When Should I Let A Relationship Go?

when to leave a relationship that is not working

Relationships can be interesting when you are with a loved one, and of course, it also has its ups and downs.

The fun times, happy moments and glad ones, are what makes up for the bad times. There will be moments when you feel like leaving your partner because they have committed one atrocity or the other. They have lied, cheated, broken a promise or about to go against the norms of your relationship.

That moment, you conclude within yourself that it’s time to let go. But then, you find your self returning to your partner because you love them.

This happens again and again, that you start to wonder if really your relationship is working or not or should you leave the relationship.

However, there are moments when you should just let a relationship go. Such moments include cases of:

Signs to know when to leave a relationship

1. Physical Abuse:

When you experience constant physical abuse from your partner and it doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon, it’s definitely time to let a relationship go.

You may be in love with such partner and keep forgiving them after each hit. However, that may only encourage your partner to keep hitting you. Leave a relationship that involves a lot of physical abuse so that you do not end up losing your life and your person.

2. Emotional Abuse

Worse than physical abuse, emotional abuse is another reason why you should let a relationship go.

It is only people who do not care about you that let you suffer emotionally. They toy with your feelings and make your pin for them. This sort of abuse is not seen but it can be exhausting for you.

3. Cheating

A partner who doesn’t care about you constantly cheats on you, understand that and you may stop forgiving such partner and let the relationship go.

If really your partner loves you and cares about you, they will support you, stand by you and be with you and not cheat with some random people all the time.

Every time you forgive is a way of telling your partner that cheating on you is okay and that you can always forgive it. Also, with that, you open yourself to severe sexual diseases.

4. Doesn’t seem right

You’ve talked to your partner at a lot of times about how you feel but nothing has changed? Then you should probably quit such a relationship.

Your feelings don’t align with the relationship, you don’t care about your partner and things just keep going down the drain after you have talked about it a number of times, maybe then you should leave.

5. Lies

Does your partner feel very comfortable lying to you? They feel no remorse whatsoever and just keep lying even when you have found them out. A relationship is about companionship and even more, being truthful to one another.

If your partner doesn’t feel right telling you things, maybe you aren’t the one for them. Know the things your partner share and understand them if they like their privacy but lies about important things shouldn’t be tolerated.

6. Growth

Being in a relationship shouldn’t be a parasitic association, rather it’s an opportunity for the partners in the relationship to grow together and become more accomplished in various areas.

Your relationship is becoming too draining in terms of money, attention, and some other things? Then you definitely should think about leaving such a relationship. Also, you should be able to contribute to your partner’s growth rather than waiting for them to do it all.

7. No talk of the future

Talks about the future can be really pressuring for any partner in a relationship.

However, such talks have to come up once in a while if both sides are to understand fully the extent of the relationship and avoid disappointment.

Should you be looking forward to meeting the parents soon or not Should you expect the proposal to drop in soon or you are all for enjoying the moments while they last.

Talk to your partner and prompt discussion. If your plans do not aligh it’s best to let such a relationship go before you damage yourself or your partner.

8. Undefined Relationship

If your answers to these questions as regards to your relationship are positive then you are really in one.

Is the relationship mutual on both sides? Are you both dating each other? None has any misgiving as to if the relationship will work, right?
Positive answers? You are good to go!

Otherwise, I’m afraid you may be the only one in the relationship. If your partner doesn’t feel committed to the relationship as you are or they regard you as friends, you may want to sit them down to talk.

9. No midpoint

At almost all times, it is quite impossible to see that perfect partner which matches all that you want or require.

They may have certain qualities that you like and some that you don’t, that doesn’t mean they are not the right one for you.

This is where midpoint comes in or a tolerance level. You accept them for who they are and try to meet at certain points.

However, what happens when there is no midpoint? When all you seem to do is argue all the time that you can’t find a certain point of agreement? Then you start to hate each other and you are afraid to share opinions or good news with them.

At this point, you may start lying to your partner and maybe the best time to let go.

10. Thousands of other reasons:

There is no rule that says you have to live forever in a relationship that you do not like. When you feel the need to let go of a relationship for some reasons, do not be afraid to do so.

Understand that your mental health and stability is more important than a lot of other things.

Letting go of the relationship of course, shouldn’t be done at the detriment of your partner’s well-being too.

Do not make it deceptive and always try talking, seeing a relationship advisor before you let it all go.

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