What free things can I do on my birthday?

Every birthday does not necessarily have to do with spending a lot of money trying to buy the most expensive drink at Starbucks or go for a loan to host the best birthday party ever so you could feel special or impress your friends. I know everyone would want to know the ending part of the story if you do so.

Your birthday can be special without costing a lot of money. Honestly, I do not see anything wrong with asking to know if you can get a free drink at Starbuck, what stores give free birthday gifts or even conduct a deep internet search on birthday freebies.

Birthday is a special day to celebrate a lovely year added to your life. The older you grow, the more you would always want to have the best for yourself especially when celebrating your birthday.

If your birthday is around the corner, you could be trying to figure out what free birthday stuff can you get online or do. You are looking for free things to redeem on your birthday probably because you want to make it a special day for free and save some bucks for yourself. Moreover, you could be expecting birthday gifts and wishes from your loved ones, friends and well-wishers. Even at that, you might still want to have alternatives too.

What do you want for your birthday, free food and treat or free things to do that doesn’t cost a penny but will make you feel great on your birthday?  If you want free stuff online, see what stores give you free gifts for your birthday.

Let’s dive in to see a list of fun and free things to do on your birthday to make it memorable.

Free unique things to do on your birthday

To have the best for yourself on your birthday without much expenditure will forever remain the best kind of feeling ever. I understand your birthday is around the corner or even today and you can be excited or nervous about the things to do and make it memorable. Here are some ideas you can try for free.

1. Dance to your favourite music

This is your birthday, play the music you love the most even if it is not on the list of America’s top ten artists of the year or your friends don’t like it. This is your special day they would have no choice than to dance along with you. If you have crazy friends like mine, they would prefer you to play their favourite instead, haha! But that could be fun too, dragging the music player with them, I just hope they don’t spoil it 🙂

2. Paintball

If you have heard about paintball and hasn’t tried it yet, it would be nice to plan to go to the colourful sports with your friends and get yourself splattered with paints. This is not totally free but you might a birthday discount.

3. Attend a free ticket concert

If you’re lucky and your favourite artist is hosting a free concert on your birthday, it would be nice to treat yourself to that amazing opportunity. Hit the concert hall with a few of your friends and don’t say no if they want to organize a free birthday dinner for you afterwards.

4. Try roller skating

If you haven’t engaged in a roller-skating party before, you might give it a second thought before trying it on your birthday. The fall hurts and I sincerely don’t want you to feel hurt on your birthday.

If you have mastered roller skating, it can be fun to have a roller skating party on your birthday with friends.

5. Decorate your room

House cleaning and decoration isn’t all about buying new flowers, rearranging and placing already exiting things in an orderly and attractive manner gives your room the best fit to indicate today is truly a special day.

6. Spend time with family

If you have been away from home for work or academic purposes, having a nice time with your family will earn you free birthday songs, wishes, gift items and prayers from your beloved family members.

7. Let a nearby store know

While hanging out on your birthday, visit a nearby store or restaurant, I assume you’re already their regular customer and let them today is your birthday. I won’t be surprised if it turns out you receive a lot of free drinks and food from the stores or restaurants near you in honour of your birthday. This is perhaps a nice idea for what you can get for free on your birthday without signing up.

Remember you don’t have to appear in almost all the nearby grocery stores begging for free items on your birthday. You can pay for a few and get a lot of discounts or even a mind blowing freebie for your birthday.

What other free things have you ever done on your birthday that made it a memorable one?