51 Subtle Breakup Signs Everyone Should Know

signs of breakup

Getting dumped by someone you love is painful but something more painful is getting dumped at an unexpected time.

There’s never a better time to break up as most of the times, the two parties are not ready to break up at the same time, there’s no mutual agreement.

Most breakups occur when one needs the other the most or when one is unaware of the signs leading to a break up in any relationship.

Not every relationship has a happy ending, some ended because of him or because of her. So when it eventually happens, it leaves one as the victim of break up, it hurts deep down the heart taken unaware because you couldn’t see signs a breakup is near.

Although, no one would want to experience a sudden breakup in a relationship. The popular saying “nothing lasts forever“, will always remind us of the importance to be aware of such happenings as it could happen to anyone.

When is it time to break up with someone you love? There’s usually no definite time to break up but there are sure break up signs you should take seriously. It could happen to you anytime! So let’s take a look at these subtle signs your partner wants to break up with you but don’t know how to say it.

51 Break up signs your partner wants to leave you:

1. Tampered communication

effect of lack of communication in a relationship

Most relationships are built on effective communication, you’re not the only one who’s always wanting to be on the phone with their lovers at the start of a new relationship and as time goes on.

You’re not also the only one who would leave work on time just to go home and talk with your partner, but when he/she stops doing such, then he’s actually about to end the relationship.

2. Several arguments

too many argument in a relationship

If the argument is becoming too many, and a type that you can never win even when it is obvious you’re right, then your relationship is at the verge of collapse.

Unhealthy arguments are not usually ending in peace, and can result in fights and endless quarrels. This will eventually ache or break in entirety the relationship you have built over the years.

3. Comparison sets in

comparing your partner with others

The worst of it all is when your partner begins to compare you with their friends, or trying to evaluate between you and your friends who do a particular thing better.

If comparison sets in, definitely they’re trying to break up with you because they’ve seen an alternative. Someone they can easily switch to if care is not taken.

4. You’re becoming irritating

you're becoming irritating to your partner

Once they’re done with you, everything you do or everything about you becomes automatically irritating.

They can easily sigh when it has to do with things about you. Even when your performances attract applauds from others, they won’t show support or concern about you.

5. Lack of attention to wellbeing

your partner is no longer paying attention to you

When they no longer care like before, they’re not asking you of how you’re doing and trying to help you overcome your challenges.

Even if you’re sick they won’t be moved by that, they don’t really care how it turns out to be.

If your partner shows less concern about you, then you are likely to lose them over a breakup.

6. No quick text reply

test messages and calls ignored

Almost everyone is close to their mobile phones and can quickly reply text messages or return a call without further delay.

When it begins to take a bunch of time to receive a reply from your partner, then there’s something fishy. They may want to break up but don’t know how to say it or what to say.

You’re no longer their priority, your text messages of today get their replies some days or hours later that’s even if they’ll reply.

7. Forgetting important dates

special events

Special days are left to show more concern and love when your partner forgets such important relationship dates like; your birthday, or your relationship anniversary, just know they’re beginning to lose interest in you especially when they’re never seen acting in such manner before.

Your partner who used to be the first to remind you of special events with their lovely surprises suddenly turns adamantine of it all at the twinkle of an eye.

This is one of the biggest red flags to let you know your relationship is at stake and can blow off in no distance time.

8. Shooting excuses

giving excuses in a relationship

If your partner is beginning to give you unnecessary excuses for not doing what you expect them to do, then there’s something fishy, it is one among the subtle signs they want to leave you and break up.

Common relationship excuses include claiming to be so tired or not in the mood to play, eat together or do anything that can engage you and make you smile, even watching their favourite movie show together can be a hard thing to do.

9. Less attracted or enthusiast

no longer attracted to you in a relationship

You’re appearing less attractive to them and they’re no longer enthusiast about the sexual intimacy stuff. They’re beginning to hate you and all they can see is the ugly you, this will perhaps lead to them dumping you unexpectedly.

10. Starts keeping secrets

keeping secrets in a relationship

They don’t want to tell you about what’s new in their life because they no longer care or they think you actually don’t care too, and it doesn’t matter whether you know or not.

They suspect your moves and feel so insecure telling you anything about their future plan or they’re not saying a thing so you won’t find out they already have someone else they’re seeing without your knowledge of it.

11. Becoming a bee (Too busy)

when your partner acts too busy

No one is really too busy, people make out time for whom they love, if you’re not in their love plan then they’re always busy when it has to do with you.

