8 Lockdown Tips For Partners That Want Their Relationship To Survive

The whole world is on total lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a lot of people are already panicking regarding whether or not will their relationship survive Coronavirus outbreak and what awaits them at the end of the quarantine period, as everyone is already missing the usual lifestyle.

Will many relationships break up during or after isolation? How can you maintain a healthy relationship with your partner during coronavirus pandemic?

Most Bfs and Gfs who are in a relationship and used to seeing each other every now and then, are now new to the long-distance relationship lifestyle due to coronavirus and this not at all funny.

Reports getting to me already indicate a lot of people are complaining and seeking for means to break up over text message during coronavirus outbreak. But this shouldn’t be so, less your relationship was already near break up before the pandemic outbreak.

Honestly, considering the strain that coronavirus is putting on our lives, this isn’t the right time to experiences a heartbreak. I think we should be more committed to making life easier in a time like this where everyone is engulfed in the fear of losing a loved one to the deadly virus.

You must have also heard in the popular coronavirus news that there’s an increase in the rate of Chinese divorce since the outbreak. This is not only happening in China, but several other countries have their own stories on the impact of COVID-19 on relationships. So we’re here to share tips for strengthening your relationship during the lockdown.

How to keep your love alive during coronavirus

1. Keep yourself safe to save others

The coronavirus rules are almost hard to keep but it is easier to stay safe when you learn its all about saving lives and nothing can be compared with your life.

By practising the recommended safety tips during coronavirus pandemic, you’re keeping yourself safe and also people around you to avoid the spread. This is something you have to remind your partner often.

According to the World Health Organization, social distancing, washing your hands with running water, soap, and the application of hand sanitizer remains the best method to prevent the spread. The use of a face mask and gloves has been confirmed to be very helpful if you have to go outside your apartment during COVID-19 pandemic.

2. Check on your partner daily

If you’re not living in the same apartment with your partner, there’s a great need to keep checking on them daily and remember to ask them some coronavirus medical questions to make sure their state of health is normal.

The questions to ask your partner during coronavirus pandemic includes; how they’re coping with the lockdown, how they’re able to manage to work from home and the sort of feelings that are popping up in a period like this.

Your physical conversations with your partner, over the text, chat, or phone call during this COVID-19 pandemic will inform you of what challenges they’re facing and how you can become a better partner to assist and encourage them to be strong as we’re all hopeful the lockdown will come to an end someday.

3. Take advantage of the lockdown

Before now, either you or your partner are always on the move and returning home late thereby making you unable to spend some quality time together.

To make your relationship survive lockdown, try to be more creative and make the time spent together with your partner worth remembering. This is an ample time to take a look into the relationship and conduct re-evaluation to find out places you both need to work on.

As far as you don’t want to be among those relationships that will end after lockdown, try not to overdo anything, do not overwork yourself or stress your partner.

To shut down verbally or sexually is not a good idea for partners during tough times like this when staying more connected as one is nice. You can be affectionate, and sexual without having to do with intercourse and org*sm. Making out or having a hot shower with your partner during a lockdown or a massage can spice up the moment and calm down the stress you’re facing staying at home 24/7.

Spending more time at home with your partner isn’t all about the fun part, you both can assist yourselves to work from home, set different work desk, have alone time and even more.

4. Be considerate with your partner

We all are trying our best to survive this period of lockdown and this is something very strange to many.

Actually, you have to be considerate with your partner as the COVID-19 crisis is causing a lot of feelings that can make your partner behave strange out of fear.

5. Avoid bankruptcy

It is true that the world is in crises with the COVID-19 and different government/none governmental organizations are working tirelessly to ensure the safety of everyone during this isolation time.

However, the above does not contradict the fact that there are a lot make money from home online scams today in search of the most gullible persons to scam their hard-earned money. Do not fall a victim, investigate before you invest so you don’t squander your savings as you will be needing more of it after the quarantine period.

6. Exercise daily and eat a good diet

Exercising daily can help you and your partner in managing stress and keep you away from the doctor. A good diet will also contribute to the building of a strong immune system and minimize your vulnerability to diseases.

Consider exercising within your apartment if you can’t go outside due to the pandemic. Keeping fit becomes more interesting when you’re doing it with someone you love.

7. Make out plans

Remember that the lockdown will come to an end definitely even if we’re very uncertain about it at the moment, I’m pretty sure it has not come to stay forever. The world is not sleeping on this, so what will be your next plan after this isolation period?

When the two of you brainstorm on different ideas, you will come to conclusions that will birth results to help you carry on with your tasks and responsibilities in life after the coronavirus quarantine period.

8. Show appreciation

We all are really passing through a lot in a time like this that we require more encouragement, appreciation and gratitude than ever, to keep going.

Always remember to thank each other for the work they’ve been doing so far and how they’re helping/encouraging you to achieve more during the lockdown period. The more you express gratitude, the more you will see things to be very grateful for every time.

Over to you

I hope you’re working hard and smart not to destroy your relationship during the lockdown. Since the whole coronavirus case is hitting big on everyone and affecting almost all the sectors of life not leaving our relationships behind, I would love to know how you’ve been coping with your partner staying at home all these while.

Feeel free to leave a comment below and tell us how you feel.

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