Dating A Nerd Guy, Does It Really Suck?

why dating a nerd guy sucks

It’s true that you’re already accustomed to the saying or believe that nerd guys make better lovers but here’s why it could suck having one.

We hear a lot of ladies say dating a nerd guy is the best as he can easily make things smooth using his tech skills – nerds are the smart guys.

The above does not also contradict the fact that we receive a lot of questions concerning “how do you make a nerd fall in love with you?” Which most ladies have shared their experiences dealing with the nerdy guys. So we will share the awkward side of dating a geek below:

10 reasons dating a nerd guy sucks

They’re several materials on the internet speaking on the benefits of dating a nerd, nut here’s why it sucks having one as a boyfriend:

1. Nerdy guys are usually shy

are nerds really shy?

Most time nerdy guys are busy living the computer lifestyle, they don’t care to put their face on the computer for the whole day, you could also be a computer person but cant for sure spend much time on the computer.

You would want to stay on the computer for a while and then go out there to do something more physical and have fun, but nerd guys don’t.

Whenever they’re out they seemed too shy interacting with people, and this will make every girl dating a shy nerd guy not to be happy in the public.

He probably won’t be the fun type hence he’s a shy guy.

2. Computer nerds are busy bees

nerds are always busy

Bees are always busy and so do the nerdy guys we know, they are more familiar with the computer and can complete the typing of a whole textbook without looking at the keyboard.

Ladies prefer a guy that creates time for them whenever they want it, but this doesn’t usually go well with a nerd guy.

They’re found trying to solve a complex problem using the computer and each time the desired output is nowhere near, they are pushed forward to staying long hours debugging to fix the problem.

In some cases, they can easily become nervous and not wanting to do any other thing or might even starve staying on the computer.

3. They’re smart

Yes, as smart as hell…

We all know they are geeks and having one, means dating a guy who is both technically and logically sound.

Trying to outsmart them in a relationship is difficult, its always the truth that is capable of helping you out, their smartness gets the an always win in finding out things or detecting what you’re up to quickly.

Nerdy men can know the truth and still ask you questions to see if you would be dishonest about it and hide the truth from them. It sucks when a guy knows all the truth especially when you want some information private.

4. Nerdy guys take relationships too seriously

Asking of guys who are too serious? You have them in the nerdy team.

Nerdy men are always looking for a long term relationship and it usually sucks when you are wanting to date a nerd and you’re under twenty. It will probably be like the rolling of a dice.

If you intend not to take the relationship too seriously, then a nerdy man shouldn’t be your choice of man.

You could end up complaining your boyfriend is too serious when you finally landed yourself in the hand of a nerdy person. The most annoying part is that it is who they are and they don’t give a dam even if it means being slapped the nerdy title, that’s who they’re.

5. They’re hackers

nerds can hack into your facebook account

It is true that dating a nerd man can help protect you from insecurities online, like losing your Facebook account, Instagram, Twitter, etc to the bad guys online.

Nerdy men know a lot of life hacks to make life easier…

That’s pretty possible when he loves you and trust you’re cool with him, he can easily get along and protect all your social media accounts against hackers.

They’re these set of people who don’t ask “How to get into my girlfriend’s Facebook messages?” because they already know how to get in and maintain access at the snap of a finger. They don’t neccessarily need to be the world best hacker to do this.

He probably will be the one to hack you when he begins to feel insecure and suspects you’re cheating on him. Remember they take relationships too seriously.

A nerd once shared a story of how he became obsessed with finding out if his girlfriend was cheating on him and he thought of checking her Facebook conversations with some random guys. According to him, he was able to hack her Facebook account in 2 minutes.

The above doesn’t mean that Facebook is insecure for those into relationships but nerds have several ways of tricking you into giving out your password to them, so you both will have access to your social media accounts without you knowing.

It is usually in cases where there’s no trust in the relationship and you could lose him over this, that’s why nerdy men are not just like other guys out there who are not techy.

