15 Serious Signs You Will Never Get A Girlfriend

signs you will never get a girlfriend

Being in a romantic relationship is one of the things that accompany teenage age and adulthood, it’ll be a problem if you’ve tried all possible means to get a partner or girlfriend but you keep failing.

If you have had several breakups in the past, it’s either that you’re bad at being a good boyfriend or there’s something wrong somewhere that you never find love. I understand what comes along with the psychological effects of never having a girlfriend or at least a long-lasting relationship.

I’ve been privileged to talk to my friend who told me how he has tried different ways to get a girlfriend, he mentioned that he has tried a good number of dating apps, but he never seemed to connect with them emotionally (all of them) and it was the same for the women as they kept on leaving, and he was really worried

He is a young man in his mid-twenties, scared he might not be able to get a girlfriend till the end of his life, but I reassured him we’ll get to the root of his problem. I took my pen and wrote down, some of the things he told me, and wrote down my own personal experiences searching for true love, and I came to find out that a lot of the things men do subconsciously affect how women see them, and these actions either turn the ladies off or make them fall head over heels in love with them.

Here are some honest reasons you’ll never get a girlfriend:

1. You’re so scared to approach a woman.

If you’re one of the men who get scared to talk to women, then there’s a possibility you’ll never get a girlfriend except you begin to work on yourself. Honestly, when you see a girl you like but you’re too scared to go over and say hi, how do you expect her to know you like her? Gather some courage, go over and talk to her, she might like you back. Here’s how to start a conversation with someone you have never met before.

2. You’re not confident.

If you’ve gotten over the fear of going over to say hello to someone you like, it’s time to work on your confidence, don’t go over and begin to stutter like an old grandpa who doesn’t know a lot anymore or remember the words he wanted to say, talk with confidence, let the woman you’re talking to know that she’s talking to a real and confident man.

3. You don’t dress good.

Women love confident men who know how to look good, don’t come over with your confidence looking razz, dress well, look good and decent, and you’ll get the attention of the woman you love.

4. You don’t own up to masculinity.

When you don’t act, talk and think like a man, women who are interested in men tend to get turned off, so show off your masculine nature, and try to be a gentleman and a nice person while doing it.

5. You keep on chasing after the wrong persons.

One of the reasons why females don’t like you and probably stay away from you is because you keep on chasing after so many women and not your purpose as a man in life. If you keep on chasing women randomly instead of going all out to find your purpose then you will definitely not get a girlfriend.

6. You talk a lot.

This is one bad habit that some men have, which turns women completely off. Always try to be mature, always control the way things come out of your mouth, ladies get so tired of your constant talking, it actually is tiring because they don’t get to say anything, you just keep going on and on.

7. You don’t understand women.

This is the real deal, understanding a woman is one job that is kind of hard for men but it shouldn’t be. Honestly, if you get to understand women and what they want then getting a girlfriend will stop being a problem.

Although, women are a mystery to men just as men are to women.

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8. You don’t have a social life.

A situation where you don’t go out to meet new people is one of the reasons you’ll never get a girlfriend. Let’s be honest here, how will you even get to meet your prospective partner if all you do is go to work and go home. Attend parties, go to clubs, make real friends, and start working towards your love life. You may be lucky this time by becoming a little bit social.

9. You’re too desperate.

Learn to ask a girl out on a date without coming off as desperate.

When desperation is written all over you, it’ll definitely be hard for you to find a girlfriend because no girl wants to be with a desperate man who rushes everything and settles for anything, it’s good to take your time.

10. You’re not successful.

Most men misinterpret this issue, they think that women want to be with only financially successful men because of their money but the truth is that success to ladies means, setting your priorities right, being industrious, being able to take charge over every situation, or at least trying, you don’t necessarily have to be a millionaire to get a girlfriend.

11. You’re bad in bed.

You’ve probably hooked up a couple of women and after you have sex, she suddenly looks for ways to avoid you, then it means you probably didn’t satisfy her or you did something wrongly. Try to find out what it is and then speak to your doctor about it, maybe something could be done to get you back on stage.

12. You don’t have good boyfriend quality.

A good boyfriend doesn’t just become good, they’re qualities you have to possess to become a good boyfriend, you have to be caring, be able to denote signs and look for ways to fix it, you must be able to make good decisions, learn each other’s love language and practice it.

13. You’re too lazy.

If you’re too lazy, you don’t work, you’re not making any move to get a job well I’m sorry to burst your bubble, no one wants to be with liability, so get a job and make money for yourself.

14. You’re confused about what you want.

If you still don’t know or you’re contemplating what you want in a woman, then you’ll probably not be able to get a girlfriend because you don’t know what you want.

15. You avoid people who are in a successful relationship.

Your inner circle is full of single people who don’t know what to do to get in a relationship and stay in it just like you. Make friends with people who are in successful relationships and you’ll learn something.

Final words:

It is possible to never get a girlfriend especially when you think it will affect your goals and objectives at the main time. But if you are a shy guy, or always have relationship issues with every try you make, then I strongly believe these points mentioned will help you figure out what to fix if you want to get a girlfriend.

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