portions.

11. Calorie count

Knowing the number of calories you’re consuming is really important. It enables you to know how many calories you’ve taken and the steps you would take in actively burning it.

12. The Mediterranean diet

This diet plan isn’t solely efficient for weight loss it is also really effective in lowering or reducing one’s risk of coming down with heart disease. This diet mainly consists of fruits, vegetables (both root and leafy), nuts and whole grains, fish, legumes. It’s strictly against refined foods either grains, trans fats, oils anything at all eatable. The Mediterranean diet comes highly recommended not just for its efficiency in weight loss but also for its health benefits, not only does it lower the risk of heart diseases, but it also aids in anti-aging and who doesn’t want to look forever sixteen.

13. Effects of exercise

Exercise is very when you need to lose weight and also for general health, engage in exercises like weight lifting cardio and soman others.

14. Outdoor exercises

You shouldn’t only exercise in the gym you could also find ways to engage yourself with activities around you, maybe a walk to work or to the grocery stall it would really help.

15. Intermittent fasting

This is done by infusing both a timed fast and exercise into your day, this could be done twice a week or more depending on how much your body can take.

16. Mayo Clinic Diet

This eating plan came into being by the experts at Mayo Clinic. The main objective of this eating plan is to make sure its users eat healthy and properly, and by doing this you could lose weight or maintain your present body weight, or lose weight and maintain your reduced weight.

17. Sleep

Sleeping s very essential in your weight loss journey, have a schedule and work with to avoid eating late at night.

18. Keeping a food journal

There is always a satisfying when you see your accomplishments. A food journal will enable you to know what, how, and when you consumed that food not to mention how many calories were eaten.

19. Your choice of restaurant

Efforts must be made to stay away from restaurants that could tempt you to try out one or two carbs and sugar-filled food or drinks for example Mc Donald’s and do not deceive yourself with the salad they serve for it contains more carbs than the burger.

20. State of mind

Being in the right state of mind helps you to be at ease and in the right sense to work on yourself.

21. Fiber

Oats, oats are foods rich in fiber, they aid in digestion and also help in satisfying hunger thereby making you feel satisfied for a longer period. Oats are really good for breakfast because they could keep you satisfied till the next meal.

22. Vegetables

Spinach, broccoli, cabbage, and so many other vegetables both root vegetables go a long way in keeping you fit and very healthy, the aid in giving blood and energy. You can decide to spice these vegetables by cooking them or letting them simmer on fire for a very short period of time with spices like ginger, garlic, soy sauce (not too much) and so many other healthy and natural spices. This will help to give it taste and make it more bearable.

23. Lean meat

Lean meat and chicken breast are really good when watching your weight, though make sure not to overcook the meat or chicken and not to fry with a lot of oil or butter, if this is done the purpose is defeated and it becomes an unhealthy meal. You could eat the above with salad or any vegetable of your choice and if you want to make it a big meal brown rice could be added.

24. Importance of eggs

I cannot overemphasize the importance of eggs enough, eggs are really healthy and satisfying however you might feel that just eating the egg wouldn’t cut it for you or make you feel like you’ve eaten something well enough. You could make an egg salad and accompany it with brown rice or you could add shrimps (it must be properly washed and cooked) to spice things up.

25. Potatoes

Potatoes are also healthy and very important in your weight loss journey they are also really good for diabetic people. you could consume your potatoes with your normal tomato source or stew or you spice it up by making baked potatoes stuff with healthy cheese natural spices or any other food you feel that can complement it.

26. Carbonated drinks

This sought of drinks are really harmful to health. Avoid filling your belle with carbonated drinks.

27. Stress

Avoid over stressing yourself, you may lose weight by it but it isn’t healthy.

28. Over cooked vegetables

If the vegetables are over cooked, it’s going to lose its nutrients be sure not too over cook the vegetables.

29. Fitness and Workout

Fitness and Workout is a weight loss apps that includes a 30-day weight loss challenge, it creates personal workouts for the individual depending on the personal data which it has been given it also helps to achieve personal workout objectives. The app is updated regularly with new workout routines and other specs.

30. Having a diet plan

There are so many weight diet plans on the Internet pick one that suites you and your pocket and work with it.

31. The keto diet

A ketogenic diet has proven to work wonders on the human body, not just weight reduction but also in combating and reducing the risk of diseases like diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, seizure disorder, Parkinson’s disease, etc. It’s strictly against carbs and it’s pro vegetables and some fruits.