10 Reasons Why Dating Is A Bad Idea, Can You Please Change My Mind?

reasons why dating sucks

Living a single life can be tempting especially when you’re still growing up as a teenager. It probably could appear that you’re having the not getting along with others syndrome, that’s what people will think when you decide not to date. Funny?

Dating is a scam and that’s why it sucks.

What does dating mean to you?

To me, dating is a bad idea. However, this is in connection with my personal life experiences, and that which others have shared with me.

kindly feel free to change my mind if I’m traded on the wrong path about dating.

It is true that you could have your purpose of dating but hear me out, it will be so unkind of me to turn your mind against what you have been into or about to start without giving you tangible reasons for my opinions on reasons not to date anyone.

Dating is something I wouldn’t want to assume you already know what it is.

What does dating someone mean?

Permit me to point at dating as getting out to spend time with people. When you mean dating someone, we say that this is seeing someone definite and on a regular basis with the purpose of spending time with them and hoping to gain committed relationship.

It is undeniable that most relationship that ended in marriage started with dating one person on the other until one is able to find his/her life partner.

The aforementioned does not contradict the event of been dating scams happening to people almost everywhere across the globe and people getting deceived and betrayed all in the name of love or dating.

My eyes are forced to see dating today as the worst thing that can happen to anyone, I know you wouldn’t want to play the role of the victim and here are the reasons, not to date.

Top 10 Reasons Not To Date Anyone

Finding a love partner could land you into problem or happiness, so long as we could put much strength finding a love partner so we should do to ensure good health and happiness. If it sucks, we should unhook ourselves from it in entirety.

1. Badmouthing

Dating exposes you to several occasions where you could be carried away to say a whole lot of things about yourself without a second thought or exhibit some characters that could pick out your weaknesses.

I have seen a lot of people complain that their partner talks bad about them to their parents, friends or colleagues at work.

Why saying something bad about your partner? This probably you might consider a gist but it kills the other persons slowly.

If you want to save yourself from relationship stress, then you should see it as something that sucks.

2. You meet for fun (time consuming)

Most times you could see yourself meeting at the public joints to have some drinks or go shopping, this is usually not romantic or sexy.

You will end up spending a lot as it requires both money and time to gain trust or win the heart of your partner,

If you can’t maintain the same time and commitments devised at beginning of the relationship whenever it is called for, then you will always see dating as a bad idea when things don’t fit in well.

3. It makes you depressed

Depression kills:

We all believe we have craps as humans we are, you see someone and start dating them only to find out they’re not what you think they are.

Gosh, you can handle their craps, or probably they can’t take yours and the dating is ended living both partners or one with a sad feeling that would make the victim feel depressed and take time to heal or cause further damages if adequate care is not taken.

4. Dating leads to insult

I have seen many handsome guys and pretty ladies who’re scared of dating anyone for a number of reasons which include insults.

You’re begging to get along with someone and you feel so free, discussing issues with them including your family background, debts and financial struggles etc.

Not because you’re naive but because you are comfortable with your date, this most times turns to be used against you. You could be insulted for the information you confined in your date.

Yesterday I was at the bar with some group of friends where a guy called a girl names, I seize to forget this particular one that caught my attention to ponder if we all are humans in the first place.

Ugh! you’re such a poor girl, I remember you telling me about your family and the loan problem with your family bank. What called for this you can imagine. It was a little argument deciding the best burger in town.

Dating today, can ruin your life tomorrow, be mindful of what you say and who you talk to.

5. You try to please a lot

Whether it is convenient for you or not, you will always try to be a good person suitable for a date.

It is very expensive trying to claim what we’re not…

However, it takes time, the ability to talk or communicate properly with the opposite sex and money to start dating.

What is dating a girl without money? You probably could be keeping her for the other guys lol!

In the light of the above, you can be pressed to do more, wanting to exceed your limits to please a girl.

Take expensive bottles of wines, eat costly cuisines, because you want to make her feel loved. My friend who spent exorbitantly on his first date went into lamenting for days, abiut spending so much money on someone he wasn’t even going to marry.

6. Dating comes with insecurities

No matter how careless you’re about your life, when it has to do with relationship and living happily with your partner, insecurity gives a bunch of concern.

Fortunately, you’re going on a date with a great person, someone you have always wished to have a date with. You will still have to battle with insecurities like, I don’t know what he likes, he doesn’t smile or laugh at my jokes, does he really like me more than a friend?

More importantly, can your partner be able to keep it a secret, all the things you confined in them, or will they discuss it with friends or use them against you?

When you begin to think about the aforementioned among many other factors that could make you feel more insecure about your date, you will begin to feel your partner will leave you soon without notice and this sucks when you’re dating without peace of mind.

7. Dating leads to heart breaks

Most of the heartbreaks we hear about or see in relationship today, are a result of dating.

In dating, someone could decide to leave your life at the most unexpected time, when you needed him/her the most, when you think the relation is getting better. You feel hurt and stranded especially when your partner dumps you for another person.

There’s nothing as bad as dating and getting too attached to anyone, it serves as a dangerous weak point which is used in forcing you to play the role of the victim.

Moreso, you could be a victim of heart break if you’re unable to find out what level of priority your partner places you on, so that you will not overdo things while dating.

8. Cheating coated

Cheating now coated dating. When you dig deep you will cry out tears.

We’re just dating she shouted at me…

The above was an excerpt from the story of a cheating girlfriend.

One of my blog readers, had earlier shared a story with me on how he caught his girlfriend cheating and what she said back to him.

Many people who are dating today, cheats a lot, they wallow from one person to the other, forming a colony of sex partner’s and that’s why dating is a bad idea.

You think you’re not married and you’re entitled to do anything including cheating?

Nothing breaks the heart like finding out your partner cheats on you, and without feeling sorry or apologize with remorse.

Manny who do not believe in having only one partner, will always say, but we’re just dating & not married yet.

That sounds weird, is it a more polite way to say cheating is good?

9. Dating a married man

Unfortunately I can’t be able to state the count of married men who’re dating young ladies in today’s society.

Yes your date could be married already, are you dating a married man?

Most of the times you have this cute young guy ask you out on a date, and things began falling in place, you love in to the moon and back probably because he’s hiding details about him in the relationship.

Not until you’re able to find out he’s married, then you’re been used.

It feels so bad for you to learn you we’re dating a married person or it sounds disgusting to hear or see many girls who are aware and still going after married people.

10. Suicide or attempts

One of the greatest psychological effect of dating is that it can make you feel depressed, and undergo a lot of anxiety that you can give a deep thought on commuting suicide when things doesn’t fit in as expected.

When last did you attempted suicide because your girlfriend or boyfriend left you, or what was the last time you hear people commit suicide?

Most teens today, feel like taking their own lives when dating becomes bad.

If dating can make you think of suicide as the best, then it’s a bad idea going into one.

Dating is a bad idea it can kill you or leave you near death in perpetual sad memories.

In conclusion

Dating today is devised for so many intentions, and that is why dating can be a bad idea. Most people who are dating today does not come anywhere near what is deemed acceptable behaviour in a healthy relationship.

Dating most times as seen today is infested with a lot of playboys and girls who you might come in contact with and play the role of the victim of heartbreak.

My experiences and the events that took place in other peoples dating lifestyle will always keep me to the belief that dating is a bad idea. Please I seriously need your advice you can change my mind about dating anyone.

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