Tips On How To Impress A Girl On Chat

impress her on a chat

Are you looking for ways to impress a girl via chat? Being here means you want to make an exception and do better. 

You do not want to act flippantly and lose her. 

This article will lead you through how to impress a girl by chat conversation. What you should do and what you shouldn’t do, to hold her attention and she will be impressed by your approach. 

15 tips on how to impress a girl on chat  

Whether you’re looking for chat conversation with a girl examples, how to impress a girl on WhatsApp chat, or the best chatting tips with a new girl and everything in between, you will find the following tips helpful.

1. Don’t make it all about you: 

It’s been told enough on this topic. 

You’re set to impress this lovely girl, and when you got the chance to, you begin to talk all about yourself. All you’ve accomplished before the age of twenty-five. 

The weight of the red flag this has is massive. 

It’s not impressive and you either get blocked or you get ignored. 

2. Be funny: 

You do not need to have a funny bone in you to achieve this. If you’re not funny, send her funny memes that will make her laugh, reply to some of her texts with a funny gif, that theatrically represents your feelings and actions. 

3. Respond smartly:

Text like an intelligent person, that alone is impressive. Texting her with abbreviated words is not attractive and will earn you a raised brow, which automatically means a large No, he isn’t the one. 

4. Her likes:

Get into a conversation where you can ask her what her hobbies are. If not you can research her social media page to know what she often does. 

Once you’ve known what she likes to do, or her favorite places to visit. You can now chat with her as though you have an interest in it. She will be impressed that you find what she loves interesting and if it’s what you love as well, you just won yourself a jackpot. 

Then have a conversation about it. it could be your favorite tv show that she loves as well, talk about your favorite characters.

5. Don’t be hasty: 

Don’t be in a haste, and hurriedly want to meet or want her to often talk to you.

Allow her to decide what she wants and avoid being called desperate because you won’t let her breathe. 

6. Have fun:

Girls just want to have fun can apply to chatting. Engage her in a fun text, either playing games of question and answer. Any type of game that’s fun and cool. 

Be fun, use emoticons in your texts. It’s expressive and acts color to your text.

Remember to use it when it’s needed not sending balloons and rainbows in a text where you had just said you had a stressful day.

7. Be a gentleman: 

 A gentleman knows not to argue with a girl, even when he knows better than her, but kindly let her in on the truth and enlighten her on what she doesn’t know.

If she loves to learn she will be impressed by the knowledge you have of whatever that was. 

8. Don’t be loose mouthed: 

 Imagine texting her about your supposed friend of how he had brought a certain girl home last night and had a wild time. Or, of how much debt your friend has on his neck, and all about your friend’s frivolous activities. 

She would raise an eyebrow at the too much information and of course, it’s a big turn-off. She would think that if you could say so much about your friend whom she hasn’t met, she fears for what you will say behind her back.

Learn to talk at length and only what is necessary. If you’re nice to her, you should be nice to others. 

9. Respond on time: 

You should know about this one. Do you intend to impress her and yet you wait until hours to respond to her text? If you meet a petty girl, be ready to get the same treatment. And when this happens you already kicked feet to failure in impressing her. 

As much as you want to prove that you have a life behind texting and social media you should make an effort to reply to her and on time. 

When you have a good reason for not responding, you nicely tell her what had your day busy and tight, and apologize for leaving her text unread for long. That way she will be impressed and it adds a bonus to your goal.

10. Try to hold down a conversation:

Most times when men chat with a girl, they fail to hold an interesting conversation. But only go for the ones that will cause a one-word reply from the girl they’re texting. 

Find an interesting topic to talk about. Talk about her passion and how she’s driving positively towards it. 

11. Do not bug her: 

A disgusting act ever done by men is texting a girl nonstop as though their life depends on it. Why would you send tons of messages that will return unanswered, just because you’re trying not to give up? 

What you’re doing is not working hard but you’re setting yourself up for a block.

Send one message and wait patiently for a reply. You do not want to be seen as desperate.

12. Give her space:

If she’s not interested, don’t push it and just move on.

What is not attractive is pushing it too hard when you’re being told off. To impress her, learn to take a leave when the sign has been shown, rather than putting in an effort that will yield nothing.

Give her space and go about with your life, even if that will be hard. If she sees that you respected her enough and did not bother her she will slide back In and text you.

13. Compliment her: 

Compliment her and remind her of how beautiful she is. Compliment not just her physical attributes but her inner beautiful qualities. Her intelligence, her confidence, and her outstanding personality.

14. Be yourself: 

Take care of yourself, do not neglect your appearance. Because when you begin to look different from the man who had been texting her before she gave you her full attention. Your shabby look will scare her off. 

15. Take her to on a date:

Remember that your goal is to take this girl out on a date, which is why you’re set to impress her and get a pass ticket to see her. 

Do not lose focus on your goal, and follow diligently the tips listed above to achieve your goal. 

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