Belinda’s Story, Part One

belinda's story

Belinda is a girl who chose to think otherwise of the society as females being the weaker sex. She deeply believes that undoubtedly you possibly cannot convince her into believing that there exists a margin between what one can achieve in life caused by the difference in gender.

Every gender is equal if there’s a thing the other gender can’t do, then it should be the male gender, females can do that which the male does and even better.

However, I am not here to deliberate much more on the gender equality issue before you title me a feminist.

I am here to start a story that will drive us through the surfaces and background of the life of a little girl who grew up her very way from a very remote area.

In the order of birth, Belinda is the 4th daughter of her family and the 2nd in the order of survival rate, she had lost two of her sisters while growing up as a kid.

Just as any other young girl out there, Belinda has had her fair share of reading books about women entrepreneurs and how being a woman can help transform the world to a better place. She was opportune to study in a nice school, where she started her Primary school education, you could think of Belinda as a brilliant and beautiful young girl. You could at a glance sit down and paint her future with beautiful colours and give her a warm hug saying “you are a sweet girl and will be great in the future”.

She had received several promotions in her Primary school which enabled her to graduate from primary school even before her mates.

Her beauty attracts and dropping out of school is something we consider practically impossible as she has several hands wanting to give support and sponsor her academics. We hope Belinda remains a good girl as she’s about furthering her studies.

She’s a devoted Christian in the Roman Catholic Church who has headed the Block Rosary for two consecutive times as the central President even before the age of 15.

Luckily enough, she got admission to complete her secondary school education in a nearby school, where she walks from home to school every morning.

There’s this love she has for drawing and making paints on them to look pretty nice, she’s also good at acting and has won several drama competitions while in school and debates too.

She’s an all-around great person when it comes to anything art.

During her days in the junior secondary school, she’s saved from a lot of punishments from students as she’s more like a celebrity in the school and a friend to all.

On completing her junior secondary school level, she enrolled in the senior secondary school section in the month of September. This is when she was able to concentrate more on arts and designs.

Her dream was to become a sculptor after her university days. During her senior secondary school days, she could be seen often the fine art teacher Aunty Ada at the school’s art lab.

At the first term in here Senior Secondary Two, she has made a gigantic sculptor for the school.

Unfortunately, she stopped being punctual to school, her mother was sick and they’re investing all their resources and time to bring her back to good health.

To be continued

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