What To And What Not To Do In A Relationship

Things you should never do in a relationship

Being a relationship can be daunting, especially if it’s your first relationship or a new one. You are confused as to the things you are allowed to do and the things that you should not do.

As you try to feel good in the relationship, you also try your best not to annoy or offend your partner in various ways. You try to get to know your partner while trying not to annoy him/her.

Relationship Dos & Don’ts

Not to worry, here are a couple of things you can do or not do in a relationship

1. Go through phone calls and messages:

Yes! It easy to wonder if when you should go through your partner‘s phone or ask for their passwords. Should I wait 3 months before asking my partner for passwords? Is it 6 months or 1 year?

Should I just tell them I do not feel comfortable with having locks on phones? Your partner may have a not so glaringly reason why they lock their phone, so why not ask how they feel about it.

Instead of making assumptions as to why they have such security, ask and avoid sneaking around your partner’s phone, it makes both of you suspicious. And yes, you can go through their phone if they give you the go-ahead to do so.

2. Visit without notice:

Do you like surprise visits where your partner shows up at the door with food, drink and a lot of goddies? That you like that doesn’t mean your partner has to like that too.

Your new partner may cherish their space and love to have prior notice of the visit. If they feel they should dedicate time to you and cancel a few appointments, let your partner know you’ll be coming.

Otherwise, if they love spending little time around you, then you can go ahead with unexpected visits.
However, visits made with other intentions should be checked.

3. Pick their calls and answer text:

For a new relationship where you haven’t gotten to know your partner, it will be cool if you steer clear of such behaviour.

They are some things you just don’t do in a relationship unless you are at that intimacy level. Inform your partner if when handling their phone, a message pops up or a call comes in you can reply.

Certain people just love to take their own calls when they are up to. It isn’t always about a secret boy or girl somewhere, it could just be business. Understand that.

4. Meet the Siblings:

One unwritten rule of relationships that I’ve learnt is do not introduce yourself to the siblings unless your partner does.

If you do not want to find yourself in an awkward situation, then it’s best if you wait till your partner is ready.

Do not pick up his calls from siblings and jump the gun, do not be too forward when they come over. You can be welcoming, but introducing yourself as the “friend” should be done by your partner.

5. Hang out with their friends:

Unless you and your partner have the same friend circle, do not hang out with their friends without them.

Do not call up your babe’s friends and fix a date with them without notice. Though, exceptional cases such as planning a surprise birthday party is allowed.

Other than that, let your friends be yours to go out with and leave your partner’s. Until you decide to make your circle one, you shouldn’t do it.


6. Meet the parent:

Same as meeting the siblings, it’s way better waiting till your partner wants you to met the family than rushing to introduce yourself.

You should give your partner time to decide it’s time, just like you did.
That you introduced your partner doesn’t mean they have to do that as well. Give them time and let them understand that you are okay with whatever decision they make.

Of course, you can still pick them up or drop them off when needed. But the big announcement should come from your partners.

7. Sleep Over

The question of when you should sleepover in your partner’s place can only be determined by your level of intimacy.
Are you trying to improve it or you are just not there yet? What if you wake up with a drool, will you feel comfortable with your partner seeing it?

Situations could also call for your sleeping over, such as a late-night out, so there is no right or wrong answer to the question.

Ask your partner if they feel comfortable with you staying over, and wait for their honest answer. No pressures.

8. Pay the bills

Everyone has self respect and dignity, these we strive to keep at all times and even in our dealings and relationship.
Your partner is under no obligation to pay your bills, except on a date they planned, nor do you owe your partner that.

However, if you feel the need to do so, such moves are always appreciated and can be done at any point in a relationship.

9. Sex

When is the right time to have sex in a relationship?
There’s no right or wrong answer too. If you and your partner are going to do it, there is no perfect time.
Do not feel pressured that you have to give. You could do it on the first date or wait months or years, as long as you both agree and you feel comfortable.

It is advised that you both get tested and also get protection if you aren’t looking to settle with a baby anytime soon.

10. Talk about marriage

Talks about the future and marriage can be pressuring for some people, while some others love such topics.

Therefore, it’s a topic that will pop up soon. But when is the right time to talk about marriage? When you both understand that you’ll love to spend the rest of your life together


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