Belinda’s Story Part Three

belinda's story

Getting married at an early age is just normal for some type of people but not applicable to Belinda for her dream is bigger than getting married.

Unfortunately, there’s no other option to follow, she have to consider a marriage proposal from a young man called Emeka who’s into importation of leather bags.

Emeka the husband to be had earlier promised to train Belinda in school and have immensely contributed to the lives of her family.

We just hope he does it as promised:

Belinda’s traditional marriage and white wedding was actually the talk of the town, everyone who honoured the invitation had enough to eat and even enough to go home with, it was a big bounty of refreshment.

In light of the above, she’s relaxed and every other person has great trust in the whole happenings, he’s a good man and will take care of our daughter.

After the wedding and traditional marriage, everyone has to begin learning the new process. Luckily enough, they’re planning on going for a vacation in Dubai where they will spend a few months on their honeymoon.

That was a welcomed idea, Belinda and her family members were very happy about the gesture and titled it a happy one.

After proper documentation at the Embassy, they travelled to Dubia and something really strange was uncovered for Belinda, this time around she’s just found in the middle of the sea. A few weeks later while still in Dubia for her honeymoon, she discovered her husband is married to a white woman.

Belinda who we thought is the only wife to Emeka, isn’t even the first, so what’s her order in marriage? She’s the second wife now and her husband never told her he was married abroad.

She’s soaked deep in pain of how love turned into bitterness, how her honeymoon landed her to heartbreaks. Should she fine a divorce or continue with the marriage, probably as the second wife?

Let’s find out in the next chapter, Belinda’s decision after she found out her husband was married to another woman abroad

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