If your partner who use to spend quality time with you, and is always at your beck and calls suddenly becomes too busy, you should consider talking to them or note something is wrong with your relationship. It is a bad indication they’re losing interest in you and will break up soon.

12. The signal from their friends

reactions from friends

When their friends are no longer welcoming to you, it could be that your partner has started badmouthing you with their friends.

This is common with the kiss and tells kind of people.

You can tell when your partner wants to break up through their friends when everyone is beginning to give you an attitude, then you can know how soon you will fall out of love with the person.

13. Spending less time with you

Your partner is always in a rush

If your partner becomes uncomfortable spending a longer hour with you but feels relaxed when he/she is with others or even your friends then he’s beginning to avoid you.

Probably your presence is beginning to irritate them, the love is diminishing and will require a rebuild for your presence to make them happy and always wanting to stick around you.

Perhaps how short they end your conversations with them is enough to let you know they’re up to something, something that will hurt your feelings.

14. Interesting things you share doesn’t matter

Your partner is not available or interested in your fun stories

You’re becoming unable to engage them with their favorite stories.

Yes, your partner is often fascinated with fork stories about the intrusion of love in the planet earth, they are always willing to listening till the end line regardless of how long it takes for the story to end but now it doesn’t seem interesting again because you’re the one telling the story.

15. You’re nowhere in their future plan

If you're not in your partner's future plan

It will splash hot water on your heart getting to know you’re nowhere to be found in their jotter, they’re planning their next 5 years life and you’re not mentioned on it then you really have a short stay in the relationship, they have this plan of breaking up with you soon.

They don’t discuss their future plans with you, they do not talk about their dreams with you, where they vision themself to be tomorrow because they take you not to be part of it.

16. Saying it’s okay

smiling woman

A sad heart with a smiling face…

You have close relationship with your partner you know a few of the things that can get them upset and they will begin to act crazy but when such things happen and they pretend not to show they’re disturbed and claim all is well even when you ask if they’re alright they perhaps respond with yes I’m okay.

They no longer stress over a thing and will always give you the “everything is okay” impression, whereas deep inside its obvious everything just got messed up.

17. Not disclosing their way about

I don't want you to know where I am

When you call them on the phone, or text trying to know their way about and they don’t feel comfortable discussing what they’re doing over there with you.

Where are you? I am somewhere, and where is it? It’s none of your business.

When they’re not been precise about their location or acting up they need a space in the relationship. It’s a sign there’s a shift in attention.

18. Self-centred

Self centered

Everyone deserves to have cared for if your partner is becoming self-centred than usual, he/she is certainly not thinking about you, they don’t care about you, what makes you happy or what makes you sad.

They’re pretty interested in what makes them happy regardless of how you feel. Then they don’t really care about you and don’t mind losing you.

19. Incorrigible

my partner refuses to be corrected

When you nicely tender your corrections and they pick serious offence, they are feeling prideful and no longer loyal to accept advice or corrections from you instead they will start an argument trying to justify their deeds.

If your partner becomes an incorrigible flirt, and not been able to be reformed it will lead to fights that will definitely tear the relationship apart.

20. Not willing to fix things

When your partner is not bothered wit fixing issues

When they know the ship is sinking but don’t give a fuck if it gets drawn in the ocean and everyone goes their separate ways.

We’re humans and we are prone to mistakes but when we feel reluctant about fixing such istakes then we do not want continuity it alarms for a breakup.

Even when you decide to plead they still don’t want the issue fixed so they can always cling on it as a reason for the breakup.

21. Feeling reluctant

Your partner is not minding your priority

Not taking anything serious as usual, and always wanting to attend to cases only when it is favourable to them not considering the urgency or importance to you.

22. Not going on a date

my partner doesn't want to out on a date with me

They no longer feel comfortable staying with you in the public. They do not fix a date with you to spend some time at the beach or get some items from the grocery store or restaurant and light up the moment just as it used to be. You can see how obvious it is that your relationship is drifting towards a breakup.

23. Feeling alone when you’re together

feeling lonely even when they're with you

When you’re no longer keeping them company no matter how hard you try, they will still complain of been bored and feeling lonely, that they would want to hang out with other friends to kill boredom.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a boring type and not play with your partner if this is sudden, you need to talk to them about it.

Yes, it’s true you’re with them, still, they act like their alone, your presence is not recognized and has no impact on them and they’re up to something else

24. Favorites are otherwise

smoking in a relationship

Smoking in a relationship as seen on the image above has a different meaning to different persons and the ministry of health has it that smokers are liable to die young or contact cancer of the lungs easily. For example, purposes we’re considering the use of tobacco as your partner’s favourite and makes them happy each time they take it.

