The list of things every man should have by 40, shouldn’t totally depend on what is trending but what’s absolutely required to be part of his accomplishment as a man by the age of 40.

A real man that is forty, realizes he’s no longer a kid and should pay attention to only the things that matter the most in life.

He should be man enough to decide what he spends his money on, the kind of lifestyle he lives, build a good relationship with people around him and more importantly, have a meaningful relationship with the partner of his choice.

The art of manliness or to man-up isn’t only about spending more time at the gym, but all about spending ample amount of time to examine who you’re and things you should already have at this point in life.

If you ever asked the question “what should I own by 40?” it is a good sign you really want the best for yourself.

Most men want to know the best things every man should have in his truck/car, accessories every man should carry, the kind of men’s fashion a man should have in his wardrobe and also what should be in his closet once he’s 40 and above. If that’s the case, then search no further, this post is tailored for every man who’s at least 40 years old and wants the very best for himself.

40 important things every man should have by 40

If truly life begins at forty, then the following recommendations of the most essential things every man should own by 40, should be seriously considered. Trust me, these items will launch you into a new reality.

1. Artwork

Every man should own at least a piece of artwork by the time he’s 40. You don’t need to wait for long trying to buy the popular masterpiece, a nice drawing whether eye-catching or not or even a sculpture that inspires you is something you should have in your apartment.

2. Hygiene products

Health is wealth, don’t let the pursuit for wealth make you pay less attention to quality products that will keep you healthy and make your skin feel rejuvenated always.

3. A set of towels

You deserve a few fine towels because you will need them almost every day of your life. If you have only one towel before 40, consider it a priority to add more so you will always have a clean piece of the towel at your reach whenever the need arises.

4. Leather belt

Good belt made of leather is one of the important things a man at 40 should have in his wardrobe. A quality men’s belt will stay for years, consider also a quality tie and good shirts that will make your fashion sense for a suit or casual wear very attractive.

5. A nice pair of jean

There’s nothing more general for men’s fashion than a quality pair of jeans. Interestingly, you can rock your nice men’s jeans with a tucked dress shirt or plain white shirt with sneakers.

6. Grooming toolkit

A man at 40 should invest in grooming kit, he should at least have a quality set of nail clippers and tweezers.

7. White Dress shirt

Every man should own a white dress shirt by 40. A collection of blue and a good number of white dress shirts because you can wear them with almost everything. Whether you decide to run a heavy starch on them or a pressing iron at home, you will realize how well they pair with your jean.


8. A passport

To fulfill the promises you made to yourself to travel the world when you clock 40 can be achieved when you already have the passport to go to your dream destination. A traveler is open to more knowledge than an old man who has never traveled outside his own country, and this is why every man should have a valid passport by the age of 40. Buy RFID Blocking Travel Wallet.

a man carrying his pet

9. A pet

If you are like my husband who likes taking care of other living things voluntarily, you should consider having a pet by 40. If not for anything else, but for the love you have for animals, the companionship, and possible stress relief you will enjoy. Buy Gentle Deshedding Brush Glove for both dogs and cats with long and short fur.

10. A tent

If you enjoy camping at 40, then a tent should be a must-have for you. Be the man who has his own tent for camping under the stars.

11. A tailored black suit

A well-tailored suit is perhaps one among the things every man should have in his wardrobe by 40 if he wants to make a more formal move into the realm of cooperating dress code.

12. Black dress shoes

A nice pair of men’s black shoes will make you appear more attractive. You don’t necessarily need to go bankrupt trying to buy the most expensive men’s black shoes but something of good quality is worth the price.

13. A toolbox

Don’t be the man who can’t fix his blender, minor car problems, and lots more of the DIY every other man can handle swiftly probably because you don’t have the right tools for it.

14. A nice leather wallet

One of the things a man should carry or own once he’s 40 years old. This vintage style men’s leather wallet comes in more than four different colors you will fall in love with. It’s a nice leather wallet with enough compartments to keep your cards safe and make you feel more secure.

15. Cologne

Every man should own a Cologne by 40. I assume you already know the difference between a Cologne, perfume, and spray.
Get the Cologne for men, and use sparingly. To so many men, the Nautica Voyage is an easy way to attract any kind of woman.

16. A wristwatch

Trust me, every man in his 40s should at least own a good wristwatch. It can be a wristwatch with a leather handle, rubber, or chain watch that has sapphire glass.

17. A flashlight

Every man at 40 should own at least a portable hand-held rechargeable torch even if he already has a flashlight app installed on this mobile.

18. A travel bag

Travel bags for men is a must-have for every self-respected man who’s at least 40 years of age. Buy yourself a nice traveling bag that suits all your traveling needs.

