55 Prayers For Strength During Difficult Times

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Our list of the top 55 positive prayers for strength will help you overcome all your struggles and give you the strength you need to get through difficult times. For anything from having the courage to follow your dreams, to facing a life-threatening disease or overcoming a financial predicament. This is a long but necessary read filled to the brim with hope and inspiration. Every word of these prayer quotes is absolute gold.

If you’re in need of some extra strength and haven’t found any success talking to people, keep reading and finally get the help that you need.

The best way to know what God says during difficult times is to engage in prayer as a veritable means of staying in constant communication with God. So, how do you pray for strength in difficult times?

Have you ever needed strength in difficult times but got none? I have. When life seems too hard to bear our faith becomes weak; but even when you feel completely abandoned and left on your own, God is right there always there for you no matter what. He goes beyond loving you to actually taking care of every need you have. Today I will be sharing with you fifty-five powerful prayers that will help you get through difficult times.

Whatever situation you might be in, these proven prayers can help give you the power and strength that is necessary during times of difficulty.

Prayers for the time of weakness.

  1. Lord, I am looking up to the heavens, to you because you’re my savior. I can’t rely on my strength but yours. Please strengthen me, lord.
  2. Lord Jesus, you’re my source of strength during this moment that tends to weaken me. 
  3. Thank you for giving me strength, thank you for being my refuge and keeper. 
  4. I am weak and forlorn, but because I believe in you. I know you’ll not abandon me. I trust you, Lord Jesus. 
  5. I am in pain, every day I’m in tears and getting weaker. My situation has a stronghold on me and I’m losing my hope. Lord Jesus replace my weakness with your strength so that I will be able to win this moment.
  6. Help me and give me strength. Be in control of my life.
  7. I need all the help I can get from you now God. My heart has completely shattered, I am weakening day by day. I am losing my identity. I think I might lose my sanity. The pain is too much. Please Strengthen me and do not depart from me.
  8. You are the only one I know and trust. I need you, I have lost all and I feel like death. I believe in you to help me out of this. Strengthen me during this moment lord Jesus. 
  9. I am weaker than I should be. I am broken and this time, I can’t do this alone, but with you Lord.
  10. Do not leave me lord almighty. I am not going to survive any other day without you by my side, fueling my strength.
  11. I am tired but I trust in you to give me strength. 
  12. Jesus please have mercy on me and set me free from that which has my body and soul weak, with your strength. I need you now more than ever.
  13. Please help me during this difficult time and be my strength. Please Lord God help me.
  14. I know you will always be with me in every moment of my life. Help me to follow the way that will strengthen me and not make me weaker. Amen.
  15. Jesus, I love you but I know you love me even more. Strengthen my weak spirit, strengthen my weak spirit so that I will not depart from you. 

Prayer for strength during difficult times/ prayer for the time of trouble.

  1. Lord, you are my refuge and my strength in this time of difficulty. Be my helper and let me triumph.
  2. And in my days of troubles and difficulties, I trust in you oh Lord to come to my aid.
  3. Give me the strength to survive, to win, and to stay strong at this time of difficulty. 
  4. Lord, I will not be afraid at the time of trouble, because you’re my Lord and personal savior. The one who strengthens my spirit.
  5. Lord, you said that we should call upon you on the day of trouble and you shall rescue us and honor us. I call upon you on this day,  save me from this predicament and strengthen me. 
  6. Lord God, I pray that you give me the strength to withstand all that have come to me so that at the end your strength shall be my winning weapon.
  7. Make me strong and strengthen my soul, so that I will prevail at this difficult time.
  8. Do not let me slack at this time of trouble. Be my strength and do not let my trouble crumble on me.
  9. In your name, I shall find strength. And when I’m weak and vulnerable, you are my strength.
  10. I am in grave trouble. I am in danger. I am faced with a situation stronger than me. I do not want to be afraid, because I have you. But I do not have the strength to deal with this.
  11. I pray for strength, to be able to live through these troubling moments.
  12. Here my cries oh Lord and come to my help. Give me the strength to hold on to you, as you pull me out of this situation.
  13. In Jesus’s name, I pray that I’m stronger than my troubles. That by the name of the Lord who I draw strength from, I will triumph.
  14. Lord give me the strength to live through these storms of life. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. 
  15. Although I have often done that which you turn your back on, you’ve continued to show me love and keep me alive. Bless my life with the strength that comes from you, so that my troubling days shall pass.