Get them their favourite and they reject or seem not to scream in appreciation just like they would almost run mad when you gift them items from relevant relationship gift ideas.

It appears that all which use to be their favourites are no longer considered as one. This will further place you in the state of trying to find out what pleases them, unfortunately, this will cost you time than you can afford especially when your partner is seeing no reason to stop wanting to break up with you.

25. Nothing is good enough anymore

your partner is never happy for anything

What did you consider as your best; washing clothes for them, cooking or shopping for them in the store?

Still, they don’t take it as anything, it is never good enough. Spending time trying to attend to their requests hence they don’t have your own interest at heart, should be avoided, its simply a time-waster.

26. Goodbye to sexual intimacy

my partner doesn't want sex anymore

To be intimate with your partner whether emotionally or physically or both, is crucial in having a long-lasting relationship.

The sex thing does not bother them anymore, no matter how attractive you appear to be, they’re always ready to avoid getting into it. Your relationship cannot survive without intimacy because intimacy is the foundation of any relationship

When a guy doesn’t want to sleep with you, perhaps they see it as a way of becoming soft with you and not wanting to leave the relationship, the less sex the less bond, this is a great breakup sign.

27. Less affectionate

my partner is becoming less affectionate, what should I do?

They’re becoming unloving and no longer comfortable with giving hugs and kisses as they have always done in the past.

At every point in time, you’re beginning to ask them for a hug or kiss or some special kind of care they would have initiated without signals.

When it turns out like this, you will observe you’re the only one who’s putting in to make everything lovely. If it perpetuate you will start getting tired at a point and they don’t care about the impact of their unloving attitude towards you.

28. Dodging of questions

lying in a relationship is it good?

You’re the type that n eds explanation whenever you’re not cleared about a thing and your partner is okay with that and ready to give a detailed explanation on what’s actually going in but suddenly they have changed towards you.

They have to cut the conversation short when you try to ask them about a thing. He’s getting angry and not wanting to say a thing because you asked him who’s Stephanie? Or shes becoming upset because you wanted to know who that guy is to her.

It’s plain, and if nothing fishy was going in they will be glad to say who these persons are.

29. Pays more attention to gadgets than you

playing video games

When you visit he’s always on the laptop or when she visits she’s always with the phone, taking calls and replying chats.

Either way, it’s a sure indication that things aren’t okay and you guys really need to talk especially when this is unusual.

30. Fighting becomes frequent

is it good to fight in a relationship?

Have you heard it’s not right to hit your partner? We sincerely want to believe you have heard that uncountable number of times.

When every little thing leads to quarrels and fights then love is diminishing and hard to find. Your partner who always starts the fight wants to break up with you. They’re most likely to dump you or force you to say “I quit“.

31. Feeling isolated

feeling isolated in a relationship

They are not checking on you again and don’t want you to come around or will always give you some silly attitude when you try checking on them.

They want to stay incommunicado with you and they’re okay with this. They’re fed up with your company and would make you feel isolated as you still need them around often.

32. I love you is difficult to say

They can't say I love you

How many times should you say the word ” I love you” in a relationship?

An uncountable number of times, yes highly uncountable! It makes everyone to feel loved, it’s the renewal of promises made from the unset, remember a lot of relationships today started with the I LOVE YOU word.

Saying “I love you” often, means a lot, and where there exists love, it’s easy to remind your partner of how much you love them.

If your partner is finding it difficult to do this, then they’re not deep in love with you.

33. No promises no commitments

relationship without commitment

They try to avoid any form of promises. Most questions will have their answers as either “I’m not sure” or “I don’t know“.

They can’t promise a thing, even when it’s obvious it’s something within their capacity and a thing they can give straight answers to and stay committed to fulfilling it in the end.

34. Taking back

taking back from  in a relationship

They’re no longer giving into the relationship. They take you to be the one who needs the relationship the most and should extract from you in as much as you’re willing to give a lot to retain them.

It is probably unhealthy and will bounce back on you when they finally insist and decide to break up with you.

35. Trading by batter

They don’t give until you have something in return to give. If you’re not giving or have something to repay for it, you ain’t going to receive a favour from them. Everything gets a pay price or should be forsaken, perhaps they don’t care.

Your partner is beginning to trade love for money or material things. If you dash into this, you will be thrown off the train of love when the resources are no longer available to keep exchanging.

