15 Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You Badly

how to make your boyfriend miss you badly

How do you make a guy miss you badly?

Ladies feel special when their presence is missed, especially by their boyfriends. This prompts every girl who’s deeply in love to ask questions like; “how can I make him miss me badly?”, “How can I make my boyfriend miss me like crazy?” Indeed absence makes the heart fonder, when applied correctly, can answer your question on “how do I make him scared of losing me?”

In all honesty, you don’t need to do anything extraordinary to make your boyfriend scared of losing you. His love for you and your personality have covered that aspect for you.

However, if you want to spice up your relationship, or perhaps, you want to keep the flavor in your long-distance relationship. You are in the right place to learn from our relationship expert tips, the best ways to make your boyfriend miss you in a long distance relationship, after a fight, or even without talking to him.

In this article, you will be enlightened on how to stay in the mind of your boyfriend always and will also see the best answers regarding your everyday disturbing question “how to make my boyfriend miss me and want to see me?”

15 ways to make your boyfriend miss you

To make him miss you and u around him all the time, here are the best tips that will make him miss you badly. The following tips can also be used to make your boyfriend miss you in a long distance relationship.

1. Be scarce to make him miss you

It is reasonable to want to spend every day and time with the man you love, however, being with him always, will wear his feelings for you off. Men don’t like it when their girlfriends are too clingy, don’t be a clingy girlfriend. Allow him to go to work without nagging about how lonely it makes you feel, he is working to be able to provide for you and his family. Allow him to hang-out with his friends, there is only so much time he will spend before seeking to be in the company of the woman he loves.

2. Keep off social media to make him miss and want to see you

Give out an aura of being busy, but don’t overdo it. Don’t update your WhatsApp status, your Snapchat stories, or Instagram stories as often as you usually do.  Don’t comment on his posts, just like them, this is a more way of making him miss you without talking to him.

However, if you must comment, then make it short and straight to the point. Don’t reply to his chat immediately it enters your phone, keep him hanging for a moment before sending a very engaging message to him.

3. Give him surprises

It doesn’t matter if your boyfriend is wealthier than you; he also loves being surprised with gifts from you. In addition to that, make yourself fun to be with, tell him the things you find funny. Sweep him off his feet by canceling on expensive dates and taking him to casual and fun places that you discover. Don’t dive into telling him everything new about you, leave him hanging for a while before fulfilling his desire.

4. Exhume positivity, always be happy with yourself

No one likes a grumpy person, no man misses an easily irritated girlfriend. Therefore, be happy always, everyone loves a happy person, your boyfriend will not be different. You can also do this by living out your dreams, attending parties, working hard to achieve your goals, and being proud of yourself. If he sees you happy without his presence as a facilitator, he will love to always be with you. If only to know what the reason for your happiness is, and if he realizes that it is all from inside you, he will want to tap from it.

5. Tease your boyfriend

To make a man miss you and want you back, understand that he is attracted to you, and a strong pull to your body is the reason you guys are in a relationship right now. Therefore, exercise the power of your body by teasing him with the clothes you wear, send him pictures of you in sexy outfits. Wear clothes that emphasize your femininity, wear body-fitting clothes, wear anything that will whet his appetite for you. Then delay the inevitable for a while, and get a love-drunk boyfriend in your arms.

6. Spike up the level of his jealousy

This part can be very dicey if you overdo it. Spiking up the level of boyfriend’s jealousy can work magic on him and make him miss you more. If you overdo it, you risk losing your man. You can make him jealous by hanging out with friends and having a good time. Take pictures of your hangouts and send them to him.

7. Wear a sweet-smelling perfume

Have you ever come in contact with someone whose perfume smells so lovely that you have no option than to recognize him/her by the scent of their perfume. Well, be that kind of person to your boyfriend. Carefully choose a sweet-smelling perfume, and always wear it wherever you go, so it sticks to you permanently. Then when you are with your boyfriend, turn cautiously so that he will perceive your perfume. Do not underestimate the power of smelling nice.

8. Fall out of constant communication with him

To make him miss you and commit, go on a business trip if you can, go on vacation without him if you can. Do everything to create some physical space with him, lessen the frequency of your calls to him, including text messages. Allow him to call you, when you feel that he is getting uncomfortable with you not calling, call him, and chat extensively with him. Don’t forget that no matter how much you want to hear his voice, you have to allow him to call you first, that’s the only way he can miss you intensely.

9. End your conversation first

When you have a chat with your boyfriend, be sure to plead tiredness and end the call first. Before doing that, be sure to chat with him well, though not for too long, then make excuses for how tired you are before hanging up. These actions might annoy your boyfriend at the start, but with time it will increase his yearning for you, and he will run straight into your arms.

10. Talk about being independent, and act it out

Despite how much a man loves a woman, he always appreciates and admires a certain level of self-dependence in her. Therefore, if you are a sit-at-home girlfriend, find something to do. Startup a business, make credible moves in the direction of achieving your goals. Post about your achievements on social media, and make sure you tag him. This will ensure that he and his friends see it; it will make him boast of you to his friends and will undoubtedly make him miss you more.

 11. Leave him wanting for more

No matter how much some men pretend to love girls that play hard to get; they feel a great attraction to those kinds of girls. You know how they say that the thrill of the hunt helps a man show off his ego and dominance. Therefore, use this to your advantage, stretch out the time it takes for him to hunt you down. Give him open invitations using your actions but deny him vocally when he takes steps to touch you or kiss him. This will whet his appetite of being with you.

12. Leave souvenirs behind

You know how people’s belongings remind you of them. That is exactly what your gifts will do to him. Leave items that will remind him of the beautiful memories you guys created together. For instance, leaving behind an earring he gifted you when you wished for it, leaving behind the garters he loves seeing on you. Those items will remind him of you, and he will want to make new memories with you.

13. Return his calls and texts, late

Sometimes, it is good to allow calls from your boyfriend to go into voicemail. And when he texts you, do not reply immediately. However, when you finally pick his call, respond to his text, or call him back, be sure to sound happy to be communicating with him. Tell him how much you have missed him and step back a bit, allow him to take the lead in your discussion. Only then will you be able to take notice if he has indeed missed you. Listen attentively to him, answer his inquiry about your welfare with sincere enthusiasm and don’t forget to be the first one to end the conversation.

14. Update your wardrobe

If you have fallen out of style probably because you think your boyfriend likes you the way you are, of course, he does, but you have to stir up his emotions to what it was at the onset of your relationship. To do this, you have to purchase and wear body-fitting clothes that bring out your pretty figure. Also, wear heels that make your legs look like they go on forever, paint your nails, try out new makeup, and many other things.

15. Cook delicious meals for him

Indeed, the fastest and surest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And although you already have his heart, preparing mind-blowing meals can intensify his feeling for you. You can do this by trying out new recipes, or you can ask a friend or a family member to teach you her signature recipe. You can go the extra mile by hiring a professional intercontinental cook to show you the secrets of cooking any meal.

In conclusion, you can intensify the emotions in your relationship by making your boyfriend miss you more. The steps mentioned above can aid you in achieving that fit. Follow them and ensure that your boyfriend is always looking forward to spending time with you. 

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