How Do I Grow As a Person?

How Do I Grow As a Person

Life is never a bed of roses, everyone has to rise and fight for what they believe in. you want to make it in life so that people can respect you just the same way they respect others, you will have to sit up and work for it no matter where we come from. But then, how do I grow as a person? What do I need to do? All these questions that are going through in your mind will be answered right here in this article so stay with us.

You may be wondering do I have to work hard just to be somebody in life. Why do I have to do that while AJ did nothing but just became boss immediately after graduation? This kind of question is always very common among the youth that is why many end up doing illegal business just to make it fast because they don’t want to suffer.

In this story, AJ might be able to become boss immediately after graduation because someone in his family has already labored for him. There is no easy way to grow as a person if you are not prepared to suffer.

How do I grow as a person?

If you are sure that you want to grow as a person, there are a lot of things that you will need to know and do for you to be able to break free from delay and some of them are;

1 Believing in yourself: No one was created useless. Everyone was created with seed in their clams it is now left for the person to find a good and legit field to sow it so that it can grow fast and be ready for harvest at the right time without delays.

If you don’t believe in yourself, the possibility of you knowing where to plan or what to do with your life is low. If you want to grow, you will have to, first of all, believe that you can do it that no one else can help you but yourself. 

2 Avoid comparison: One mistake that a lot of people do including elderly people is comparing themselves to someone who has made it before them. Comparing yourself will only take you to see yourself as inferior and that destroys self-confidence.

If you want to grow as a person, it is important that you believe in yourself and avoid comparing yourself to others because life is turned by turn. You just have to find your path and then dive into it and focus.

3 Try something out: How will you know that you can do it or that you cannot do it if you don’t leave your comfort zone and try out something new? Just as read before, life is not a bed of roses, you have to try something, something that you have never tried before. 

It may be something that makes you feel uncomfortable that’s because you have left your comfort zone to a new mission. 

4 Go extra-mile: when we say try something one, we don’t mean you leaving your formal self and then pick up something else to try and one difficulty, suffering, hardship comes up, you bounce. You give up because to you, you were only giving it a trial.

No, if you want to grow as a person, you have to drop that kind of mindset and then be ready to push yourself beyond the limit which you have never tried before. go the extra mile positively and make yourself ready for whatever outcome you get at the end of the day.

But no matter the outcome, never give up, no matter the hardship or suffering you encounter on your way, never stop, keep going, control your emotions and make sure that your emotions do not control you instead. When you can control how you feel about what you are going through just for you to grow, you will be calm with positive vibes to even double your struggling. 

5 Train your heart: do we know that the heart is the center of everything that happens in our lives? Oh yes, the heart is where every plan we make, every decision we make, every fear we feel, etc. is cultivated. Our heart most times gives up instructions more than our brain. 

The brain brings up an idea and the heart now processes it and also ends up giving out the final decision. So if you are preparing to grow as a person, we must know and select what you capture with your brains.

If you are planning on getting off your bed in the morning to prepare for the day and achieve your goal and your mind is telling you please lay down a little longer after all you still have time, days, weeks, months, years to achieve that thing. If you didn’t train your heart, you will obey and then lay down on the bed because there is still time.

So to grow, we will need to control our minds and control the directions or decisions our mind tries making for us most times. 

6 Get fit: When someone says I want to keep fit, it does not only have to be physical fitness. Most times, the physical fitness in which we think that the only benefit is what we see on the physical helps us fight some problems within us. 

For example, exercise helps in blood circulation. It helps the blood to be able to flow from one part of our bodies to the other more freely compared to those that don’t exercise. 

It also helps in fighting heart disease and blood pressure that is because the space for any disease to raise ahead is low because of the exercises we do. Although we say that exercise is good and it helps both physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. does not mean that we should overdo it when our body systems are not cooperating anymore.

7 Be tough: after reading all these, if you are not prepared to be tough, you are wasting your time. It may sound simple and easy here as you are reading it but then, you have to know that nothing good comes easy, you will have to work for it to come to you as your own.

When you are training yourself on how to grow as a person, you will encounter a lot of challenges, but don’t be scared because it is normal. If you are doubting this, you can ask people that have made it in life if it was very easy for them to reach where they are today.

One secret that most successful people will not tell you or published in their books is why we encounter challenges when we are trying to be better than our yesterday. 

The truth is that challenges in life do not come because it wants to stop us, no, it comes to make us better to become who we are meant to be and not what we want to be. Challenges come to test our hearts if we are up for the task ahead of us.

If we want to grow as a person, we have to stop running away from challenges be it in a relationship, business, life, marriage, family, school, finance, etc. we have to start facing it by standing our grounds and keeping our heads high.

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