36. Social media reaction

social media reactions

They no longer comment on your public posts on social media. They owe it to trying not to be too open to the outside world for privacy reasons.

Know when this is just too much to be taken as normal. Actually, if your partner loves the privacy and not comfortable indicating they’re in a relationship with you online, they can at least hit on the love emoji, or leave a flower behind for you.

It sends a message across to you, even if you already have a hundred of them on your post.

37. Cheating & not saying sorry

cheating in a relationship

I’m sorry please forgive me, a difficult word to say when they’re no longer interested in you.

Cheating is a major deal-breaker and a breakup sign everyone is scared of. Even those who cheat are scared of been cheated on.

When your partner cheats and never feels sorry and in the same matter try convincing you its normal, pointing to the fact that you guys are not married yet, or some other excuses. Then they’re likely to dump you soon.

They always have their ways of trying to justify everything, even when they finally admit they’re wrong, they won’t say sorry or if they should say it, they’re seen saying sorry without remorse.

Although apologizing without a change in character and attitude is just nothing but manipulation.

38. Trying to make you feel guilty all the time

feeling guilty

They complain about everything, you suddenly become erroneous in every attempt and they talk long about it.

When your partner complains a lot about your decisions and would never make suggestions when you as them for one, then they’re pretty not interested in you any longer. They want to break up but don’t know how to say it.

39. Values other peoples’ company than yours

they prefer to stay with their friends to staying with you

They hang out with friends more often than you and can say they did it because they were bored.

Chilling with friends without inviting you along with them becomes their happiest moment. They could be seen at several birthday parties dancing and having fun with others and won’t dim such character when they’re with you, the moment will always be dulled.

40. They don’t believe in marriage

Discussions involving settling down irritates them when you ask where’s our relationship heading to, you will get a splash of bitter words or negative response. They have several reasons to give to you why marriage is not for them.

Most relationships don’t often lead to marriage but when marriage irritates your partner, it could be that they’re not yet ready to marry or they don’t consider you for one.

41. They no longer contribute their opinions

not sharing ideas together

What do you think about switching from my 9 hours job to a better paid 2 hours job and every month vacation to Paris all expenses paid?

I don’t know!

It’s obvious the deal is cool except for any other underlying reasons proving otherwise but your partner ends up saying they don’t know.

They prefer to sit and watch you do things your own way and bear the risk alone even when they know their advice, moral support and contributions including finance can help you stay in the right track.

42. They maltreat your pet

my partner does not want a pet

If they are beginning to hate you, your pet is not exceptional. But you have to find out if your partner is allergic to pets or if your pet doesn’t like your partner. And then know how to handle the situation.

Although, that you love having dog breeds and watch them play around you while making pasta, or you love cats and like following the latest funny cat videos does not subject your partner to doing the same.

If your partner likes your pet and suddenly turns into the habit of maltreating your pet when you’re not around, then its a sign they want to break up with you.

43. Using your weakness against know

feeling depressed in a relationship

Discussing what you shared with them with their friends, they have known a lot about you, they’re aware of your flaws and can easily use them against you.

They awake sad memories you wouldn’t want to remember and they end up making you feel unhappy and depressed all the time.

44. Not having regards for people relating to you

They’re begging to treat everyone related to you just as you. No more reasons to show love and concern to your relations even if they meet them at the point of needs.

When you have your younger one walk out of your partner’s office? It’s weird but when such happens to pay serious attention to it, it’s a breakup sign.

45. Trying to find a fault

trying to find faults in you

They want to leave you but they’re still human a bit, they don’t want it obvious they just dumped you for no reason.

Perhaps they will stoop so low and want to bind you with faults that are alarming to justify their intentions of breaking up with you.

46. Turning to a kiss and tell

is your partner a kiss and tell?

Everyone reserves the right to privacy and when you’re in a relationship you are pushed by live to let people into your privacy and hoping they keep it a secret and never tell a friend.

When that privacy becomes subject of discussion with friends by your partner and they’re way too comfortable with it, then you’re getting in a mess and will soon feel hurt.

47. Searching for relationship help online

seeking free relationship advice online

Searching for free relationship counselling online is common to people who want to break up with you.

They may not know how to talk to you about this, so they have decided to create a fake profile or use anonymous profiles to complain on different relationship websites and forums, seeking for suggestions or advice from members who have little or no idea about you.

48. Contacting you only when they’re in need

they remember you only when they're in need

When they feel like using you…

When they ask of you only when they need your help. Aside from milking you, they probably don’t keep in touch.