6. Nerd fashion can be embarrassing

Although gone are the times where looking like a nerd is as embarrassing as hell.

clothes for cool nerdy men

Nerd fashion is something else as they’re not into looking cool all the time, regardless of the numerous numbers of cool nerd outfits available in the market, your boyfriend could still dress in a way near embarrassing and this sucks when you want to go out with him.

Ever expected your boyfriend to appear at the club with nice fashion and he ends up looking nerdy? He will appear to be the centre of attraction lol!

Although nerds cand dress more attractively, but this is usually on a special day like when they’re getting ready for a job interview.

In sum up, a nerd would always prefer to spend his money buying tools to having some nice piece of wear.

That’s why he would have a bunch of gadgets, laptop, smartphones, iPad and apple watch etc. and a few clothes you call – nerdy costume.

Interestingly, they feel okay with their geek fashion lifestyle as they’re always filled with the thought that the most important of all, is the intelligence or logical aspect of life. And one necessarily does not have to look as cute as an angel before they could solve a problem and have food on their table.

If you’re not familiar with the nerd fashion, you probably could be pissed off about the way he dresses.

7. You will have to compete with other women over him

Nerdy men are known for maintaining a long term relationship with someone they love.

nerd and women

Unfortunately, if you’re dating a geek, you will be ready to fight the war checking when other females are getting closer or trying to exceed their boundaries.

Hey! Your programmer boyfriend is loved by many.

Women like guys who can fix a lot of things themselves, so the skills and approaches of your nerd boyfriend in resolving issues will make a lot of women attracted to him and this sucks when he begins to give attention to them.

8. Asking a nerd out on a date sucks too

You could be the kind of woman nerds like but asking one out could be a problem.

asking a nerd out

Several ladies are scared asking a nerd out, as they wouldn’t know his reactions, it could be positive or negative and many have for these reasons decided never to ask a nerd out.

If you succeed making a geek guy impressed and he decides to ask you out or accept yours, he probably could still not spend much time talking with you.

There’s this nerd guy who is a close friend, going out on a date with the girlfriend is always memorable when his phones and the laptop is nowhere near. So his girl takes care of that even if it warrants turning off his gadgets.

Nerdy men are easily distracted with technologies, they can pretend loving or liking a woman but they can’t hide their passion for technology its always their wish to keep their hands busy and prove their expertise wherever and whenever.

9. Visiting a nerd is mind-blowing

what does a nerd's house looks like?

Apart from the way he dresses out to the public, how shy he feels talking to other girls out there and how a majority of interest in on the computer. You can get your mind blown visiting his room.

How long will a nerd stay up on the computer before getting tires? He gets tired only when the Pc is down, that’s if he doesn’t have power banks to continue working.

You could have a scattered room to arrange, this might be tedious as he probably could be concerned only with keeping his desk and the gadgets clean while other things including the kitchen will take care of themselves.

Although they’re not usually the dirty type but might not really be interested in making their apartment look attractive.

10. Conversations with a nerd are boring and coated with tech jargons

Most nerds are not the gist type when they try engaging in one, you could get lost finding your feet if you don’t have a better IT background.

talking to a nerd can sometimes be confusing

It sucks when a nerdy man forgets to keep his tech jargons aside and brings it into his relationship, this will make you lose interest in the conversation and consider him a boring boyfriend.

Sometimes a nerd could be talking to himself about problems encountered at work and imagining of solving them, and sometimes absent-minded due to work pressures.

If he’s always working, he will always look stressed and tired and wouldn’t be seen engaging actively in a conversation with you.

Final words

Dating is as always, a product of choice, you decide who you want to date. In several cases, knowing the calibre you’re about to dating, or currently dating, will make you have a better relationship with the person.

Nerds have good attributes that make them better lovers, but they also have habits that can shift your interest in them if you don’t understand how to handle nerds.

It’s normal even if a nerdy person is seen acting like a robot or becomes more logical, they are things he’s always working with.

At this point, we believe this post serves as a helpful guide on major things to know before dating a nerdy man. After which, you can then decide whether to date him or not.

If you have dated a nerd guy before or currently have one, you can share with us in the comment section your experiences dating a geek and your advice to the ones planning to go into a relationship with a nerdy man.

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