13 Facebook Hacks To Know If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

When flowery relationships crumble or tend to come to a complicated stage, you normally ask yourself “why?”. No doubts, a lot of relationships always come to a stage where it has to fight temptations and other occurring impediments.

Most of these hindrances may be from the effect of cheating, arising from a particular or both partner(s). Back then, before modern technology fully emerged, it was a bit easy to discover if you’re still on the first and last pages of your love story book through hearsays. But with advanced technology and versatile use of smartphones, cheating and completely concealing the act has been made very eath. People could bridge their relationship terms so easily and may still appear available and a bit relaxed with their partners.

Most people who’re in a new relationship and are on the journey of building more trust are most times found pondering who their partner is private chatting on Facebook.

Out of our findings, we learned that most men in a relationship are always looking for how to catch Facebook cheaters, there are also cases of husband messaging another woman on Facebook, and a recent email we got after publishing the post “how facebook saved me from a cheating girlfriend“, asked us “who’s my wife messaging on Facebook?” and several other questions we received that prompted this very post to help you spot a partner who’s Facebook cheating.

As this post is likely to unveil your partner’s topmost secret that if you know will make you want to break up with them, you may need to exit this post at this very point if you can’t handle your findings with maturity.

When you begin to notice some changes in the behavioural pattern of your partner, precisely your girlfriend, and an unusual increase in her activities through phone usage, it could be a clear sign that something is going on; perhaps she has started cheating online. When you relax and look through those changes and discover that the major source of her distraction is social media platforms, more especially Facebook, you might have asked how to know if your girlfriend is cheating on Facebook and who they’re chatting with.

Subconsciously, conversations with a friend could spark up unexpected chemistry, since Facebook seems a perfect place to her secret conversations, she could entirely conceal it from you.

There are literally simple ways to clear your uncertainty. If you’ve started taking notes of obvious changes in her activities, her behaviour and a host of them, you may feel dejected and begin to question your relationship status if she doesn’t appear as she used to be. But this article compiles a comprehensive study on how to find out if your girlfriend is cheating on you online

Clear sings your girlfriend is cheating on Facebook Messenger

1. She dedicates her time on Facebook

When she devotes her full attention to reading and text messages on Facebook and eventually gives you clumsy excuses for such dedication, it could be a token that she’s getting more intimate with someone else on that platform.

2. Becomes more possessive of her phone

Thinking about it, everyone has secrets to protect, secrets they wouldn’t want to share with irrespective of “who”; and it’s cool. But it’s important to denote that a healthy relationship is built on complete trust and transparency.

There’s no need being overly cautious of your phone if there’s nothing to hide. When she begins to keep her phone a bit distant from you. Likely laughing it all out but still maintains a level of seriousness to back up her actions, just have it in mind that she may have someone else she’s private chatting online and wouldn’t want you to know their affairs. If you become more persistent to clarify your doubts, she will change her Facebook password if she really has something going on and you previously had authorized access to her account.

3. Add her up on Facebook

If you have to do this, you may carefully set up a new Facebook account, it’s necessary to send her a friend request. I assume you know her too well to the extent of knowing her taste in guys. Use pictures of her spec of guys that may entice her for your profile set up. If eventually, she accepts, you could gradually ask her random questions that will reveal whom her heart belongs to.

4. She becomes emotionally detached

You can feel it through her actions. Lack of proper communication sets in; those times you come back all drained and need a warm hand to lean on, you might be astonished at how unprofessional her massage could suddenly turn out to be.

5. She blocks you from her friend list

You may wake up one morning and be surprised to see that you’re no longer a member of her friends on Facebook. This is the height of it all. If she actually blocked you on Facebook, it means she no longer wants you to be a part of her social life. This is a clear sign she probably has a surprise package in-store waiting for you whatever it is may not be good news.

6. Constantly engage in intimate conversation with someone else

When you eventually gain access to her phone and observe that she’s having this constant conversation with someone more than the rest, these conversations may sometimes be intimate/dirty talks. When you’re with her, she feels so lost in those conversations than she would with just a friend

7. She often shuts you out

If you confront her about certain misconduct, and she automatically shit you out. She feels very preoccupied with her online conversation than the supposed in the flesh bonding with her own partner. She would rather not give an explanation to things you demand to know. She oftentimes hides under the cover accusing you of infidelity with other girls she most likely knows nothing about.

8. A constant reaction to her Facebook post by someone and her replies

She may not necessarily be cheating on you with a guy; being bisexual is another story on its own. Notice who gives more constant likes, comments or awesome reactions to her every post on Facebook and what her replies are, in the comment section.

9. Goes Ballistic for tagging her on Facebook

If she goes all nuts when you intimately tag her to your Facebook posts, it could mean a few things: she could be scared of the other partner seeing those posts and probably mean she no longer wants people to think she has anything to do with you anymore. She instantly untags herself from those posts or impatiently cautions you to do so yourself.

10. Chat her partner up

Hearing from both parties if your guts have failed you on her path is quite necessary. When you’ve gathered an amount of information on the person she may be cheating with on Fb, chat them up, and initiate discussion. Aiming to indirectly ascertain from them the kind of relationship they hold with your girlfriend.

11. Ask her friends

Most girls are fully aware of the activities of their co- friends. They love spending time together and interchanging wonderful memories about various part of their lives. You could go through a few of them to discover the person currently making her happy by filling up your space. Since most of them live on the “girl code”, you could be lucky to find one that would come out plain.

12. Make use of modern technology

You could use certain Facebook cheating apps to monitor their online activities on Facebook. Use this method to know a cheating girlfriend online only when and where it is considered to be legal. I understand what a relationship can turn into when there are subtle breakup signs hovering around it and how far one might try to know how to catch a Facebook cheater, by all means.

Trying to hack into your partner’s FB account or the use of some promised Facebook spy apps or websites that are likely to gain you unauthorized access into someone’s Facebook chat will land you into trouble.

13. Confront her with enough evidence

Be bold and collected. When you’ve gone through all the procedures on how to know if your girlfriend is cheating on Facebook, you’ll gather enough proof to confront her with. Have the evidence backed up somewhere far from the scene ( just a little precaution). If she feels a tinge of remorse for her actions, she may impulsively be propelled to tell you everything herself and also tender an apology.

If she denied cheating on you on Facebook Messenger amidst all evidence, then its a red flag. Move on brother, she’s no longer interested in you.


Aside from the 13 ways to know a cheating girlfriend on Facebook, update your relationship status on Facebook with her. It will be pending her approval. If she doesn’t approve it, it becomes obvious she doesn’t want to indicate she’s in a relationship with you for reasons that could be cheat related.

Here’s the brutal truth, your confirmations might be right/wrong but I believe your mind will tell more about the whole picture and evidence you have will a long way inform you properly of what your relationship has in store for you in the mean time or as time goes on.

However, getting hurt is inevitable in most relationships. After the confrontation, she may acknowledge her mistakes and declare her interest in the relationship over. Presumably, because she has decided to pledge her loyalty to her new partner and make you a forgotten tale from the past. But during this period, all you need to do is to love yourself and try to heal. I know this is not easy but it is possible to try and move on, it is better than being in a relationship with a cheating partner. Understand that life holds a lot of positives for you and you could get luckier someday and get into a healthy relationship with the love of your life.

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