You’re allowed in only when they want something from you and are often or not even there when you need help.

49. Moody

feeling moody

Being moody is a great part contributing to the breakup signs in as seen today. Brin moody can obviously mean many things, it could be that they’re feeling guilty or expecting an apology from you but the truth is that if your partner is being moody they can get upset easily and things will always turn out bad.

You might need to talk to them and ask them whats going on?

50. When the minds don’t blend well again

is my partner really thinking about me?

Honestly, when you look deep inside of you and couldn’t see their minds with you, theirs in good connection with yours then you’re becoming incompatible with them.

Ordinarily, when your minds blend together, things will fall in place without request, your partner is filled with thoughts about you that you could think of receiving a call from the and hey voila, your phone starts beeping it’s him calling on the phone. You will be like wow! My mind was on you calling me and now here’s it!

51. When they lie, even if caught, they twist everything

when they're lying about every single thing

Relationship infested with lies hurts and usually ends with breakups when your partner lies about every single thing, even when it’s obvious to you they’re lying and you have your proofs, they still don’t want to open up to you.

They’re beginning to show competence in twisting things and end up telling you it isn’t what you think, they probably don’t need you any longer.

…in summary

Breakup signs

  • Tampered communication
  • Several arguments
  • Comparison sets in
  • You’re becoming irritating
  • Lack of attention to wellbeing
  • No quick reply
  • Forgetting important dates
  • Shooting excuses
  • Less attracted or enthusiast
  • Starts keeping secrets
  • Becoming a bee (too busy)
  • The signal from their friends
  • Spending less time with you
  • Interesting thins you share doesn’t matter
  • You’re nowhere in their future plan
  • Saying it’s okay
  • Not disclosing their way about
  • Self-centred
  • Incorrigible
  • Not willing to fix things
  • Feeling reluctant
  • Not going on a date
  • Feeling alone when you’re together
  • Favourites are otherwise
  • Nothing is good enough anymore
  • Goodbye to sexual intimacy
  • Less affectionate
  • Dodging of questions
  • Pays more attention to gadgets than you
  • Fighting becomes frequent
  • Feeling isolated
  • I love you is difficult to say
  • No promises no commitments
  • Taking back
  • Trading by batter
  • Social media reaction
  • Cheating & not saying sorry
  • Trying to make you feel guilty all the time
  • Values other peoples’ company than yours
  • They don’t believe in marriage
  • They no longer contribute their opinions
  • They maltreat your pet
  • Using your weakness against know
  • Not having regards for people relating to you
  • Trying to find a fault
  • Turning to a kiss and tell
  • Searching for relationship help online
  • Contacting you only when they’re in need
  • Moody
  • When the minds don’t blend well again
  • When they lie, even if caught, they twist everything

Break up signs questions

How do I break up with someone I love?

Breaking up with someone you love is possible, it does not mean you hate them. You can break up with someone you love when you find out you both are not compatible or for so many other genuine reasons which might include; health or financial issue or even lack of readiness to further a relationship with him/her.
Many who have asked “when is it time to break up with someone you love?” should note that there’s no specific time to break up but most often we can tell when the relationship is never working out for the both of you And that happens to be the time after failed attempts to fix.

How do I know if I should break up with my girlfriend?

You can tell when to break up with her if you aren’t happy with your girlfriend, you don’t have fun together, you don’t get you enough from her and doubt if the relationship could stand the test of time.

What are good reasons to break up?

Break up signs contained on this post are enough to make you both apart if care isn’t taken, Moreso, good reasons include the following, just to mention but a few; cheating, emotional/physical abuse, unhealthy arguments, lack of intimacy, incompatibility between partners. Take this also to be the answer to your question on “what can break a relationship?“.

The bottom line

There’s nothing as annoying as noticing your partner wants to break up with you but the most annoying part is receiving a break up unaware.

From this post, you have seen the warning signs of a breakup, these are simply the subtle signs he wants to break up with you. And for the guys out there, this is no way different from the signs of a breakup from her. When your boyfriend wants to break up, he could be seen exhibiting such characters, pay good attention to it and notice they’re signs you’re headed for a breakup.

Although different people exist with difference character, when your partner begins to exhibit a few, many or all of the aforementioned, just know that he wants to end the relationship or she wants to break up but doesn’t know how to say it.

Certain things can determine whether your relationship is really over or not, even when it is not said, it could be seen through; reactions, attitude and when what use to be their favourite becomes irritating to them among other unending complaints, you can see how obvious it is that your partner is asking for a breakup slowly.

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