Is Caffeine Making Me Have Anxiety?

Caffeine anxiety

Most times, when I take caffeine, I discover that I am very active in anything I want to do, I can stay up all night to get something does, I am so alert and anxious at the same time without any reason and when this happens, I do ask myself “is caffeine making me have anxiety”? This question comes because of how my body system reacts at this very time. 

Caffeine is a strong mood alternative. It can help you feel relaxed and it can also make you feel restless but this depends on how your body reacts or can withstand the effect of it.

If you want to know if caffeine is making you anxious, you will have to wait for about 30 minutes to 60 minutes for you to know the full effect. But then you can start experiencing a little of it after 10 minutes of drinking it.

Caffeine can react differently depending on who is involved. For example, I work a lot that most times, I don’t have a chance for siesta or time to eat good food till night so I can say I am a work alcoholic. The way caffeine works on my body system can be different from the way it works on someone who is not always over-stressed like me.

So it may not be anxiety disorder that is taking place in your system but just a normal body reaction.

How can caffeine contribute to anxiety?

Caffeine can contribute to anxiety in many ways and some of them are;

1 Sleeplessness: If you are a caffeine fan it is advised not to take caffeine 8 hours before you go to bed. Caffeine can make you stay up all night without a single sleep coming closer to you that is why those who work at night enjoy taking caffeine at night because it will keep them awake for as long as they want.

So if you are not working and you take caffeine at night, it can contribute to your anxiety because there is no sleep.

2 Using it with medication: although a lot of people use drinks, tea, water to take their medication it is advisable to avoid using caffeine to take some medication because of its effect of it. Caffeine can make a medication react wrongly on you. So instead of using caffeine in certain medications, you shouldn’t do it at all.

3 Stress: Do you know one of the reasons why work alcoholic uses caffeine when they want to work? Well if you didn’t know, it’s time to know. Caffeine helps in pumping the heart faster and increasing our blood pressure.

When your heart is pumping so fast, it is going through a race and when going through that, there is no rest. So stress causes anxiety. 

4 Overdose: You may say is just caffeine but do you know that more than one teaspoon of it has the power to over boost your energy? Yes, caffeine is a booster and it is supposed to add a little boost to you but not take it as tea. So taking more than 1 teaspoon can cause anxiety depending on your body system.

To most people, caffeine can increase the level of concentration and boost their energy for those with anxiety disorder, it can be a problem to them. That is why too much caffeine is not good.

In this article, we are not saying that caffeine is not good, but what we are saying is you should know what your body can carry or accept and what it can’t so that instead of working for you, it will work against you.

To avoid anxiety if you do not already have an anxiety disorder, you must limit the range in which you take your caffeine. For example, if you are planning on taking caffeine you must follow the precaution and measurements mentioned for consumption. 

To be on the safe side, you must take caffeine in the range of 50 to 200mg depending on how your system can take but not above 200mg. no matter how your system is hungry for it, please do not consume more than 400 milligrams in a go as it can harm you.

How can I stop caffeine anxiety?

If you discover that you have anxiety when you drink too much caffeine or you have anxiety because of much stress then you need to wash your system by following any of these steps below;

1 Herbal tea: One of the best ways to reduce anxiety is through herbal tea. Yes, herbal tea as the name implies is a natural tea that comes with a lot of natural ingredients that help in washing the human system.

2 Drink much water: Do you know that much water can also help you fight malaria? Oh yes, it does. Drinking much water is the best natural medicine apart from herbal tea that washes the system of any kind of sickness from the body.

3 Take Vitamin C: To fight anxiety, you need vitamins in your body vitamin can help by building you up.

4 Exercise your body: Exercise assist in a lot of ways like the flow of blood from the heart to other parts of the body, it discharges the symptoms through sweat and simulation.

5 Limit your caffeine: Do you want to stop caffeine anxiety? Then you have to first of all limit the amount of caffeine you take daily. It is better to deal with the one already in your system than be adding more while trying to cleanse the symptoms of your system. 

6 Work on your balanced diet: You need a balanced diet for your body to be able to handle whatever comes or whatever step you want to take to stay clean from the caffeine anxiety symptoms.

Should I avoid caffeine if I have anxiety?

Yes, you should avoid caffeine if you are having anxiety. Now let me example this, you are not to avoid caffeine because it is the cause of the anxiety that you are having but is because caffeine comes with an ingredient that can keep you active and also that can worsen the symptoms of the anxiety that you were always experiencing. 

What are the symptoms of caffeine intolerance?

If you are not sure if what you are feeling is caused by caffeine after taking it, then look at these symptoms if it is what you are feeling, then you need to work on yourself now.

1 Unease: Caffeine is taken so that you can take action in whatever you want to do but when you start feeling unease, know that it is either you have taken an overdose or your body can’t tolerance the effect of it.

2 Unable to sleep: caffeine is not for people that want to have a good night’s sleep. It is for people who are planning on working the whole night till morning. So if you want to sleep, you shouldn’t take caffeine before going to bed.

3 Irritation: one of the things about this is that when taken, especially overdose, it wakens a lot of things both the ones you can handle and the ones you can’t up in your system. So ensure that you have a strong tolerance for it before taking it. 

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