Prayer for strength during difficult times.

  1. Dear God, my trust is in you. Strengthen me and be by my side at this difficult time of my life. And always, amen.
  2. I have no idea what is going on in my life anymore. But I need strength to fight back all that will come for me.
  3. You are my home oh lord, and in you, I will find my strength.
  4. Much heavier difficulties have befallen me, Lord Jesus, I pray that you give me the strength to defeat this time and welcome a better time into my life.
  5. Trials and temptation are on my way. I can only overcome them if you strengthen me, Jesus.
  6. You are my joy, peace, and strength. Be with me and do not depart from me.
  7. Lord, I know you’ll not abandon me in a difficult time like this. Please give me strength. 
  8. Jesus, you’re my comforter and my strength. I believe in you and I trust you to save me.
  9. I have no other God except you. In you alone, I derive strength to stand strong and defeat this hard time that has come my way.
  10. There’s nothing bigger for you Lord Jesus. There’s nothing greater than you. So I know you will come to my aid and you will strengthen me if I stay strong.
  11. I will not crumble like a house built on sand, I will forever stand unwavering because you’re my strength and foundation. 
  12. You’re good to me in the morning, afternoon, and night. So I know you will strengthen me as I fight to defeat this ugly circumstance and I know I’m not alone.
  13. Lord God, you’re bigger than what people say. I believe you’re the Alpha and omega. I believe that I am a conqueror in your name. 
  14. Come to my aid Lord God Almighty. Be my refuge and my fortress. I need you right now in my life. Do not depart from me.
  15. I pray for strength during this difficult time of my life and I believe lord that you will hear me and answer me. Help me oh Lord and better my life. Amen.

Prayer for strength during difficult times/ Prayer for healing.

  1. Lord God, I believe that by your stripes I am healed. This is a difficult time in my life, but I do not want to lose my trust in you. Heal Lord and strengthen my body and soul.
  2. You heal us from sickness and diseases. Heal me Lord and make me whole again.
  3. I believe that you’ll never depart from me. I believe that you’re always standing beside me to guide and strengthen me. Heal me oh Lord I pray.
  4. You are who you’re forever. You remain the same so I believe that what you did in the past you will do it again. Heal me, Lord God.
  5. I receive healing now, I receive the strength from the Lord to stay strong and fight this terrible illness. I receive your healing now because  I know you’re my lord, you shall save me.
  6. Lord, I have nobody else to run to except you. I serve no other God but you. Heal me and strengthen me. Make me whole again, so I can stand strong and sing praises to you as always.
  7. You are the one who said we should come to you and whatever we ask it shall be given on to us. Lord, I have come to you today to give me strength and get rid of this terminal illness. In Jesus’s name.
  8. King of Kings, rule over my life, body, and soul. Heal my body and spirit. Give me the strength to overcome this difficult time that has befallen me.
  9. Restore my health, and satisfy me with a life full of good health. This time shall pass and I will welcome a better day into my life.
  10. In this time of affliction, Lord is my guild and helper. Give me the strength to overcome this sickness. And may I prosper in good health in Jesus’s name.

Our brief time on Earth can be a struggle. Sometimes our prayers aren’t answered the way we would like. To overcome these times, you must have the strength to carry on.

Hope you find our list of prayers helpful to find the strength to continue through difficult times and begin healing within yourself. Let us know what you think or how you feel using the comment box below and feel free to share with us, your favorite prayer for strength.

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