If You Dream About Someone Dying What Does It Mean

A dream is possible to anyone who sleeps, this is just like another realm of life where our subconscious mind takes charges of activities going on while we sleep at night.

Just as the psychology of dreams hold that dreaming is a sign of a healthy mind interacting around you when you’re in a deep sleep. Sometimes, you can dream and never remember all or part of what happened in the dream, it is normal to forget dreams because they occur during the REM phase of sleep.

Since we are all prone to dreaming at night, it becomes possible that you could dream about someone dying, it could be a loved one or someone you know.

However, does it mean that the person you saw dying in the dream is going to die? Generally, dreaming about someone dying, is not a sign the person is going to die.

What does it feel like to dream about someone dying?

dream about alive person dying in the dream

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Dreams about death can be extremely intense and can cause panic because you might have dreamed of losing a loved one.

When you see a loved one dying in the dream, the experience is likely to make you traumatized but this is something you have to worry less about because a dream about seeing alive person dead, is often not what you take it to mean.

Let’s take a look at some of the possible interpretations of dreams related to death.

1. You’re afraid to lose someone

When you love something or someone, you would always love to have them and be in good relationship with them. The ownership or relationship established will always leave you with the fear of losing them. Since fear of loss orbit your thoughts, they can also be relayed in your dream.

2. When a loved one is critically sick

Dreams about someone dying could be a sign of your negative thoughts about someone you know that’s hospitalized. During the day time, you learned how severe the case is and you’re busy with the fear and thoughts if your loved one can still make it alive.

When you go to bed with such worries in mind, you’re not far from dreaming that the person dies or about to die. It does not mean that the person will die because you’ve seen that in your dreams, but it shows how much love and care you have for the person who’s hospitalized or in trouble.

Being more positive that everything will be fine, can save you from such horrible dreams of someone you know dying.

3. A new beginning

It pains to have a dream about the death of a family member or a friend but most times death dreams are not as serious as we take it to mean, it can mean a change in circumstance.

A dream about someone dying could be a sign of rebirth in the person’s normal way of living. It can mean a figurative or literal rebirth in the physical world, this is to say that the person is coming up with a new seed and a lot of transformation are likely to take place in the person’s life.

A lot of pregnant women report that they dreamed about someone dying a few days pre or post-pregnancy. If dreaming of someone dying could mean pregnancy, it is simply a sign of a new life.

4. Your state of being

If you’re having a hard time or feeling sick, such moments can have a place pinned in your subconscious to come up with dreams about death when you fall asleep.

Things you eat before bedtime and the place you’re sleeping can be stemming up dead dreams about someone you know or care about.

You may need to see a therapist if you constantly dream about someone dying, and might need to adjust the meals you take, your sleeping position and posture.

5. Thought-provoking events

Although there are a lot of things that can stem up seeing alive person dead in the dream, this could also be a sign of you panicking about the disturbance going on in the area where the person is living.

During the day time, you have given it a deep thought and have imaginations relating to what if it gets to your loved one and cost their lives? You feel worried and scared to lose them. During such thoughts, your mind is not ignoring them, they’re been rooted to the subconscious part of you and can pop up when you’re asleep.

It doesn’t generally mean that the said person is already dead or will definitely die because you’ve seen that in the dream.

Try checking on them to know how they’re doing, and understand they’re safe when you have all indications to confirm it and change your mind into positives you will have a turnaround and minimize or stop frequent death dreams.

6. You’re being controlled

When you feel controlled by a person, that you want to be liberated, your subconscious will want to offer for help and a passive way out for you will always be the dream about their death.

when you dream about someone who’s controlling you dead, it doesn’t mean you want them to die, but you really need to get rid of them controlling you.

Over to you…

Have you ever had a dream about a live person dying and what was your reactions?

Like I said earlier, a dream is possible to anyone and it is hard to decide what kind of dream you will have when you fall asleep.

Regardless of how aged the person dying is, those that dream about their grandfather or grandmother dead in the dream, knows how painful this can be. What about seeing your friend, or sibling dying in the dream, what trauma are you likely to have, it will be intense if you fail to understand that dreams about death are always not as dangerous as you think.

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