19. Proper glassware

A 40-year-old man should at least know which glass for which drink. There’s nothing as amazing as having the proper glassware for different types of drinks. Go get yourself a nice wine glass or beer glass to pour your favorite drink or when you have friends around and ready for a mini drink party.

20. Corkscrew

It is difficult to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew or any other household bottle that is sealed with corks. When you want to pop a bottle of wine for your visitors, you don’t have to try using your hands to remove the cork without a corkscrew or wonder how to make use of a corkscrew.

21. A chef’s knife

As a 40-year-old, you should at least own a chef’s knife even if you’re not a chef. You can use a chef’s knife to cut or disjoint a large amount of beef, or slice items in the kitchen. When buying a chef’s knife, go for the one that has the blade steel run through the handle.

important things every man should own at 40

22. Photo album

This will be no doubt your own stylish adventure book. You’re a man, and of course, you have some memory captured on photographs. They should be well arranged in a photo album for the eye.

23. A flask

Every man who’s at least 40 years old, should own a portable hip flask that is leak proof. Whether you’re camping, traveling to a far distance, or heading to your workplace, you will find out that this particular type of men’s flask fits in because it is portable and easy to carry.

24. An umbrella

The weather can be so unpredictable and a walking umbrella that has a nice handle is what every man should own by 40.

25. Electric iron with steam

You wouldn’t want tO appear in a function with clothes that are as if they were pulled from the bottle. Even if you already have a laundryman, you still need to own an ironing board and a steam iron by the age of 40.

26. Playing cards

In your 40s, you should have good playing cards to light up the moment and kill boredom whenever you are less busy and hanging out with friends.

27. Sunglasses

The SUNGAIT ultra lightweight polarized sunglasses with UV400 protection, is a quality sunglass that’s easy to wear. The Ray-Ban, Tom Ford Ace, Tomahawk and the Oakley sunglasses are also other popular brands of sunglasses for men.

28. A record player

The top-rated record players; Victrola, Audio-Technica and Record player Turntable for Vinyl Records, and other great brands below $100, forms part of the best record players every man who loves good music and sound should own by 40.

29. Sportswear

Exercising daily keeps you healthy. Every man should own a nice set of activewear for exercising in his 40s.
Whether you like to do some gym activities or like to go for an early morning run, having the right-wear will always help you achieve your daily exercise goals.

30. Good socks

A man at 40, should have the best socks for his feet, the company that makes the best socks have them in variety. We advise you to go for the most durable socks that will fit in properly with your feet and purpose. If you’re an athlete and you just clocked 40, it is advisable to buy the best athletic socks for running.

31. Good underwears

Every man in his 40s should own at least a good number of men’s underwear. we strongly recommend the Fruit of the Loom men’s coolzone boxer briefs. They come in assorted colors you would like and form a significant part of the essential things a man should own.

cast iron skillet

32. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast iron skillet

The memory or kitchen experience a cast-iron skillet creates by helping you have your favorite recipes ready without stress is entirely amazing.

nice book collection

34. A collection of great books

If you’re a man at 40, you should at least know how to build your book collection and make sure you have some interesting reads. The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton and Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill are our all time favorite books to read. You should add more personal growth books that will make you have an amazing 40s and prepare you for the tasks ahead as you grow older.

35. A set of wine glasses

Wine glasses really make a difference when it has to do with which wine goes in which glass, a proper set of wine glasses solves the puzzle.

36. A strong pocket knife

A nice pocket knife or a penknife is one of the things every man should carry at 40. Especially if your job or everyday life requires cutting whether big or small hence it is something a portable pocket knife can handle.

37. A special camera

A 40 year old man should at least have a dedicated camera to capture interesting moments and beautiful lanscapes. Interestingly, most of these personal cameras, are under $100.

38. A nice wool blanket

A machine-washable wool blanket that’s more hygienic and soft to keep you warm. Buy a 100 percent wool blanket, most of which are under $50 even for the top selected products and reviews on Amazon.

39. Coffee maker

If you are the type that would like to wake up to the flavor of an early morning coffee readily available for you, then you should consider a coffee machine as a must-have for every man who’s at least 40 years of age.

40. A notebook and a refillable pen
$5.53 | $4.99

Personally I like writing a lot, it ranges from jotting a few news things I learn with each passing day to drafting a to-do list and where to head on for weekend travel. The list of possible things a man at 40 can do with a nice notebook and a fancy pen is pretty endless.

Now that you have seen the list of things every man should own by 40, what’s you take on this, what should we add or remove from the list? Feel free to share your ideas with us through the comment box below.