12 Sure Signs She Is Cheating On You

signs she is cheating on you

I’ve been in a relationship for over two years and in my wildest dreams, I never thought there would be any case of infidelity in my relationship. I thought that the level of commitment that we had attained during our time together was not something that any of us would dare cheat on, but I was wrong because my girlfriend cheated on me and I was so blind to all the signs because I really trusted her and because of this I was not only cheated on, it took me time to find out and when I finally did, I was the fool and I was so heartbroken.

I recollected all the signs she showed me and then I found out that, she had already broken up with me before we officially did. If your girlfriend is portraying any of the signs below, it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s cheating but there’s a 75% probability that she’s cheating or intending to or that there’s something terribly wrong and if not handled will lead to the end of the relationship.

When you’re done reading and analyzing your girlfriend’s character and see if she’s showing you any of the signs and if she is, I’ll advise you to take your time to monitor her and be sure before you conclude on what to do about it. Here are signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you already.

Top 12 signs she’s cheating on you

Whether you are searching for the first signs of cheating in a girlfriend, or physical signs of cheating and everything in between, I hope you find the following tips helpful to catch the cheater and fix things or move on with life and find new love that is true.

1. She stops getting angry at you.

You remember those little things you would do and she’ll get mad at you for and yell at you. If she doesn’t do it anymore or now she doesn’t care about what you do or who you’re with, she might be cheating on you, don’t even think she’s acting mature, no woman is mature around the man she loves, if she loves you she’ll get angry at the little things you didn’t do right.

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2. She starts telling lies.

If she starts telling lies about where she’s at and who she’s with and where she’s going, she’s definitely cheating or planning to. A love-filled relationship is filled with honesty and if she loves you she’ll never lie to you and if you ever catch her lying, you need to keep a close eye on her.

3. She’s being uptight with her phone.

If she doesn’t let you check or touch her phone and carries her phone wherever she goes, she’s definitely hiding something and it’ll probably be the text of who she’s cheating with. Does she keep her phone faced down? Look out for this very significant as one of the crucial signs she’s cheating on you.

4. Starts looking gorgeous again.

When you met her at first she always dressed very good and she caught your eye and you two started dating and she went back to dressing normally because you both became comfortable with each other and after some time she starts dressing beautiful again and starts caring about how she looks more than normal and sometimes dresses extra when she’s going out that may be because she’s trying to get another man’s attention.

5. She hates everything you do.

Even the old things that she loved when you do, you find out that she doesn’t like you doing them anymore, she sees it as unnecessary, if you try to make her laugh she just ends up faking a smile for you, she doesn’t want to be part of what you do anymore, she doesn’t like what you like or do anymore.

6. Your girlfriend doesn’t have time for you.

When she becomes too busy for you, she doesn’t answer your calls, and even when she does, she gives you excuses, she’s just too busy to talk or associate with you, this happens because she’s spending all her spare time with her new man.

7. Losses interest in being intimate.

If your woman does not want to be intimate with you or that she doesn’t try to initiate sex like before, she has definitely lost feelings for you to another guy and she is too guilty to let you touch her.

8. Always being defensive.

If she’s cheating on you, she won’t want you to know so she’ll try all her best to ignore questions and when you apply pressure she becomes defensive and acts like she’s being accused wrongly.

9. She spends much time on her phone.

If your girlfriend is always on her phone unlike before and you ask her who she’s texting with and she says her friend but doesn’t want you to see or know who’s her friend then there’s a tendency that she’s texting her new lover.

10. She is now automatically independent.

She now becomes too independent and when you ask, she tells you she’s working for her future, no longer “our” meaning there’s a future for her but it’s definitely not with you, and she also never talks about the future with you like she used to, it just simply means she’s cheating or she’s intending to.

11. Constant nagging.

When a girl is tired of the relationship she turns everything into drama, always becomes pissed at the slightest provocation. The reason why she does this is because she’s cheating and wants to make it look as if the relationship is no longer working.

12. Frequently hangs out without you.

When your girlfriend goes out often but never wants to include you, she’s always out alone, and even when you plan dates so you two can hang out together, she’s never interested in going with you, then she’s cheating and always going out to see her new lover and also doesn’t want to be seen with you.

If your partner is showing any of the above-mentioned signs of infidelity, then you need to be watchful. Keep a close eye on her and if it turns out to be that she’s cheating on you for real, just try to find out where the problem may be coming from and if there’s a chance that the problem was from you, and if anything can be done. You possibly can take correction and still move on but if the problem is not from you then all you have to do is come to terms with the fact that she decided to cheat and then you end the relationship peacefully and move on with life, you deserve someone better, genuine love and loyal girlfriend.

Kindly let me know what you think in the comment section below and feel free to share these awesome tips with friends and save a dude from a cheating girlfriend or a potential cheat.

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